Everything You DO Online Must Be Centered On

Blogging + SEO + Social Media + Marketing 

It’s called the Art of Connection 

 & Massive Online Visibility


Your Goal is to Get Traffic 

Strolling Through Your Site 24/7.

Your site is your store and you need visitors, clients and potential customers walking through it, looking at what you have to offer. Your job as a store manager is to lead these people:

  • NormaDoiron.NETYOU are the leader; you have to direct your visitors where you want them to go.
  • Walk them from department to department showcasing your wares.
  • Present real solutions to the problems they are experiencing.
  • Offer products that will best fit their needs.  You lead and they follow.  
  • Everything should have a flow, making their experience one they’ll enjoy.

It’s Your Marketing Hub!

EVERYTHING YOU SAY & DO ONLINE must be  so well connected, it makes your business POP – it stands out from the gazillions in the crowd out there.

You are in business to make $$$! That’s the end result you’re looking for.

WOOHOO! (-_-) 

Why Am I Telling You This?


Because I Want You to Know that YOU CAN:

  • Tap INTO systems & strategies that will totally change the game for your business.
  • Begin showing up EVERYWHERE online USING certain TOOLS to maximize time & effort.
  • Increase your VISIBILITY & Presence Online – Go from small Player to BIG Player.
  • Begin to generate traffic, connections & leads… They will come to YOU instead of YOU having to chase them.
  • No longer leave $$$ on the table, losing connections or leads because Seekers will now find you!
  • Notice your Products & Services move up in Google’s searches.

Showing up on the TOP PAGES of Google is pretty exciting, but the question remains “how YOU will get there.” No one tells YOU in simple terms HOW to CONNECT it all together.

THIS is HOW you get VISIBLE online.  

There’s NO Other Way!





“You See, Your BIZ is Like a PUZZLE

  • As you start-up your business, you find pieces of the puzzle here and there, continually adding new tools to your toolbox. But eventually, you get to the place where you are missing some pieces or you’re not too sure how to put the ones you do have in the right place.
  • In a panic or out of frustration, you begin attaching pieces where you “think” they should go, but it’s making your puzzle all WONKY and not bringing you much results and you’re getting discouraged.  
  • NormaDoiron.NET My friend, THIS is NOT working.  It’s making things iffy… glitzy… short-circuiting. This spot is exactly where many young, overwhelmed or tired Preneurs lose hope and quit. If they’d only known that success was just a tad beyond their reach… A lot of the work had already been done! The thing is that they’d reached the point everyone goes through, where a fresh pair of eyes on their biz is what they needed to guide them the rest of the way.
  • ➥ That makes me sad… and this doesn’t have to be you.

There Are Simple Strategies You Can Use.

If YOU’RE Looking for Massive RESULTS,

IF YOU’RE SERIOUS & Want to Know What to Do Next… 



If This is YOU?

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SEO Proven Techniques

VISIBILITY is your Connection to Massive Traffic Online. 

“Search Engine Optimization SEO

  • ➥ Search Engines have a specific language that makes it easy for them to read ALL of our blog’s content. As a BIZ Owner, you need to learn that language so you can explode your visibility.
  • ➥ If you’re NOT using the language of Search Engines (SEO), Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo cannot read ANYTHING YOU Say on your blog.
  • SEO is like the go-between, the interpreter between you and search engines. If they don’t understand YOU, you’ve LOST your Connection to Massive Traffic Online!
  • ➥ Tap into the ART of Connecting Your Blogging, Basic On-Site SEO and your Social Media. Turn everything over for Massive Online Visibility. CONNECT EVERYTHING You DO & Search Engines will READ EVERYTHING YOU SAY & DO!


Gazillions of blogs are added online daily, leaving a massive slew of information. Your BIZ has the ability to position itself to POP OUT in searches BEFORE the majority of other blogs!

You CAN take advantage of Search Engines’ specific language & make it easy for them to read ALL of your blog’s content. As a BIZ Owner, you must NOT leave this important step behind.



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Kim Garst Kim Garst (Boom Social w.Kim Garst) “Norma is an incredibly caring person, always stretching out of her comfort zone & reaching out to people on the Internet – always sharing her message of growth, hope & change. Helping others take control & reach new heights in their business is what she does! Plug in here to Norma’s resources; you will be glad you did.”
Elizabeth Donato Elizabeth Jaquez Donato (The Budget Find) “Norma’s impeccable work instantly caught my eye. She took time to evaluate every aspect of my business, offered advice, as well as a detailed plan of action. Norma created an amazing site  for me & taught me things about online visibility that I was oblivious to. I’ve gone from standing alone to over 4,000 visits /month! And after only 6 weeks…”
Kimber King Kimber King (Real Savvy Success) “Norma has the ability to communicate & help others recognize their value as well as reach their goals. Highly creative, she works quickly with a Spirit of Excellence. She is very passionate about helping others & serves with purpose. A great example of what we all should strive to become in our businesses & life.”
Claude Hamilton Claude Hamilton (President / LIFE Founder) “Norma is an excellent Social Media coach & manager. She totally revamped my website, implemented SEO strategies & my ratings soared! Excellent to work with, always above & beyond what is asked of her; insightful, reliable & pleasant w. a practical approach to getting the job done. I”m more than willing to recommend Norma; ask for my contact info so we can chat…” 

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