Discovery Calls - From Money to Conversations

Discovery Calls.

What if you used Discovery Calls to build connections and go bigger in your business?

Having conversations with people is your blueprint to FINDING & GETTING paying customers online.

When you learn to artfully conduct discovery calls with your ideal client, your business will get traction & you’ll soon begin to hear bells chiming in regularly in your Paypal account.

Simple as that? Read on…!

female biz advisor, connector

Passionately Teaching the Art of Connection via People,Tech & Social Media

Looking for a private space, where you can:

  • Grow your own knowledge base?
  • Learn tips, tools & strategies that grow a solid business?
  • Build your biz side by side with some of the most amazing minds?from all over world?


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Because it Allows Female Biz Owners to High-Five Her Way to the Bank!

Does SHE Sound Like You?

That passionate woman taking control of changing the way she does life?

♥ You’ve made the jump and you’re growing that dream biz.

♥ Your heart is longing for the freedom attached that dream.

♥ You tear up thinking that soon, you’ll spend more time with your little ones.

♥ You’re working it full-time, or maybe part-time – for now.

♥ You’re determined to reach goals & do what you need to be financially independent.

♥ You’re full of ideas of how you and your partner will live out time freedom.

♥ You realize your dreams mean that you’ll live out retirement on your own terms.

♥ And… you’re soooooo stinking ready to say goodbye to the boss & that 9-5 JOB!

YES? Then, Congratulations!!! YAY!!!

Only Thing Is… You’re Struggling.

You’ve been a do-it-yourself-er pretty much since day 1… and you 

now realize you need help to reach your next growth goals.

You can’t go any further alone.

Technology overwhelms you and you know you need defined step 

by step instructions to simplify and get it done.

YOU’RE READY to connect the pieces you’ve implemented with 

automated marketing systems and tools that’ll free your time,

work without you & seamlessly bring traffic & money to your biz 24/7.

So, Let’s Bring Out the Caviar! YAY!

You’re DONE with guessing at what you’ll do next.

You’re ready to kick butt… with me!  🙂

Let’s walk the path I’ve been on before you & set your biz on speed dial…

A Little About Me

I’m Norma Doiron / Female Biz Advisor & Connector

A self learner, I spent hour upon hour studying marketing strategies online and how to grow a profitable business. After 2 years of intense research, I quit that day job and launched my business. 

I’ve been in the trenches and I understand the journey. I’ve been stuck, broke, and discouraged at different times but I stuck with it because I so badly wanted to succeed.

Its my time to help YOU grow your biz empire with the tools, strategies & “secrets” I’ve learned work. 

I too, came to a point where I’d learned all I could by myself. We all reach that moment of reckoning. 


Passionately Teaching the Art of Connection via People,Tech & Social Media

I’ve now invested thousands to learn the things I needed to know myself to grow my business.

THAT hands-on education (not the education in my head) qualifies me as an authority in my field.

  • I nurture my students, encourage & motivate them. And I’m also a “tell-it-like-it-is” teacher.
  • I’m there to keep things real and keep you moving. I’ll tell you the truth so you’re never left feeling like you didn’t get my message…
  • I’ll take you by the hand, and show you EXACT step by step strategies that work.

Lets Burst Through the Barriers Holding You Back. 




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Gisele Brideau Bourgault / Sherbrooke, Quebec

Gisele Brideau Bourgault / Mom of 8 / Entrepreneur


Gisele Brideau Bourgault / Sherbrooke, Quebec

When I met Norma Doiron, I was in the early stages of entrepreneurship. Involved in the Canadian Forces for several years, I was a work from home Mom of 8 children and recently developing a new business venture called LIFE LEADERSHIP. I wanted to develop my visibility online.

I began regular strategy sessions with Norma Doiron on goals, dreams & vision for my business. Norma, (intelligent, multi-talented & patient) taught me step by step the Art of Connection online.

My goal for a website was to make it a place where I blog about family life, homeschooling and business. It was important for me to have a space where my children could express themselves if they wished to do so. My website represents my goals very well.

Since learning / applying what Norma taught me, I’ve added a 2nd leg to my business called BGB Passion: translation, audio book recordings, conference recording & interpretations of many projects. I’m in the process of revamping my site, adding this new dimension.

I feel confident going forward in business, creating my own special space on the web and leaving my personal imprint in the world. A new dream of retiring my husband to work alongside me is developing.

I am very inspired by the Proverbs 31 lady. My bucket list includes making a difference in our christian community with what I’ve been called to be… and do. Thank you, Norma for being the leader that you are! I highly recommend you. Find Gisele on FB:

Let’s Connect!

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