Connection – the Dance Between Your Ideal Client & Your Offers
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Signature Program
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YOU are at the perfect place & time
to create that beautiful dance with your clients.

YOU Can OWN the Dance Floor!

CONNECT With People
CONNECT With People
Once You Understand CONNECTION, the Game Changes for your Business.

The very reason WHY you’re building a business on the internet is to CONNECT with as many people as possible.

In fact, it’s the first thing you do when you sit at your desk in the morning – You CONNECT.

Although BORN for CONNECTION, the truth is we all struggle with it to some degree & we have to develop our own rhythm.

People love to CONNECT with people. At the end of the day, if you CONNECT on an emotional level, they’ll fast become your biggest fans, customers, supporters and biz evangelists.

They’ll be talking about your social stardom and sharing your content, which means more visits to your website and greater sales for your company.

These are REAL strategies. The secret is to know the right people, meet your perfect clients and continually increase eyeballs on your brand to get more exposure.

CONNECTION is a not a checkbox that you check off. It’s a way of doing business online, of networking and approaching people…

Lose The Tech OVERWHELM. Tech and Social Media is the Way You CONNECT With People Online.

⦁ Tech makes your business work seamlessly
⦁ It CONNECTS your website (online store) with your ideal clients

There are REAL strategies of things to do and not to do in the Social world that are important.

In fact, implementing even ONE means the difference between crickets and a raving fan base eager to join your programs, participate in your masterminds and buy your products.

Social technology enables you to build successful CONNECTION.

The Way People Get to Know, Like & Trust You Online is by:

⦁ Reaching out to new people you don’t know & build CONNECTION.
⦁ Serving, what you can DO for them, the value that you bring – all determine the quality of your CONNECTIONS.
⦁ Becoming a servant leader, serving with heart & sharing that passion because you care about people.

CONNECT Via Social Media
CONNECT Via Social Media
Make the CONNECTION & Craft Your MESSAGE to Sell.

YOU are why I created the signature program, The ART of CONNECTION – a step by step program to make you stand out, build your network & increase your income – FAST.

You’ll perfect your ability to peek into the lives of people, read their minds, give them exactly what they WANT and deliver what they NEED – which was not even an option 5 years ago.

Maximizing Technology / Social Media, you’ll soon Master the Know, Like & Trust Factor; you’ll become a Master of CONNECTION & see your biz soar to new heights.

⦁ TECH makes it easier, faster, and simpler to build strong CONNECTIONS online.
⦁ TECH makes the dance of CONNECTION available to you anytime, anywhere.
⦁ TECH is a way of doing business online, of networking and approaching people.

There truly is an ART to creating CONNECTIONS.  YOU are at the PERFECT place and time to create that beautiful dance with your clients and together, we are going to OWN the dance floor. .

That is my commitment to you…

What Clients Are Saying

Patsy Cormier / Moncton NB Canada

Patsy Cormier / Artist


Patsy Cormier / Moncton NB Canada

When I met Norma last year, I was a depressed & frustrated stay at home Mom. A Human service counselor, (working with kids and teens) I had recently burned out and was undergoing pain management for back injuries from an accidental car crash.

I was actively looking for a flexible way of generating income for my family, working from home as my health permitted. I knew nothing about online marketing so everything was a learn from scratch experience for me. But, I discovered my passion: ART.

I began regularly meetings and having strategy sessions with Norma, learning the Art of Connection online. Norma gave me the website I dreamed about and I began implementing the business tools she taught me. Before too long, I was seeing incredible reach on social media. My following, credibility & reach exploded as some of my posts reached an audience high of 13,600 views. Incredible! I am still in awe.

My art has now been sold in several countries: Canada, France, Japan, Australia, Europe and more. My expertise & reputation as an artist have been shared by thousands as I continue to build my audience & profits. I have sold over 30 paintings this last year! I have been in the trenches, done the work and gotten excellent results.

I am very thankful to have had the honor of working / learning from Norma Doiron; I highly recommend Norma to any woman who wants to live her dreams and be successful online.

Find Patsy on FB:

Gisele Brideau Bourgault / Sherbrooke, Quebec

Gisele Brideau Bourgault / Mom of 8 / Entrepreneur


Gisele Brideau Bourgault / Sherbrooke, Quebec

When I met Norma Doiron, I was in the early stages of entrepreneurship. Involved in the Canadian Forces for several years, I was a work from home Mom of 8 children and recently developing a new business venture called LIFE LEADERSHIP. I wanted to develop my visibility online.

I began regular strategy sessions with Norma Doiron on goals, dreams & vision for my business. Norma, (intelligent, multi-talented & patient) taught me step by step the Art of Connection online.

My goal for a website was to make it a place where I blog about family life, homeschooling and business. It was important for me to have a space where my children could express themselves if they wished to do so. My website represents my goals very well.

Since learning / applying what Norma taught me, I’ve added a 2nd leg to my business called BGB Passion: translation, audio book recordings, conference recording & interpretations of many projects. I’m in the process of revamping my site, adding this new dimension.

I feel confident going forward in business, creating my own special space on the web and leaving my personal imprint in the world. A new dream of retiring my husband to work alongside me is developing.

I am very inspired by the Proverbs 31 lady. My bucket list includes making a difference in our christian community with what I’ve been called to be… and do. Thank you, Norma for being the leader that you are! I highly recommend you. Find Gisele on FB:

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starConnection – the Perfect Dance

Between Your Ideal Client & Your Offers

There’s never been a more PERFECT place and time to create that beautiful dance with your clients.

YOU Can Become a Master Connector & Watch Your Biz Soar to New Heights….!

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