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Social Media Marketing – What Does It Even Mean?

How Can I Use Its Power Online to Grow My Biz?

How Can I Get the Traffic That I Want & Work so Hard to Get?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big business or a Solo Preneur: Social Media Marketing can be the most powerful tool in your toolbox IF you know how to use it well. If done right, it is the best way to build trust & authority so you can grow your business online.

You’ve Got Your Site, You’re Active on Social Media.

Don’t believe that a few blog posts, random status posts, or even that a healthy number of “followers” and “likes” are going to magically grow that biz of yours.

The Truth Is This Stuff Takes REAL Planning & Dedication.

Oh! But where to begin? What’s the Next Step?
Up Your Game with Tactics, Strategies & Action Steps

If You Want Visitors to Come Find You on Your Site,
You’ve Got to Be PROACTIVE & START Driving Traffic!

Visitors Shopping on Your BlogConsumers Shop Online; It’s Crucial That Your BIZ Be Visible & Accessible.

Social Media Marketing Offers Your Company VISIBILITY Unlike Any Other Marketing Tool.

• It allows you to ‘hear’ what people are saying, what they want, don’t want, etc…
• It’s a lifeline for your business; allowing you to reach your ideal customers, potential clients & sell to the masses.
• It’s an opportunity you cannot afford to miss! You have the means to turn fans into a followers and followers into a clientele.

While you do have the opportunity to grow your business in new & exciting ways, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to do. You can waste an enormous amount of time on fluff, trying to set yourself up instead of working on income producing activities.

Who are you marketing to? What do they need or want?

That’s your first step to be effective.




The thing is, you need to Build Your Biz on a Strong Social Marketing HUB that produces RESULTS: Visibility + Traffic + Conversion


How Do You Get Engines Like Google to Give Your Biz Priority Online?

Show UP BIG in Search Engines By Using Strategies that LAST the Test of Time!

Build a marketing Hub that will connect people in your niche to you.
Marketing Hub
• Power-up your social media & show up as the expert that you are.
• Show your authority & credibility in your content, products & offers.
• Serve & give your very best through your expertise & experience.
• Diligently keep working, learning & tweaking your craft on solid content.

You Have to Build Your Visibility on the Right Criteria
It’s not about secret formulas at all. It’s about serving the best to your audience, driving traffic to that content, and getting the right targeted people walking through your blog / store, 24/7!

• You can position yourself & GET FOUND all over the web in a BIG way.
• There are ways to get TARGETED TRAFFIC, visitors, clients & potential customers strolling through your store, 24/7.
• You must lead TRAFFIC exactly where you want them to go on your site.

That’s how you’ll generate a steady flow of MONEY as you convert visitors into customers.

Remember: Your Blog is Your Store & You Are the Owner  Know what problems you solve and how your products and services are part of the solution. 

As a Biz Preneur, the goal is to get NEW TRAFFIC & increase ONLINE VISIBILITY, everywhere.  FRESH NEW pairs of eyes on your content  consistently is the way you want to go.


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Group Coaching & Training

Keep Your Eyes Open for Online Interactive Group Coaching & Training with me week to week, hands-on. No confusing techie talk, NO WAY!! Simple & to the point is my way of bringing you understanding so you can implement as you go. You’ll take the information, put it into action & quickly increase your traffic & make $ with it.Private Group CoachingHere Soon

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Working With Norma:


Takara Shelor “I love Norma Doiron’s work and have greatly enjoyed her coaching program. I had already participated in a few of her free Facebook groups for social media and was, therefore, keenly aware of the level of professionalism & knowledge she was bringing to the table. That made joining her coaching program an absolute no-brainer.

As soon as I saw the announcement, I immediately jumped on board. She is a gifted leader and has not only hand-held with great patience the total newbies, but taken those of us with some social media experience and helped us really up our online game. She answers every question and offers great insight and step by step instructions for every platform the program is designed to address.

After a coaching session/lesson about home pages, I completely reworked my entire website and am very pleased with the result. I’m getting more traffic to my blogs and have a clear plan for my social media future. I would definitely recommend Norma to anyone wanting to improve their online business and exposure.”

D. Takara Shelor, #1 Bestselling Author


Claude Hamilton Claude Hamilton PRESIDENT & CO-FOUNDER of LIFE, MLM Company “Norma, I want to take the time to tell you that in the industry you are in online, I have met many, many people who have liked to tell me what they can do and but then, they really can’t. You are ONE of the very FEW who has done EVERYTHING that U said U you could do AND you did it all with professionalism and integrity. I appreciate your work very much. Thanks!”

Elizabeth Donato Elizabeth Jacquez Donato Elizabeth Jacquez Donato “Norma’s impeccable work instantly caught my eye. She took time to evaluate every aspect of my business, offered advice, as well as prepared for me a detailed plan of action. Norma created my amazing site & taught me things about online visibility I was oblivious to but needed to grow my biz online. I’ve gone from standing alone to over 4,000 visits /month after only 6 weeks of implementing!” 

Claude Hamilton Claude Hamilton PRESIDENT & CO-FOUNDER of LIFE, MLM Company “Norma is an excellent Social Media Coach. She also revamped my website, implemented SEO strategies & my ratings soared! Excellent to work with, always above & beyond what’s asked of her; insightful, reliable & pleasant w. a practical approach to getting the job done. I’m more than willing to recommend Norma; ask for my contact info so we can chat!” 

Tina Ashburn Testimony Tina Ashburn, Gift Baskets by Tina “Norma is my most trusted mentor, professional Internet consultant & online presence creator. Offering exposure via social media, I’ve grown my social presence three-fold in the last 3 months. She’s invaluable in SEO advice, working w.me to perfect my new website. Norma’s always available to answer questions. I’m fortunate to have Norma & highly recommend her if you’re looking to grow an Internet presence.


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