Google still loves a good variety of keywords in your copy. When you’re writing, finding the right keywords can be challenging, but it’s important to use the right keywords for Google to rank your business correctly. Hit for the right balance – that is, don’t use the exact same keyword all over. Use different words that say the same thing & Google WILL LOVE YOU! 

Catering to Smart, Savvy & Serious Women BIZ Builders!

Block by Block Tools for Building Your Business Online

  • Blog & Blogging

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • List Building

  • Freebies!

  • Optin Boxes

  • Auto Responders

  • Newsletters

  • Sales Pages

  • Landing Pages

  • Sales Funnel

  • Upsells / Downsells

  • Blog Home Page

  • About Pages

  • / Dashboard

  • Basic On-Site SEO

  • Product Creation

  • Paypal

  • Signature Programs

  • CTA = Calls to Action

  • Lead Generation

  • Social Networking

  • Webinars

  • Video Marketing

  • Credibility / Visibility

  • Sales

  • Many more…

Get A FRESH Look at Your BIZ from a NEW Perspective

Official Bio: Multi-Faceted Learner

Going through her own apprenticeship, Norma spent HOURS & HOURS learning how to build a business online. To learn about something, she simply found the resources & taught herself. LEARN MORE…

Digital Training Treasury

A treasury, full of straight-to-the-point business-building & marketing tools created with you in mind. All training is in various forms of digital format for the best learning experience, EVER! LEARN MORE…

Discovery Call | What’s Holding You Back In Your Biz?

Are you stuck, struggling or frustrated? Are you trying to understand WHY you’re not making the money? Do you feel like you’ve LOST YOUR WAYLEARN MORE…

“Savvy Builder’s 1-1 Coaching Programs

VIP Coaching Programs – Intensive Evaluation & Strategizing for Your Business Growth. Detailed, step-by-step coaching designed uniquely for your specific online business. LEARN MORE…

“BUILD” Your BIZ Block by Block!

Know What? It’s Time Consuming to Learn Everything by YourselfCut the Learning Curve, Add the Right Tools & Grow your BIZ. JUST ENOUGH BITE FOR YOUR BIZ TO GROW DAILY. LEARN MORE…

Savvy Builders Group Coaching 

Top secrets that gurus don’t share freely. 12 weeks of intensive business building. Simple practical strategies applied keeps you on top of the game. LEARN MORE…

Marketing Strategies / Small Business Coaching

/ Teaching Small BIZ Builders How-to-Build An Business Online

Read What Clients Are Saying

D. Takara Shelor, #1 Bestselling Author”  I love Norma Doiron’s work and have greatly enjoyed her coaching. I had already participated in a few of her free Facebook groups for social media and was therefore, keenly aware of the level of professionalism & knowledge she brings to the table. That made joining her coaching program an absolute no-brainer.

As soon as I saw the announcement, I immediately jumped on board. She is a gifted leader and has not only hand-held with great patience the total newbies, but taken those of us with some social media experience and helped us really up our online game. She answers every question and offers great insight and step by step instructions for every platform the program is designed to address.

After a coaching session/lesson about home pages, I completely reworked my entire website and am very pleased with the result. I’m getting more traffic to my blogs and have a clear plan for my social media future. I would definitely recommend Norma to anyone wanting to improve their online business and exposure.”

Claude Hamilton PRESIDENT & CO-FOUNDER of LIFE, MLM Company

Norma is an excellent Coach. She revamped my website, implemented SEO strategies & my ratings soared!  Excellent to work with, always above & beyond what’s asked of her; insightful, reliable & pleasant w. a practical approach to getting the job done. I’m more than willing to recommend Norma; ask for my contact info so we can chat!

“Norma, I want to take the time to tell you that in the industry you are in online, I have met many, many people who have liked to tell me what they can do and but then, they really can’t. You are ONE of the very FEW who has done EVERYTHING that U said U you could do AND you did it all with professionalism and integrity. I appreciate your work very much. Thanks!”




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