Norma Doiron - Online Strategist / Consultant / the Female Biz Contessa

Norma Doiron - Online Strategist / Consultant / the Female Biz Contessa

What Clients Are Saying

Patsy Cormier / Moncton NB Canada

Patsy Cormier / Artist


Patsy Cormier / Moncton NB Canada

When I met Norma last year, I was a depressed & frustrated stay at home Mom. A Human service counselor, (working with kids and teens) I had recently burned out and was undergoing pain management for back injuries from an accidental car crash.

I was actively looking for a flexible way of generating income for my family, working from home as my health permitted. I knew nothing about online marketing so everything was a learn from scratch experience for me. But, I discovered my passion: ART.

I began regularly meetings and having strategy sessions with Norma, learning the Art of Connection online. Norma gave me the website I dreamed about and I began implementing the business tools she taught me. Before too long, I was seeing incredible reach on social media. My following, credibility & reach exploded as some of my posts reached an audience high of 13,600 views. Incredible! I am still in awe.

My art has now been sold in several countries: Canada, France, Japan, Australia, Europe and more. My expertise & reputation as an artist have been shared by thousands as I continue to build my audience & profits. I have sold over 30 paintings this last year! I have been in the trenches, done the work and gotten excellent results.

I am very thankful to have had the honor of working / learning from Norma Doiron; I highly recommend Norma to any woman who wants to live her dreams and be successful online. Find Patsy on FB:

Gisele Brideau Bourgault / Sherbrooke, Quebec

Gisele Brideau Bourgault / Entrepreneur


Gisele Brideau Bourgault / Sherbrooke, Quebec

When I met Norma Doiron, I was in the early stages of entrepreneurship. Involved in the Canadian Forces for several years, I was a work from home Mom of 8 children and recently developing a new business venture called LIFE LEADERSHIP. I wanted to develop my visibility online.

I began regular strategy sessions with Norma Doiron on goals, dreams & vision for my business. Norma, (intelligent, multi-talented & patient) taught me step by step the Art of Connection online.

My goal for a website was to make it a place where I blog about family life, homeschooling and business. It was important for me to have a space where my children could express themselves if they wished to do so. My website represents my goals very well.

Since learning / applying what Norma taught me, I’ve added a 2nd leg to my business called BGB Passion: translation, audio book recordings, conference recording and interpretations of many projects. I am in the process of revamping my site and adding this new dimension.

I feel confident going forward in business, creating my own special space on the web and leaving my personal imprint in the world. A new dream of retiring my husband to work alongside me is developing.

I am very inspired by the Proverbs 31 lady. My bucket list includes making a difference in our christian community with what I’ve been called to be… and do. Thank you, Norma for being the leader that you are! I highly recommend you. Find Gisele on FB:


The Art of Connection – Using Tech, People & Social Media

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  • Many more…

What Clients Are Saying

Claude Hamilton PRESIDENT & CO-FOUNDER of LIFE, MLM Company

Claude Hamilton | LIFE Founder | Author | Speaker


Claude Hamilton / Halifax NS Canada

I had been following & watching Norma Doiron online for a few months before I approached her with a job proposition.  I was looking to increase my visibility / optimize my SEO on Google. I was also in need of developing my social media presence on several platforms.

Norma began by re-vamping my website, social media & SEO. She set me up on Facebook as a profile / business page AND optimized my Twitter account. My Twitter following tripled in a matter of several weeks and my FB, likers shot up to over 2000. She also began using SEO strategies & my ratings started moving up on Google.

Norma is an excellent Coach and she practices what she preaches. Excellent to work with, always above & beyond what’s asked of her, Norma was very insightful, reliable & pleasant w. a practical approach to getting the job done.

I want to take the time to say that in the industry Norma is in online, I have met many, many people who have liked to tell me what they can do and but then, they really can’t. Norma is ONE of the very FEW who has done EVERYTHING that she said she could do AND she did it all with professionalism and integrity.

I appreciate Norma’s work very much and I’m more than willing to recommend her; ask for my contact info so we can chat! Find Claude on FB:

D. Takara Shelor, #1 Bestselling Author

D. Takara Shelor, #1 Bestselling Author


D. Takara Shelor, #1 Bestselling Author / Virginia

I have known and followed Norma Doiron’s work for awhile now and I love and greatly enjoy her coaching. Having been a member in a few of her free Social Media Facebook groups for a couple of years, I was therefore keenly aware of the level of professionalism & knowledge she brings to the table.

That made my decision to join her paid coaching program an absolute no-brainer. As soon as I saw the announcement, I immediately jumped on board. Norma is a gifted leader and has not only hand-held with great patience the total newbies, but taken those of us with some social media experience and helped us really up our online game.

Norma answers every question and offers great insight with step by step instructions for every platform the program is designed to address.

After a coaching session / lesson about home pages, I completely reworked my entire website and am very pleased with the result. I’m getting more traffic to my blogs and have a clear plan for my social media future.

I would definitely recommend Norma to anyone wanting to improve their online business and exposure. Find Takara on FB:

Norma Doiron - Online Strategist / Consultant / the Female Biz Contessa