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So Many Challenges In Your Biz

How do you choose where to spend your time when it all seems crucial to your success? We work hard to make our business profitable, putting in long hours.

Everyday we take risks, diligently learning and tweaking our craft, putting ourselves on the line serving others and we give them our very best.

In terms of investment, different strategies bring different results - BUTit all means NOTHING if you have NO ONE LOOKING AT IT.


Every Road Leads Back to HOW Visible Your Biz is ONLINE

  • What if you found an easier way to get MORE TRAFFIC, visitors, clients & potential customers strolling all over your store, 24/7?
  • What if you could position yourself as the expert that you are and GET FOUND all over the web in big way?
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Your Blog is Your Store & You Are the Owner!

As Biz Preneurs, it’s your goal to get continual NEW TRAFFIC & increasing ONLINE VISIBILITY, all over. The more NEW & FRESH pairs of eyes you get on your business and your offers, the more your business will flourish!

We work with all types of small Biz Preneurs who want to explode their message into the world. You can add incredible value to your biz with tools, strategies and action steps that will immediately kick-butt your business and your life to the curb! :) Promise!!

How Can I Help You?

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Claude Hamilton Claude Hamilton PRESIDENT & CO-FOUNDER of LIFE, MLM Company “Norma, I want to take the time to tell you that in the industry you are in online, I have met many, many people who have liked to tell me what they can do and but then, they really can’t. You are ONE of the very FEW who has done EVERYTHING that U said U you could do AND you did it all with professionalism and integrity. I appreciate your work very much. Thanks!”

Elizabeth Donato Elizabeth Jacquez Donato Elizabeth Jacquez Donato “Norma’s impeccable work instantly caught my eye. She took time to evaluate every aspect of my business, offered advice, as well as prepared for me a detailed plan of action. Norma created my amazing site & taught me things about online visibility I was oblivious to but needed to grow my biz online. I’ve gone from standing alone to over 4,000 visits /month after only 6 weeks of implementing!” 

Claude Hamilton Claude Hamilton PRESIDENT & CO-FOUNDER of LIFE, MLM Company “Norma is an excellent Social Media Coach. She also revamped my website, implemented SEO strategies & my ratings soared! Excellent to work with, always above & beyond what’s asked of her; insightful, reliable & pleasant w. a practical approach to getting the job done. I’m more than willing to recommend Norma; ask for my contact info so we can chat!” 

Tina Ashburn Testimony Tina Ashburn, Gift Baskets by Tina “Norma is my most trusted mentor, professional Internet consultant & online presence creator. Offering exposure via social media, I’ve grown my social presence three-fold in the last 3 months. She’sinvaluable in SEO advice, working to perfect my new website. Norma’s always available to answer questions. I’m fortunate to have Norma & highly recommend her if you’re looking to grow an Internet presence.


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