Actionable Steps to 

Immediately Boost Twitter Followers

Engaged followers on twitter are your gold mine, even if the numbers of follows are low. Having 20,000 followers who don’t interact, like, share or comment with you is of no value at all.

Some people play shady tactics to reach astounding numbers BUT is that really the way you want to build your following? Why would you want to talk to those who are not interested in what you want to say? You’d only be wasting your time and energy!

What you  need is those who are really interested in what you have to say.

  • Seek and follow relevant people.
  • Tweet what will interest your targeted audience.
  • Talk and share with your tweeps.
  • Share Twitter with other social media.

Twitter is NOT a Numbers Game. Develop a loyal following and you will be ahead of the game. There are a few things you can do to attract followers though….

1. Optimize your Twitter Bio 

On Twitter, you’re found by the keywords you use. Optimize every word you use in your bio – make these words something people would use to search for you. Include keywords you want to be found for and add these as hashtags when you tweet. Make it very clear who your targeted niche is.

2. Pay Attention to Types of Twitter Users 

Several types of tweeps are hanging out:

  • The Occasional users (often called the flies on the wall)
  • The Broadcasters (those who willingly share!)
  • The Connectors (love to connect with tweeps)
  • The Amplifiers (most likely to retweet and engage)

It’s important to have these power users who will connect you with others in their network; those who might be interested in what you tweet about. They will actually engage with followers and be happy to connect with you with their following.

3. Interest Lists 

How about creating a list of influencers on Pinterest, a list of those who you’d like to have interaction with? This could be a master list you could use when you want to connect on other platforms. You could also have lots of pins relevant to them, that you could easily share on Twitter. And, don’t forget to @mention them! 🙂

Lists are proven to capture interest – those included in the list will most likely share it cause after all, we all want to be part of something important and lists ARE important.

4. Twitter’s Search Tool 

Unless you’re Paul McCartney or Faith Hill, followers will not flock to you. Nope! 🙂 It’s something that you’ll  have to work on.

Twitter’s search tool will help you find people with similar interests as yours. Try topical searches, using specific keywords relevant to what you’d like to be found for. Once you find what you’re looking for, stop by their timeline and checkout who they are. If you like, then follow them. Share some of their content at intervals, using applications like Buffer or Hootesuite.

Begin with at least 5-10 minutes daily, and search for articles relevant to your industry. Schedule and share with followers; include @mention to the author of the post.

5. Actionable Steps to Immediately Boost Twitter Followers 

  • Optimize your Twitter Bio (don’t go crazy!)
  • Connect with connectors and amplifiers.
  • Create lists of influencers and engage.
  • Share insights and connect with others.

Building Twitter followers takes time – do it right. Engagement with the right people and offering value, will earn the trust of people in your industry.

6. Authenticity and value is always king no matter the platform you’re in. 

Remember to:

  • Use Hashtags.
  • Tweet when your users are on twitter.
  • Periodically unfollow those not following you.
  • Attach links, images and videos for more interaction.
  • Thank those who follows you or favorites your tweets.
  • Share Tips and Advice they’ll like to share with their following.
  • Stay connected with your followers. If you don’t they’ll unfollow you.

Use great value in your content and grab attention. It will get you more followers, especially those you want to attract. Like and tweet with the ones you’d love have follow you, retweet, @mention them, link to them. Eventually they’ll follow you back.

If you do this right, you can get a few hundred new followers in a short amount of time. What’s more, these followers will be from your target audience! Woohoo! 🙂

Note: You can use, and to increase twitter followers as well as track the details of your twitter account.

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