Art of Connection Via Tech, People, Social Media

As you’ve probably noticed, I have re-branded my business as the Female Biz Contessa with Norma Doiron. Like it? Oh YAY! Tee-hee… Check out my NEW Home Page.  I’m still changing & tweaking but it’ll give you a quick overview. 🙂

My new tagline is: Teaching the ART of CONNECTION Using Tech, People & Social Media.”

There’s a reason why I chose that tagline. 

EVERYTHING that you, as a biz owner do daily should center on CONNECTION. That should be your ultimate reason WHY you’re in business – to connect with people, using technology and social media. Profound?  Maybe not so much but it’s the truth and should stay forefront in our minds. 

That’s why I call it the ART of Connection, because it is an art.

No one is born with it, it’s not a free gift. It is something that YOU MUST DEVELOP. 

For myself, I remember when I began in business years ago, I made the intentional decision at one point that I would take the time to listen to people. People who took time to connect deserved my respect and attention. I admit it is time consuming, yes. But it’s where I choose to invest my time, building friendships. It also forces me to be vigilant HOW & WHERE I spend my time on social media for it can really be a time waster if not careful or conscious about it.

There are many ways to connect with people.

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Newsletters
  • Groups / Yours or Others
  • Forums
  • Events, etc… too many to mention

Social is a great thing to build connections – lets discuss a few.

This one is graphic driven. You can follow your favorite bloggers, friends, clients, etc… Its sharing little thoughts or moments that show you’re real to people. A great place to connect with your readers on a personal level and find like minded blogs using #hashtags.

Follow Me on Instagram:

Where you can find all things crafty, creative, pretty & any type of business information imaginable. Pinterest has been a high driver of visitors to my blog right from the get go.  It can grow your blog in unexpected ways! Pins attract the right people to your niche and it’s a platform that can’t go ignored. Create well rounded Pinterest boards with what interests your ideal client and watch your following grow. CONNECT the graphics you use on your blog posts to Pinterest and you’ve got a website traction winner.

Follow Me on Pinterest:

Your facebook page is the place you can share posts, connect with readers, ask questions, share links, whatever. People are forever on facebook, engage and continually grow your connections. Don’t fall in the rut of talking to the same people. CONNECT everywhere on facebook, meet new people, share with an open hand.  As you consistently put yourself out there, your credibility and influence will grow like you won’t believe. That’s what you want; to be in front of your audience.

Follow Me on Facebook:

Twitter is the easiest place to share. Use your blog posts and you’ve got content till the cows come home! Tee-hee. Plus, connect your facebook page so it goes directy to twitter. You can also use and now you’ve got a content sharing machine!  Some people are Twitter stars and post all the time while others sign in once in awhile to check on things. You’ll reap the investment you give.

Follow Me on Twitter:

Google+ is worth it’s gold in SEO and you should consider it for your blog content. It is really easy to share content and join like-minded communities. Posting on Google+ helps raising your brand in Google Searches so you’re doing yourself a favor.

Follow Me on Google+:


If you’re looking to attract B 2 B, go with Linkedin. Its a very business driven platform and you’ll meet all kinds of ideal clients there. Not to be overlooked.

Follow Me on Linkedin:

I am including this one because it SO important to build connections with your ideal clients. They’ve already told you they like your stuff when they opted in, what’s better than that? Be open and available for your readers. Don’t just email because you have to; write when you have valuable things to say. You should always be building your list, it’s one of the best ways to do business online.

OPT-IN to my List:


  • Pick your favorite platforms
  • Include social icons / links where you can
  • Keep your branding the same across the board
  • Maximize social media for CONNECTING
  • Try new ways to grab interest

All of these social outlets can be fun; dedicate a certain amount of time daily / weekly to it. Be real, pick your favorites and commit to it. Spend more time on your favorites and dabble in the rest occasionally. Alternate where, depending on your marketing strategies needs at the time.
Make sure you have your social links on your blog. It’s the first thing people who like what they see look for to further their connection with you.

Try to keep your urls / social names the same. Like if you’re Betty on twitter, be Betty everywhere else. <wink!> It’s way easier to find you.

TIP: You can pretty much change your name in social platforms, check it out.

Share pieces of you blog posts BUT you have so much more. Share thoughts from your day, or ask questions. And, go back and respond to people who left comments.

 Social media is EVER changing. You don’t have to be everywhere but do check out news things on the horizon.

To Your CONNECTION Success!

Mouah! Norma

NOTE: If you liked what you read, leave a comment below / share with your area of influence. Appreciate you much! <3

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