How to Optimize Credibility on Social Media Profiles

How to Optimize Credibility on Social Media Profiles One of the first things new followers do when they first meet you, is to check out WHO you are. It's very important that you have the correct information available to them, for if you don't, they might just leave without connecting with you. It's like entering a meeting place. Someone comes up to you, introduces themselves and shake hands. You begin having a conversation with them, getting to know them. Where are [...]

Actionable Steps to Immediately Boost Twitter Followers

 Actionable Steps to  Immediately Boost Twitter Followers Engaged followers on twitter are your gold mine, even if the numbers of follows are low. Having 20,000 followers who don’t interact, like, share or comment with you is of no value at all. Some people play shady tactics to reach astounding numbers BUT is that really the way you want to build your following? Why would you want to talk to those who are not interested in what you want to say? You'd [...]

Using Social Media to Rock an Event

Using Social Media to Rock an Event Did you do it? If not, what stopped you? Maybe you were not too sure of how to? It doesn't matter if you're promoting a small or huge event or product, you can still use social media to get the word out in a powerful way. Create a landing page on your site for the event. The unique URL of this landing page will help create a buzz on social media, Make sure the URL [...]

Twitter Rules Visibility: Tweet Wisely

Twitter Rules Visibility: Tweet Wisely Twitter for business?  Absolutely! Twitter began in 2006  as a text message service to quickly communicate with people. We have come a long way since then. Twitter’s slogan, “What’s happening?” began the trend of sharing what we’re doing, right at this moment. Then, repeat again… and again, and again, leaving people questioning why anyone would care about such stuff. :) Surprisingly.... many cared. The truth is that when Twitter is properly used, it's fantastic to build relationships and it's [...]

Marketing Tools to Use to Boost Your Pinterest

Marketing Tools to Use to Boost Your Pinterest How to Market on Pinterest  Don't you just LOVE Pinterest? What a beautiful place to visually share your products and services! People get lost in the streams of beautiful graphics, dreaming of what could and can... all because of the image-based platform. But - be aware that behind all the beautiful images, Pinterest continues to be a huge marketing tool for brands and businesses. Over 5 million users; nearly 1.5 million unique [...]

Simply How to Do Google+

Simply How to Do Google+ The Benefits of Google Plus for Business I must admit Google+ distinguishes itself totally from other platforms. It's taken me quite awhile to begin to understand how it works, and I'm finally connecting the dots. In fact, as I see more of the benefits, I think I might be falling a little bit in love with it! Tee-hee... :) It's time to put pressure on the gas pedal and start engaging, meeting new people and [...]

Proven to Quickly Boost Your Likes | Improve Engagement on Facebook

Proven to Quickly Boost Your Likes | Improve Engagement on Facebook Lately, while going through my team's FB Pages at the Female BIZ Builders Savvy Community, I've noticed quite a few have not connected their Facebook  profile to their business Page yet. Which, in my view is a VERY important step to do as those who visit your profile can IMMEDIATELY see all about you. Each time I friend a new person or go to a Facebook  profile, I look at a few things: Their about page, who are they? [...]

Google+ Closely Related to SEO

  Google+ Closely Related to SEO? Today, let's talk Google+. How closely related do you think Google+ is to SEO? Think they’re kissing cousins? :) First, let’s define SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is the language that search engines use to read your website and rank it on SERPS, (search engine results pages) Does that make sense to you? SEO is also wonderful FREE marketing for your business. Now, tell me who doesn’t like free. There are 2 types of SEO: On-Site [...]

Does Every Small Business Require a Facebook Page

Does Every Small Business Require a Facebook Page Who Wants Huge Profitable Facebook Page Results? Facebook Pages for Business The way Social media is everywhere, you would think the majority of small businesses would be using it to it's full potential? Not so! Where to begin? Facebook is still the best place to begin with social media. Yup! It's been growing since 2004 with the largest group of potential customers worldwide - 30% of them in the US. Over 1 billion [...]

Honor Your Audience Through Email Marketing

 Honor Your Audience Through Email Marketing Connecting With Your Audience What is Email Marketing? With your opt-in.  Do you have a valuable free offer to give to your audience in exchange for their email address? Is it prominent on your home page? Is it displayed at different places throughout your site? For you to create a valuable list, make sure your opt-in form gathers your subscriber’s info. Where Do I Begin? Email marketing is the practice of communicating by email to [...]

Hashtags, the Search Tool

Hashtags, the Search Tool Can you believe it? We live in a #Hashtag world!  🙂 #Hashtags are changing the way we do business online. If you are familiar with Twitter, you will know all about hashtags. Twitter’s unique creation, they identify keywords, phrases or trending topics. They are proven to work and are being spidered and crawled – controlling  search engine traffic even more than ever. […]

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