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Google+ Closely Related to SEO

  Google+ Closely Related to SEO? Today, let's talk Google+. How closely related do you think Google+ is to SEO? Think they’re kissing cousins? :) First, let’s define SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is the language that search engines use to read your website and rank it on SERPS, (search engine results pages) Does that make sense to you? SEO is also wonderful FREE marketing for your business. Now, tell me who doesn’t like free. There are 2 types of SEO: On-Site [...]

Does Every Small Business Require a Facebook Page

Does Every Small Business Require a Facebook Page Who Wants Huge Profitable Facebook Page Results? Facebook Pages for Business The way Social media is everywhere, you would think the majority of small businesses would be using it to it's full potential? Not so! Where to begin? Facebook is still the best place to begin with social media. Yup! It's been growing since 2004 with the largest group of potential customers worldwide - 30% of them in the US. Over 1 billion [...]

Hashtags, the Search Tool

Hashtags, the Search Tool Can you believe it? We live in a #Hashtag world!  🙂 #Hashtags are changing the way we do business online. If you are familiar with Twitter, you will know all about hashtags. Twitter’s unique creation, they identify keywords, phrases or trending topics. They are proven to work and are being spidered and crawled – controlling  search engine traffic even more than ever. […]

How to Use Hot Useful Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

How to Use Hot Useful Hashtags for Social Media Marketing What a Powerhouse Hashtags Have Become  Hashtags have become regular staple in social media and even mainstream TV is getting into the act. Who doesn’t like to connect with like-minded people?  There is no better way to tune out the Twitter noise and interact with the people you are interested in. Here Are a Few Reasons Why hashtags Are So Hot And Useful: Use hashtags in your posts: if you want YOUR posts to come up [...]

Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Your Biz

Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Your Biz Have you been using Pinterest to market your business and display what you do? No social network has done more to improve marketers' experience than Pinterest in the last several months. Those not harnessing it's powers are missing out on the power of visibility to catch the eye, drive traffic and increase sales. Some of you will love the latest design changes, some of you will hate them. BUT its newest features could be the best [...]

Increase Audience Engagement on Facebook

Increase Audience Engagement on Facebook Facebook Changes are buzzing all around the net - again.   Honestly – I am pretty excited! I believe that this will be some of the best yet for our audiences - allowing better engagement and raising the bar on profits. Now, who won't like this? Change is always a bit annoying at first, it makes us uncomfortable. But, I know you will like these changes once you learn how to implement them for your [...]

Creating a Cool Google+ Hangout Video

Creating a Cool Google+ Hangout Video Google+ Hangouts Are Super Awesome! By now, you've heard and are getting familiar with Google+ Hangouts. What a great way to host a video conference, and it's all free. You may invite up to 9 people to assist on that conference BUT you can host that video on-air to an unlimited audience! Now how cool is that? This is an awesome tool to take your business to new heights. You can also host that [...]

Building Relationships vs Followers

 Building Relationships vs Followers Whoever came up with the idea that if you had a mass following, that meant massive sales?  Social Media is NOT about the numbers. It's about the relationships you build and maintain. Someone is shouting from every corner: Buy some links from me! 5000 followers for $$$! Grow your fan base for $$$! Etc... When you create Social Media Strategies on numbers, you set yourself up to fail. You will: Throw away massive time and money Be blindsided by [...]

Google Boosts Small Business Visibility

Google Boosts Small Business Visibility What Google Offers Your Business Focused on business building, Google may possibly the best platform for your business. Now that you can Link your Google+ profile to the content you create, the benefits of increasing your visibility online is at an all-time high.  Remember that Google owns  Search,  they index your original content + it's ranked.  (uses a grading system)  Google+ offers higher ranking in search engines by publishing original content. Google's’ Hangouts feature gives the biggest opportunity to [...]

Everyone Wants to be #1 on Google

Everyone Wants to be #1 on Google Everyone wants to be #1 on Google – for their chosen keywords and key phrases.  But seriously?  To hold that spot, you’ve got an amazing amount of work to do! One of the most important things to do is maintain your website / blog with constant new and valuable blog posts that are well optimized. Your website / blog is live. You’ve got the bells and you’ve got the whistles. What’s next?  It’s time to [...]

Easy Social Media Strategies for Small Business Start-ups

Easy Social Media Strategies for Small Business Start-ups Remember the day you made your first tweet or facebook post - does that make you smile? What a newbie you were! :) I remember feeling intimidated, unsure of what I should share. Being transparent in front of the whole world was something I'd never done before.  We all begin as newbies. The day has come where we must admit that social media is here to stay!  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin... Pinterest, Google+ [...]

Google+ Post Scheduling Do Share is AWESOME

Google+ Post Scheduling Do Share is AWESOME Here is a great informative post regarding a NEW Chrome extension I've been using now for a couple of months now. It's called DoShare and it's an awesome too! I have simplified the article to make it easier to understand for those of us that don't necessarily go for the techie lingo... NEW Do Share Google+ Post Scheduling is AWESOME:) I hope you enjoy it and find it as useful for your everyday [...]

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