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WordPress Rocks Your Business Marketing

Wordpress Rocks Your Business Marketing Social Media and Websites/Blogs create a "Two Way" communication. Wordpress for business cannot be beat and it is a must for success online. If you are still questioning, just do an online search. It won't take long for you to see that all arrows point to Wordpress as the best website or blog platform. What a powerful website creator it is... unlimited as to where you can take it. You just provide the creativity and [...]

Keys to Standing Out on Twitter

Keys to Standing Out on Twitter The first thing you MUST do on Twitter is fill out your profile. Include a current picture,  tell the world WHO you are and WHY you are there.  Add a link to your blog, a call to action or another place where you are accessible.  It is an unwritten Social rule that those who don’t show who they are cannot be successful on Social Platforms. Let’s put it like this: You meet someone for the first time. You see what [...]

Boost Followers on Pinterest

Boost Followers on Pinterest Pin Videos.  In the past videos could only be pinned directly from YouTube to Pinterest.  But now, Pinterest provides the facility to pin Vimeo Videos.  Woohoo! Pin Your E-Books.  Don’t underestimate the power of an ebook. Pin images of the front page of your eBook (or book) to Pinterest. Your book can also be linked to Amazon. If you’re allowing downloads to your eBook from your blog, pin the graphic from that web page. Highlight Products & Services.  Have images that represent them. Include [...]

Pinterest Increases Your Blog Readership

Pinterest Increases Your Blog Readership Use the search feature to find keywords; that is excellent for SEO. Use hashtags when possible (#) in descriptions so you pop up in searches. If you're selling, use the price option tag on your graphic. Always include a web address link and other url. This will bring your pinners to where you want them to go. Add a call to action, "Click here to..." or "Click image to..." TIP:  Choosing your blog post images is Key!  Keep that [...]

Social Media Is Not an Option Anymore

Social Media Is Not an Option Anymore It’s really a no-brainer that social media is HOT! HOT! HOT!    These days, if you’re looking for any type of  information, where do you go? It used to be the good old yellow pages – BUT – not anymore! EVERYBODY –  and I mean every BODY is going ONLINE to check out your business. Radio, TV, Magazines, ADS – All are sharing websites, URLS, Social Sites Sites, Emails, and more – and directing [...]

Explode on Twitter – Organically

Explode on Twitter - Organically Growing your Twitter following the organic way is a slower process and does take awhile.  But, keep in mind that it truly builds a solid foundation for growth and will produce a good following for you. Follow Smart - Here is a list of things you can do organically grow your following: Do NOT random follow. Generating traffic to your site with those who could care less is a waste of time. Identify the right people, [...]

Responding To Comments On Facebook and Twitter

Responding To Comments On Facebook and Twitter Let me share this little story with you.  Several years ago I was working in administration in an office with quite a few other employees.  One of the things I did every day was make copies so I went up to the copy machine quite regularly. I soon got a pet peeve. Almost every time I would walk down that corridor, someone would look at me and say, “Hi!  How are you today?”  It [...]

Tips to Boost Pinterest Followers

Tips to Boost Pinterest Followers What is Pinterest? Pinterest is the new buzzword and the fastest growing site that we should be paying attention to. It’s skyrocketing around the web and many are finding it to be very addictive.  (Let’s connect on Pinterest) This social media site was founded in 2010. Imagine an online pinboard that allows you to store and share the best of images that you find online.  That’s Pinterest.  Recipes, books, crafts, sports or favorite tv shows, even [...]

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