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What To Do AFTER You’ve Published Your Article

What To Do AFTER You’ve Published Your Article The Most Ignored Task After Publishing Your Article I recently posted about What To Do Before You Publish Your Article.   Today, let’s talk about what to do AFTER. Question:  How often have you been guilty of writing the best post, then completely ignored the next step? If your post doesn’t get promoted, it can never have the full potential it was written to have. You’ve just let your article commit suicide! [...]

Branding YOU vs Company Name

Branding YOU vs Company Name Trying to figure this out?  At some point, the question of how to brand your business will come up. It should be simple, but in reality, it can be a challenging decision. You have 2 options: use your personal name or come up with something catchy, descriptive or memorable as a business name.  Either way, you can be successful; both has advantages and disadvantages. Branding is your identity in the marketplace. It's important to realize that packaging either has a negative or positive influence [...]

Your Smart Branding Identity

 Your Smart Branding Identity Defining Branding.  Branding is the art of making your brand known through all you do and say. It’s your reputation in the MarketPlace. Do you know how to brand yourself? What message do you wish to relay to you attract the right audience? Branding is much more than a cute logo, letterhead or product name. It is the whole concept of your product and company in the minds of your customers. Effective brands share 3 things: [...]

Common Small Entrepreneurs Blunders

Common Small Entrepreneurs Blunders There are 2 ways to do this: Many new online start-up have little or no experience with blogging or setting up a blog.  They assume it's a very simple process and that anyone can do it. Some will get help from a relative or friend with little or no experience and just jump in, oblivious of what it takes to build a well functioning blog | website that will bring in a niche that you can [...]

Marketing Yourself Effectively Today

Marketing Yourself Effectively Today If you have a business and you own your own blog, the first thing you must position yourself to do is to get yourself visible to your market. Being a resource center, your blog is where you communicate who you are, what you are all about and what you are marketing.  Some well-meaning ''entrepreneurs'' will say not to be too ''obvious'' which I say is hogwash.   If you own a store, people coming into your [...]

How to Increase Visibility And Blog Profit

How to Increase Visibility and Blog Profit When readers arrive at your website, they have a need and they are looking for information and answers. They are looking for a certain product or service and how they can get it. They are not looking for a bunch of fluff with no value.   If you provide users with the information they're looking for in a way they understand, it will grab their attention. If you want to show your expertise and [...]

Visitors Are Window Shopping on Your Blog

Visitors Are Window Shopping on Your Blog They've come for a stroll, are checking out your store banner, taking a peak at your content, and wondering if they should stay or leave.  You have one chance to get their attention and convince them to stay. Your first-time visitors have a purpose when they arrive to your site. They are looking for something.   Your job  is to communicate quickly and clearly all that your site represents. The last page you should [...]

What’s LUV Got To Do, Got To Do With It

What’s LUV Got To Do, Got To Do With It What is CommentLUV? CommentLUV is a free WordPress Plugin. Comments are a wonderful thing to receive on your blog and with CommentLuv, your readers can leave you an automatic backlink to their blog right there on their reply.  How cool is that! This is a titled link to their latest post (or one of their choosing) which the plugin brings up the link to displays it below the comment for all the world to [...]

Easy Social Media Strategies for Small Business Start-ups

Easy Social Media Strategies for Small Business Start-ups Remember the day you made your first tweet or facebook post - does that make you smile? What a newbie you were! :) I remember feeling intimidated, unsure of what I should share. Being transparent in front of the whole world was something I'd never done before.  We all begin as newbies. The day has come where we must admit that social media is here to stay!  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin... Pinterest, Google+ [...]

Ideas to Promote My Small Business Online

Ideas to Promote My Small Business Online Here’s the “BIG SECRET” to attracting more readers to your blog.  Ready for it? Promote your blog posts.   Not being a smarty pants – Promise! Tee-hee…  It’s just that sometimes we miss the obvious.    Are YOU  under-promoting your  blog posts?  Why are you NOT telling your Readers that YOU have something new to say?   We have fallen under the sacred assumption that a  social media rule says we  shouldn’t promote our work!  And that if [...]

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be Online

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be Online It’s no secret that if today’s business is not found on the web, it is being left behind.  The most obvious reason is that even if you are not there, your competitors are.  Yup!  You heard right. The first thing to do is decide if you want a website, a blog or a combination of the two.   Small business owners do real well with the blogging venue while the big [...]

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