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Attract Targeted Shoppers to Your Blog Organically

Attract Targeted Shoppers to Your Blog Organically I admit it. I have not been faithful to blogging in the last year due to a lot of changes in my business taking up a lot of time to implement.So - in a way, this makes me an authority to tell you this: If you're NOT blogging regularly, your traffic dramatically decreases. Proof? My Alexa rankings went from 300,000 to over 3,000,000.00. Website visitors went down from over 60,000 views per month [...]

Success: Very Closely Related to BASIC ON-SITE SEO

Success: Very Closely Related to BASIC ON-SITE SEO I’ve got a big powerful little story to share with you about how I got my 1st BIG client. I mean BIG...! One day as I was sitting at my desk working, I automatically answered the telephone as it rang. I glanced down at the caller ID and almost dropped the receiver. My Gosh!!! It was Claude Hamilton, co-founder of Life Leadership! Can it be??? For those of you who [...]

Google+ Closely Related to SEO

  Google+ Closely Related to SEO? Today, let's talk Google+. How closely related do you think Google+ is to SEO? Think they’re kissing cousins? :) First, let’s define SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is the language that search engines use to read your website and rank it on SERPS, (search engine results pages) Does that make sense to you? SEO is also wonderful FREE marketing for your business. Now, tell me who doesn’t like free. There are 2 types of SEO: On-Site [...]

Search Engines Are Looking | Are You Easy to Find

Search Engines Are Looking | Are You Easy to Find? SEO is the language that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use to find you online. When you write an article for your blog, a new page or other content, if you have NOT done the work required in the back of your blog?  They cannot read you. They have NO way of seeing that you wrote new content.  Does this hit you between the 2 eyes???   Tee-hee... (-_-) [...]

Unlock the Mystery of Hyperlinks

Unlock the Mystery of Hyperlinks What are Hyperlinks Anyways? A hyperlink is text found in a post or page. It appears in highlighted mode; when it is clicked, you are automatically taken to new document or a new section within the current document.   It is known as a hyperlink (or link for short). Hyperlinks are found in practically all Web pages or posts, letting users jump their way from one place to another. Text hyperlinks are mostly blue (unless the color has been [...]

List of Reasons Why You Need SEO

List of Reasons Why You Need SEO Still Not Convinced You Need SEO For Your Online Business? I'm here to tell you that is it one of the most POWERFUL tools in your toolbox. There are so many reasons why it plays a huge role in your marketing and communication with your clients.   My clients are always so surprised at how implementing just a few steps increases their visibility ten-fold. Simple steps, simple implementation. Alexa Ranks move very quickly in the right direction [...]

How to Build Quality SEO Links

 How to Build Quality SEO Links How do we define a quality link? Daily emails are generated by computer programs / software and sent to thousands around the world.  These emails like to tell you that they’ve looked at your website and are ready to unveil how your rankings can be increased or how you are missing out on hot keywords, etc… REMEMBER THIS: Any service provider who promises you #1 on Google… without having a conversation with you confirming with [...]

BOOM! Solid Tips on Blogging and SEO

BOOM!  Solid Tips on Blogging & SEO  One of the BEST ways to raise your business profile Do you have all the bells and whistles? Are you all prettied up with the best content spread all over your website? If your name doesn’t pop up when people do a search on google, you are invisible. That is why you need SEO {search engine optimization} It is critical to the success of your business online. You wouldn’t hide a physical store [...]

Onsite vs Offsite Search Engine Optimization | SEO

Onsite vs Offsite Search Engine Optimization | SEO Onsite SEO is tweaking things on your blog to increase SEO.  It is somewhat easy for the changes made are on your own blog & in your hands. Maximize your onsite SEO.  (Changing things on a  page or post to increase your SEO rankings is called Onpage SEO.) Offsite SEO is tweaking factors external to your blog.  It is more difficult; the changes are not directly in your hands.  Search engines put a lot of emphasis on the external things [...]

Security Plugins for SEO Optimization

Security Plugins for SEO Optimization Dabbling with WordPress has stretched me – gotten me out of my comfort zone and given me some beautiful headaches! (-_-)  It has challenged me to the max, but I have loved every minute of it.  “When the student is ready, the teachers will appear.”   I have seen that for myself with the amazing support of a facebook online group – a group of supportive entrepreneurs willing to pay forward what they’ve learned.  I [...]

How to Boost SEO Socially

“Boost SEO Socially  with your social media profiles – SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo &  Bing.”  How to Boost SEO Socially  Go viral with social media building links! The impact of gathering endorsements that establish authority in your field.  If your site is getting thousands of social shares, it sends clear messages to search engines: That you are active That you are current That you are invested in your audience’s needs […]

More on SEO Link Building Strategies

More on SEO Link Building Strategies DO NOT BUY / SELL LINKS! Never offer money for a link to your site on their site – nor – accept money in exchange for posting someone’s link. If ever Google catches you, they will blacklist you from their search engine. Avoid that at ALL costs. You never know who you’re dealing with – don’t do it. Follow these 3 rules & the rest should fall into place: 1 – “How would I feel [...]

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