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Basic Strategies to SEO Success

Basic Strategies to SEO Success Are you reaping the results you're looking for, from your blog? Ever wonder why some websites soar and some websites fall flat on their faces? Is it their content? Or lack of? Blogging is an ART - it involves way more than just adding and publishing a new blog post every once in awhile. Many bloggers don't realize the differing strategies to be used that increases visibility and traffic. Do NOT click on the publish [...]

The WordPress Difference, Dot Org vs Dot Com

The WordPress Difference, Dot Org vs Dot Com What's the Difference? Let's take a quick look at the famous question of WordPress.com VS WordPress.org. If you’re a beginner with WordPress, you likely have many questions as you get started with your own blog / website. There are numerous reasons why you should go with WordPress.Org as a  business owner. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a short video for a quick overview of all you need to know when [...]

Strategically Increasing Online Visibility

Strategically Increasing Online Visibility A strong presence on the web is required for you to market your products and services. It is important to and build a solid reputation. One of the best ways you can do so is by walking in Honesty > Integrity > Respect. Having a great business, great products or services will only get you so far. Doing business on the internet is different from a physical store and you will be checked out, rest assured [...]

What To Do Before You Publish Your Article

What To Do Before You Publish Your Article The easiest way for me to stay focused when writing a blog post is by using a checklist.  It just relaxes me and frees my mind to concentrate on what I'm writing about instead of cluttering my mind with all the steps I have to remember. It's the reason why I have this step by step list written down. I want to share with you that checklist. I will cover the necessary things [...]

Pretty Awesome Cool WordPress Plugins

Pretty Cool Awesome WordPress Plugins Today, I am sharing with you some of the best WordPress plugins I've seen as well as some that have been recommended to me, although I have not tried because the need has not been there - yet.  They are pretty basic installations, BUT remember that your Wordpress runs faster  and better with fewer plugins. Don't be tempted to install too many. Your plugins will probably be changing as your business needs changes and grows. ENJOY! [...]

Reasons Do It Yourself Blogs Are Unseen

Reasons Do It Yourself Blogs Are Unseen Many website owners and bloggers have become discouraged with their online results.  As a website / blog builder, I am always surprised by how little optimization and visibility these blogs have. At the first catch of the eye, everything looks up to par visually. But getting visible online is way more than having all the bells & whistles. Much needs to be done behind the scenes and many are not aware of this [...]

How to Build Quality SEO Links

 How to Build Quality SEO Links How do we define a quality link? Daily emails are generated by computer programs / software and sent to thousands around the world.  These emails like to tell you that they’ve looked at your website and are ready to unveil how your rankings can be increased or how you are missing out on hot keywords, etc… REMEMBER THIS: Any service provider who promises you #1 on Google… without having a conversation with you confirming with [...]

WordPress Rocks Your Business Marketing

Wordpress Rocks Your Business Marketing Social Media and Websites/Blogs create a "Two Way" communication. Wordpress for business cannot be beat and it is a must for success online. If you are still questioning, just do an online search. It won't take long for you to see that all arrows point to Wordpress as the best website or blog platform. What a powerful website creator it is... unlimited as to where you can take it. You just provide the creativity and [...]

Create Your Website Intentionally

Why Wordpress for your website?  WordPress is one of the best systems available and a great choice for you. When you decide to create your blog or website, pay attention to which platform you choose. It is very important that your content system backs up your great design.  This will absolutely help you to manage your site successfully as well as help it reach it's full potential. Read on for why WordPress is a good choice for your website: Create [...]

Secret to Decent Alexa Rank

Secret to Decent Alexa Rank Alexa.com  is a service that collects information about your blog or website, then ranks it based on traffic and noise. It stores data from all over the net via their toolbar installed in millions of computers around the world. Various metrics are used to rank these websites based on the users. Since this toolbar plugin used on web browsers are not on every computer, the information Alexa provides cannot be 100% accurate. What is Alexa ranking and why is [...]

Security Plugins for SEO Optimization

Security Plugins for SEO Optimization Dabbling with WordPress has stretched me – gotten me out of my comfort zone and given me some beautiful headaches! (-_-)  It has challenged me to the max, but I have loved every minute of it.  “When the student is ready, the teachers will appear.”   I have seen that for myself with the amazing support of a facebook online group – a group of supportive entrepreneurs willing to pay forward what they’ve learned.  I [...]

Enhance Your SEO Ranking – Increase Your Visibility

Enhance Your SEO Ranking - Increase Your Visibility Search engine optimization (SEO) (from Wikipedia)  is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in search engines. In general, the higher on the page, the more frequently a site appears in the search results list & the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. SEO targets different kinds of search, like image, local, video, academic, news & industry-specific vertical search engines, giving your website web presence. SEO Ranking | Optimization Made Easy Up Your SEO Rankings - Have you [...]

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