Attract Targeted Shoppers to Your Blog Organically

I admit it. I have not been faithful to blogging in the last year due to a lot of changes in my business taking up a lot of time to implement.So – in a way, this makes me an authority to tell you this: If you’re NOT blogging regularly, your traffic dramatically decreases.

Proof? My Alexa rankings went from 300,000 to over 3,000,000.00. Website visitors went down from over 60,000 views per month to below 30,000. Ta da… ta da… Not too happy about that, but it’s what happened.


Who doesn’t like to have more traffic on their site???

I know I do. I want people to get to:

  • Get to know me better
  • Get familiar with my offers
  • Read information on my business
  • Get educated on why they need my products / services
  • Ultimately get buyers 24/7

You can’t get too much traffic to your blog. But what you really need is buyers — that you get with traffic.

It is possible to build traffic for free. I’m going to give you specific tips on exactly how to do that.

Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

Are you using the free plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast? That will make your seo optimization a snap. If you’re doing it correctly, this is what it will look like in google search:

Use Yoast SEO plugin to check your blog post before publishing them

If you need help with understanding and using SEO on your website, go HERE.

Keywords Shape the Topics You Write About 

Keywords still matter and can make a big difference in the success of your post.

Rich snippets

Some people see up to 30% increase in traffic by adding rich snippets. What are they? They’re basically a description of your pages so those looking for your content can find it. That will get you more clicks to your site.

Rich snippets in Google Search results

Add Images

Images add emotion and engagement because they are visual. They’re excellent to share on social media along with a snippet of your blog text. Consider having more than 1 image per post for that exact purpose.

Use Subtitles, Bullet / Numbers Lists

A dirty little secret in the blogging world. People don’t read your blog posts word by word. They SCAN your content. Oh yes, they do! You do it too… hee-hee… 

It’s best to just format your text and make it easy to read.

  • Use subtitles
  • Bullet & numbers lists
  • Bold important words

Speed Up Your Site

People love fast sites, and Google does too. This is one I’ve got to work on soon. 🙂 Use the Google Page Speed Insights Tool for how you can improve your site’s speed.

Guest Posting

It’s time-consuming but it still counts. Highly.

  • Search for the highly-read websites in your industry and check out if they accept guest posts.
  • Write the owner with 3 different ideas you could guest post on. Keep the pitch less than 3 short paragraphs and use bullet points.
  • If it’s accepted, write the piece! Make it fantastico.
  • Submit with a very short author bio and call to action at the end of the article.
  • Once it’s published, promote the crap out of the piece!!!
  • Remember to thank the site owner.

Feature Other Bloggers in Your Articles

Ask them to Share: One technique Neil Patel uses to grow his blog is linking bloggers inside his articles, then reaching out to them and letting them know he’s linked to them. The results is hundreds of shares and traffic per article.

Feature / Interview Influencers

A great way to get traffic is to interview owners or influencers. Ask them to share the article they’re featured in but even if they don’t share your article, you can still share it yourself.

Comments on Other Blogs

No better way to gain exposure and traffic. But you must invest your time. Write great comments!

  • Write comments that contribute, other people read comments, you know!
  • Get your comment in ASAP once  the post is published to keep your comment on top.
  • You’ll get more visibility and get far more traffic.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Simply creating your latest articles won’t cut it. Develop a strategy, interacting in groups on promo days to grow your social reach. Constantly post updates, recycle old articles; simply sharing your article once won’t cut it. Popular bloggers share links to old articles for years.  

Send Email Updates

Every new blog piece deserves at least 1 mention in your newsletters.

Write Better Headlines

A bad headline will kill your article. Grab the headline analyzer, Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer  Aim for at least 50%, but higher is even better!
Free Headline Analysis Tool by the Advanced Marketing Institute

Seriously put some thought int your headlines. It really matter because it will either attract / or not, your reader.

Google Analytics

Find out what content does best and give people the information they want. Which posts generate the most results?? Write more on that.


There’s now more traffic from mobile than desktops. Read your blog on mobile to see what others see. (I thought I was optimized but people have been telling me I’m not… sigh… I don’t own a mobile phone, only my ipad where it showed up properly. I have to fix this one!)

If you have tips to help us increase traffic to our blog, hey! Share with us in the comments. We’d LOVE to know. 🙂


Norma Doiron

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