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Norma Doiron is a Female Biz Advisor & Connector, enabling business women to build their dreams, enjoy time freedom & live their life financially independent. Her specialty is connecting people through technology & social media, building traction and continual sales, 24/7. Norma's heart has always been helping female BIZ owners. Her insights and practical strategies are geared to simplify the process of business building. Her unique, personalized & step-by-step guidance will enable you to understand & implement quickly. Connect with Norma & EXPLODE the way you do BIZ on the internet!

The Small Biz Preneur’s Q and A

The Small Biz Preneur's Q and A Welcome to my blog! We're doing things a bit differently today and I'm looking for some answers from YOU. Woohoo! But first, here's a little inspiration... :). Despite being eager learners, 90% of small Biz Preneurs struggle in many areas in their business online. There is so much to LEARN and APPLY!  15% of your time will be doing what you love. 85% of your time will be marketing & strategizing. Everyday, you'll have to face your fears [...]

How to Optimize Credibility on Social Media Profiles

How to Optimize Credibility on Social Media Profiles One of the first things new followers do when they first meet you, is to check out WHO you are. It's very important that you have the correct information available to them, for if you don't, they might just leave without connecting with you. It's like entering a meeting place. Someone comes up to you, introduces themselves and shake hands. You begin having a conversation with them, getting to know them. Where are [...]

Actionable Steps to Immediately Boost Twitter Followers

 Actionable Steps to  Immediately Boost Twitter Followers Engaged followers on twitter are your gold mine, even if the numbers of follows are low. Having 20,000 followers who don’t interact, like, share or comment with you is of no value at all. Some people play shady tactics to reach astounding numbers BUT is that really the way you want to build your following? Why would you want to talk to those who are not interested in what you want to say? You'd [...]

Using Social Media to Rock an Event

Using Social Media to Rock an Event Did you do it? If not, what stopped you? Maybe you were not too sure of how to? It doesn't matter if you're promoting a small or huge event or product, you can still use social media to get the word out in a powerful way. Create a landing page on your site for the event. The unique URL of this landing page will help create a buzz on social media, Make sure the URL [...]

Oxytocin Breathing Technique for BIZ Owners

 Oxytocin Breathing Technique for BIZ Owners   by Meryl Hershey Beck Are you pulling your hair out? As business owners, we all know about stress! Whether it is around deadlines, money issues, needing more clients, working with difficult clients…the list goes on and on. Many experts report that stopping to take a breath will help diminish the effects of stress. Yes, just stopping and taking a deep breath does help. And, I want to introduce you to a specific breathing [...]

Who Are You to Write?

Who Are You to Write? Do you want to blog? Do you want to blog, but you aren’t sure WHAT to blog about? If you have a business, or a hobby that you want to write about, the topic is there. It preceded your idea to write about it. Digging in to the issue of what to write rarely actually resides with the topic. Do you want to blog? Do you want to blog, but you wonder WHO you are to [...]

Supercharge Visitors Experience

Supercharge Visitors Experience NOTE: Continued from Supercharge Your Blog with Valuable Content Your home page is your front desk, your introduction to the world and the opportunity to connect with potential or existing customers. As the main point of entry, your focus is extremely important so you can present the right message to your visitors. You have to be specific and focused to grab attention and makes them want to explore further. A Home Page or A Blog Page?   How will [...]

Supercharge Your Blog with Valuable Content

Supercharge Your Blog with Valuable Content You only get 1 shot to make a great first impression; your home page is the virtual front door that visitors walk through and it's the most important page on your website. People still judge a book by it's cover and if shoppers don't like what they see, they will leave.  So, the question is: What about a home page makes it brilliant? What makes it blah?? Beyond looks, what makes it work?  Your Home [...]

Fully Commit & Realize the Lady Boss Dream

 Fully Commit & Realize the Lady Boss Dream Strategy – A Road Map – a GPS.  A strategy will take you from here to where you want to go.  It will work the goal, and define the steps you need to lead you there. It can be research, networking, building your hub, etc.  A strategy will help you feel in control and will guide you on what you need to do on a daily basis to get results. Focus –  in and on, [...]

Consecrate Yourself Fully to Being a Lady Boss

Consecrate Yourself Fully to Being a Lady Boss Day in and day out, thousands of people go to work at jobs they dislike and even hate. They are sick and tired of the demands of their boss, endure co-workers and that never ending job. They find themselves burnt out, frustrated, anxious, angry, confused... under-appreciated, over-worked and underpaid. Thousands continue in this environment because they believe they have no other choice and it is causing them physical and emotional sickness. If [...]

Twitter Rules Visibility: Tweet Wisely

Twitter Rules Visibility: Tweet Wisely Twitter for business?  Absolutely! Twitter began in 2006  as a text message service to quickly communicate with people. We have come a long way since then. Twitter’s slogan, “What’s happening?” began the trend of sharing what we’re doing, right at this moment. Then, repeat again… and again, and again, leaving people questioning why anyone would care about such stuff. :) Surprisingly.... many cared. The truth is that when Twitter is properly used, it's fantastic to build relationships and it's [...]

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