How to Create An Irresistible Email Marketing Freebie

An Irresistible Freebie – What Will It Be?

Something we all struggle with at one point. Here is a slew of information I gathered doing research. There are some great pointers in here! 🙂

The first thing to do is to get clear on the topic for your lead magnet. 

  • What topics do your ideal customers or clients want to know about?
  • What topics would be easiest for you to create a lead magnet about?
  • What content format would be the best way to deliver that information?
  • What should I offer for free and what words should I use?

Value is what makes a lead magnet high-converting

  • What can I  teach to my potential subscribers to give unbelievable value?
  • What information can I offer that’s so good they’ll rush to type in their email?

Be Specific

Don’t talk general like “How to Make Money”. That’s not specific enough. But “10 Ways to Make $100 a pop in 10 minutes or less” might grab attention. That’s specific enough to stop people in their tracks. Be specific in the headline. Spend at least 15 or 20 minutes writing several different ones. To get a score on how emotionally compelling your title is, use the Marketing Headline Analyzer.

Optimize your opt-in button copy

Please don’t use “Subscribe” on your button. The copy on the button is called a “call to action”, it’s super important and could be the difference of twice as many subscribers.  You can repeat the headline copy on the button: this works very well. Or you can shorten it and have the button say something like “Download Report” or “View Video.”

How to Create An Irresistible Email Marketing FreebieThe fact is that when people come to your site, it’s not necessarily to read your blog, subscribe to your email list or receive your newsletter. What people are looking for is something you can give them: they want their problems solved. Your job is to give what they want the most.

  • You must understand how to lead people to what they already want.
  • Figure out how to create an Opt-In Offer that does that, your conversions will explode.
  • The goal is to create something that causes people to say, “I want that!”

A list is a huge asset you’ll be growing for the life of your business. It’s critical that it be a list of highly targeted clients who already want what you offer. The best way to do that is with a great Offer..

Brainstorm Your Offer

  • What do my clients want the most?
  • Come up with 1 simple thing, not everything you do, just 1 specific thing.
  • What are your clients asking for already?
  • What are the GIANTS in the industry you are in offering?

Write down what people want. Just 1 thing, not many. Just pick 1. Next, pick how many keys, tips or strategies you will give. EXAMPLE: If you’re in weight loss, they may want a smaller butt or belly. You could offer 5 tips to reduce what keeps them bloated. Or, it could be 10-steps to a flat stomach without eating less.

  • #1 Don’t give away too much information, too many tips or strategies. Keep it simple or you’ll confuse or overwhelm the reader. People,HATE to learn long drawn out processes. People want FAST – QUICK! It’s your job to create something They’ll get results with quickly!
  • #2- Don’t give away what you should be creating a product with. Psychologist have studied this topic for ages. People don’t take seriously the value we give away freely, even if it’s what they need. They won’t do it. Be careful to not give away what people need to pay for to transform.

It’s not about money at all – it’s about their result. Studies prove that people TAKE more ACTION on things they pay for than what they get for free. Don’t sabotage your ideal client by constantly giving things away.

The Secret Sauce- the RESULT!

  • What is the result you can give me, get me to, what can I expect.
  • What is the RESULTS that your clients want that you can create?
  • This is what you state in your Opt In Offer.
  • What is your results you can prove, teach or get to people?

People want results. What is the FASTEST result you can deliver? Close out the offer with that statement!

How to Create An Irresistible Email Marketing FreebieDifferent kinds of lead magnets

  • A video course that can be accessed all at once.
  • A video course delivered via auto-responder, say for 10 days.
  • An infographic so useful they’ll tape it to their refrigerator or office wall.
  • A calendar (like a to do list calendar).
  • A checklist on how to do something. Cheat sheets are also very popular.
  • A how-to e-book in PDF format, the classic lead magnet. Doesn’t have to be long but make it valuable.
  • 30 minute consultation with you. This one is excellent for coaches.
  • A coupon (For retailers or local business). Coupons can be 10% off, free shipping… you get the idea.
  • Free tickets to a special event (local businesses).
  • Free samples. Not for everyone, but this can be a great way to get people’s email AND mailing address.
  • Give access to a free membership site, or a private Facebook group.
  • Have a quiz or poll on your site. Only give access to answers if they give their email address.
  • Offer access to a recorded webinar or workshop (or any other audio file).

Have a great time creating new offers!

Sincerely,Norma Doiron

Norma Sig

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