Exactly Who Do You Want to Reach?

Many Biz Preneurs believe that their list is their money tree but it’s only true IF that list is quality driven.  You can have gazillions of subscribers but if they are not your specifically targeted audience, they’re of no use to your business.

So How Can You Attract the Right Kind of Interested Visitors and Eager Subscribers?

  • Learn how to drive high-targeted traffic to your site.  
  • Convert that traffic into eternally LOYAL subscribers.  
  • Get readers to promote you and refer you to their friends. 
  • Understand it’s about traffic, conversions and referrals.  

First Things First

  • How well established are you in the marketplace? 
  • Do people recognize and remember you?
  • Have you SHAPED what people think about you?
  • Who do they think you are and what are you known for?
  • Your brand has to be INSANELY specific.  

Be memorable and unique in the way you communicate your message.

BURN Your Business into Everyone’s Mind.  

When people remember exactly what you’re awesome at, they’ll refer a friend to you who has a problem YOU can solve when the need shows up. YOU will be their top recommendation.

Those recommendations & word of mouth references CONVERT like crazy! Yay! To get those types of referrals, learn to be memorable.

Figure Out What You’re Going to Say About You

  • Create a specific sentence with specific words that describes YOU.
  • Ask yourself if someone else has this tagline and is known for it. 
  • You don’t want to compete or confuse anyone with your tagline.

Main Questions to Ask Yourself:  

  • What it is that your ideal subscriber wants?
  • What’s the main pain point they have you believe you can solve?
  • What method will you use to solve that problem?
  • What do you have a passion about that you could talk about it all day?

Simply combine your answers and form your new tagline.

Next? Figure Out EXACTLY WHO You Want to Reach

  • Begin by speaking their language. Use words they connect with, words they would use themselves. Pay attention to what they are saying in their copy or social media.
  • Think about the audience you’re trying to reach… in every word you use.
  • Build your audience by looking at the types of people you want to read your content.
  • Then GO GET those people.

You can’t drive highly targeted traffic if you’re not sure who you’re trying to reach. Search for people who can benefit from your content, then reach out to them SPECIFICALLY.  

Find the type of people to reach by asking questions and collecting data in the very first few interactions you have with them.

  • Ask them what they’re struggling with. Try to get their story.
  • Use short surveys all of the time to find specific groups of people.

Offer a Special Deal to New Subscribers

Your opt-in confirmation page is a golden opportunity to present an exclusive offer. Most opt-in “thank you pages” simply thank the user for subscribing and give them information on how to confirm their sign up. Give subscribers an exclusive deal they won’t find anywhere else.

Keep in mind, this isn’t the time to up-sell, rather it’s a chance to introduce new subscribers to something small and beneficial. Lead directly to the call-to-action button by giving it a noticeable red border. This one small step could represent a significant increase in profits just by editing your thank you page.

In the First Email AFTER Your Newsletter Signups, Ask and You’ll Learn Exactly:

  • What people are struggling with
  • What problems they want a solution for
  • What they need help with the most

Then when you want to sell something, sell the cure to those problems and they’ll buy it.

BUT Remember: you MUST respond to their feedback to increase subscriber loyalty;  they deserve your personal attention, which means higher open rates and higher conversions.

When you know what people want to buy, then it’s your job to sell it to them.


Learning how to attract people to your business is NOT something you’re born with, but a skill to learn.

  • Find people who are interested in it. 
  • Persuade those people to cover you.  
  • Let’s go over each step in detail.  

Invite Subscribers through your Social Networks

Your email newsletter isn’t the only way to connect with subscribers.  When was the last time you asked your Twitter followers or Facebook friends to subscribe? Now that Facebook has updated its API, you can also post your newsletter directly to your fan page – a great way to give non-subscribers a glimpse into what they could be receiving.

Craft Email Subject Lines Like Tweets

How could you apply these same tips to your email subject lines? With messages piling up our inbox more than ever, short, sweet and to the point gets our user’s attention (and subconsciously, their gratitude) more than ever.

Getting lots of traffic to your site is great, but if you aren’t collecting the contact information–the names and e-mail addresses – of visitors, you’re wasting every single click. If visitors leave your site without buying your product, there’s a good chance they won’t ever be back – and you’ll have absolutely no way of following up with them.

Remember: It can take up to seven points of contact to make a single sale, so you’ll want to begin collecting visitors’ contact information from day one using an opt-in form on your home page. Then follow up with email & keep them thinking about your site. Need some ideas for e-mails you could send to follow up with your opt-in subscribers?

  • Monthly or bi-weekly newsletters with tons of tips and info.
  • Free reports on topics your market appreciate.
  • Answer common questions people ask about your product.
  • Offer similar or complementary products you may have already offered.
  • Free product trials give potential customers a taste of what your offer.

Following up quickly, easily and simply with e-mail automation software. Create e-mail messages called “autoresponders” potential customers receive as soon as they opt-in on your site–within seconds–no matter what time of day it is or whether you’re even at your desk!

That’s right: As soon as your visitors opt in, they’ll start hearing from you on a regular basis without you having to deal with the stress of writing a ton of e-mails to individual addresses.

This is a process you can put on autopilot from the very beginning!

Norma Doiron


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