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Join Female BIZ Builders Savvy Solutions FB CommunityGOALS of the Group:

  • Opportunities to share your offers, promotions, launches, etc.
  • Know about some great tips or tools? Share with the rest of us.
  • Working on a specific area of your biz? Ask for opinions, direction, etc.
  • Randomly receive resources, what works, doesn’t work, why or why not.
  • Build relationships, become friends with some of the smartest biz people.
  • Share each others wins. Help & support each other & ask questions.

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Female BIZ Builders Savvy Solutions Online Community


  • BIZ women own 40% percent of small businesses in the U.S?
  • They are the majority in working social services and nonprofit organizations?
  • They are amazingly skilled at building support networks for other women, by far outranking men helping men?

I’ve always known something powerful & amazing happens when women support other women walking a similar path. There’s NOTHING like women MENTORING & EMPOWERING other women!

In Fact, the Bible Talks Exactly About This:

”…that we may also be able to comfort & help others (console and encourage) those who have all kinds of trouble or distress, using the same help and comfort which we ourselves have received.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Let Me Introduce You to the NEW* FB Group Specifically for Women

It’s doors just opened a few days ago.! YAY!!!! I am sooooo excited about it, can you tell?  Tee-hee….

Female BIZ Builders Savvy Solutions FB Community

What an amazing opportunity to tap into some of the most brilliant minds from all over the world. This is a group of talented women, who build their BIZ everyday, learning the skills they need to succeed. 

  • Ask questions
  • Get answers
  • Share your experiences
  • Take part in smart conversations
  • How cool is that?

This is our mantra and the heart of the Female BIZ Builders’ Savvy Solutions Group, a place designed to help each other grow, a safe place to ask business questions and where brilliant, smart women leaders share / brainstorm answers.

At Female BIZ Builders Savvy Solutions, the goal is to help women achieve the success they want by:

  • Empowering each other
  • Connecting and making friends
  • Inspiring each other to success
  • Celebrating along the way
  • Supporting through the ups and downs

The goal is to help women in whatever way we can. All female business owners are welcome, from new start-up to the well-established, from any sector, background and from all parts of the world. The ONLY requirement is to have a big heart.

What Makes Female BIZ Builders Savvy Solutions Different?

This group centers on building a supportive community of women who support each other at all stages of business growth: mentoring each other through the highs and lows of running a successful business. You will be encouraged and challenged to grow and share your skills, knowledge and expertise in a supportive environment.

It is a place to grow personally – and learn from each other.


  • If you are a woman…
  • You’ve got a business
  • You’re a builder
  • You’re a learner
  • You want to fellowship with some of the smartest minds from all over the world – this group is for you!!!

You’ll get to network with other smart amazing minds.

We all have an area of expertise: we ask the questions, get the answers and help others get the answers.


Join the Female BIZ Builders Savvy Solutions FB Community

Norma DoironLet’s see YOU on the other side. 🙂

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