Fire Up Your Blog Audience Responses, Part 1


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Audience:  a group or assembly of listeners, viewers, or spectators; interaction with a person of importance…

Building Your Business Online:

Once you decide to bring your business online, there are certain things that you need to be doing to be effective in your new venture.  Simply creating a website or blog, putting it live on the web, writing a few articles  and thinking that is all that needs to happen for you to have success is being delusional.

The chance of reaching success that way is so low that I can’t even begin to give you any figures.  There is much, much more that you need to learn and implement.

Let me share a few things; if you think seriously upon what I recommend, you will definitely see a huge increase in visibility and engagement.  There is no one thing that will get you where you want to go – it is a combination of the RIGHT things to do. There might be many things that you are doing that are keeping you busy to boot, but are they the right things?  Hmmm….

Let’s begin.

Creating a Blog / Website:  Wordpress is the easiest platform available.  It is user friendly.

WordPress.Com – is a free platform. The benefits of using are very low, the main reason being that you do not own your content.  If for whatever reason WordPress decides to shut you down, there is nothing you can do and you will lose everything. It is an unwritten rule that users of this platform are NOT taken seriously by their peers and in the business world.  The  belief  is that you are not serious about what you do.  So, I guess you could say that the main benefit is that it is free OR that it would be okay if you’re simply using it to document an area that you don’t want to go viral on the web.

WordPress,Org  is a paid platform. You can take your site to unlimited places with this arena. Zillions of plugins and integration, themes (free or paid), SEO, etc… it seems the sky is the limit.  Everything you do here is YOURS and no one can take that away.  It is the perfect venue for doing business of any kind and the functionality is pretty awesome. You get your domain name, find your hosting gate – then you’re set to go.  Just begin creating.  You can manage it, change things around, move displays, decorate your store, etc… Gets exciting!

Absolutely Blog!  Share your brand and market to your niche, your audience.  Begin to market yourself; your blog is the place to do this as it is your store. It is the place where you set yourself apart from other blogs!  Be careful that you do NOT become a cookie cutter of your affiliates or direct sales.  You need to promote YOURSELF and not your company. Companies & products can and probably will change eventually but YOU will always stay the same. There are exceptions to the rules but generally it is best to be branding yourself.

STAND OUT!  Woohoo!!  The old saying that “if you are not standing out, you are blending in!” is still true.  You want to be different, so begin by thinking outside the box.  How can you present your services and / or products differently from your competitors?  If you change your thinking, you will begin to stand out.

Promote!  Period.  What sets you apart from others?  What shows your audience that you are an expert in your field?  Well, your blogging articles are a great place where you can share your expertise.  Begin building relationships and trust with your followers!  Share your knowledge, give out valuable information.  Share on other platforms, all over the web.  Get yourself out there; if you are incognito, how do you suppose your prospective clients are going to find you?  All your interactions over the internet should ALWAYS be leading your audience back to your blog – your store. That is your business area.  On social sites, you build relationships, share bits of your knowledge and information. At your store, you do business.

What Shall You Write About?  Think for a second.

  • What do you know?
  • What is your area of expertise?
  • What will interest your audience?
  • Is there anything of value that you can share?
Let me give you an example.  If you are selling or doing business about fashion, don’t go everywhere stuffing people’s faces with your products and services.  I guarantee you it won’t be long before they’ve had enough of you and RUN when they see you coming!  Tee-hee… That is NOT the way to market.
Begin blogging about different areas of fashion, what’s new / hot, maybe about different materials, etc… Get the picture?  You’re still drawing attention but not “in your face” while still of interest.  Give value to what THEY are interested in knowing more about and a reason to follow you.
Share pictures, videos, podcast, e-books, even stories.  They will love you for it.
  • Stay interesting and current. No one wants to read about old news!
  • Stroll around the internet to see what’s buzzing this week.
  • Retell the stories with your own special twist.
  • You could share an article, then comment on it.
  • Keep a lot of prepared articles for future use, or at least titles of different things.
  • Pre-schedule your articles.  Now that is a pretty smart thing to do.:)
  • Post regularly, at least 2 articles weekly.  Aim for it and lead up to more.
  • Viewers look at your content; they check out post dates.  Be ACTIVE!
  • Write at least 300-500 words for each article.
  • For longer posts, you can have Part 1 & Part 2; leave a link to Part 2 on Part 1!
Well, this has been fun – but that’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed the information!
Thanks for visiting, please leave comments below.

I appreciate you…

Norma Doiron

Norma Doiron

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