Freebies | Secret Ingredient to Building a Huge Email List

How do you get people to subscribe to your email list? 

Simple – Offer a free & valuable lead magnet.

Get people on an email list, provide good content and send offers to subscribers that make you money.   Basically, this is a piece of content that ethically hooks a person to opt-into your list, who you’ll be able to sell to via email.  This is the Internet sales tactic used for years.

Lead Magnets are also called:

  • Sign-up offers
  • Freebies
  • Ethical bribes, etc…

Lead magnets are offered in exchange for the name and email address of an interested party. They will help you build relationships with a list of interested people in your product or services and many will become your best clients as you develop a close bond of trust with them.

You are however, NOT limited to 1 freebie as your magnet; I actually have several that I use in various appointed places on my blog.

Choose the right topic for your niche. Half the battle is won if you get this one right. 

  • What does your ideal client want to learn about?
    • What major problem do they have?
    • What keeps them up at night?
    • What daily obstacles do they face?
    • What solution would make their life easier?
    • What inside info would they like to know?
  • Narrow down to specifics how you’ll address their pain point.
  • Decide what format you’ll use to deliver that information.

Don’t let what your customers want scare you. Keep your eyes & ears open to problems they are struggling with and the questions they ask on social platforms.

A nice tool you can use is BuzzSumo – it’s a great place to check what content performs best in any topic, which pieces of content are the most popular, etc. It can help you find a topic you can easily turn into a FAB lead magnet. Think outside the box: maybe this could be a video, an audio, or a PDF.

A winning lead magnet is all about value, what you can show, teach or give to potential subscribers, an unbelievable piece of information that will highly convert. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed. Keep it simple! Don’t go for perfection, just get it done. Visitors will be happy to give you their email address.

Don’t promise generalities Be specific. Something like, “Get Your Best Jewelry On” is not enough. It’s important to hook the reader in, so try something like, “Mother of the Bride’s Best Accessories.” People want to know they’re clicking on links that will take them to what they really want to see.

Be specific in the headline title of your lead magnet. Don’t miss this! Spend at least 15 or 20 minutes brainstorming different headlines, then use the most emotionally appealing. (I use the Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer and I love it!)

People will listen if you can prove you’re a credible source of information and the best way to do this is by building a relationship via email.  It’s an essential part of your credibility if used properly. Become a trusted authority, an “information filter” solving particular problems. Offer lots of value and make product recommendations based on careful research.

EVERY Internet marketing business needs a strong lead magnet and it’s especially true for bloggers. You MUST offer valuable free content to help build your list or you might as well pack up and go home!

Note: Anything less than a 5% opt-in rate on your site means you either need a better lead magnet, or you haven’t added opt-in boxes in the right places.

Please use something other than just “Subscribe” The button text is a “call to action” and it needs to incite the reader to click on it. If you get this right, you’ll see twice as many subscribers. You can use the old copy writing trick of repeating your headline on the button or you can shorten it a bit and have the button say something like:

  • Download the report
  • View the video
  • Get the freebie
  • Grab the e-course

Note: if you’ve got less than 2,000 unique visitors a month to your site, you may not have enough traffic. But, give your button copy your very best shot.

It’s insanely important to stand out from the crowd, to use a lead magnet that people will notice, and more importantly, one they will WANT to download. Create what could easily be sold, then give it away for free! Make people wonder why you’re crazy enough to give it away and you’ll develop instant credibility with the subscribers. Become known for incredible value in your free offers so that when you finally do release a sale, people will trust that the value will be quite high.

Build authority with your audience with an offer tied directly into your marketing message.  Once you help people solve a major problem, they’ll pay attention to what you have to say.

UNDERSTAND THISEvery niche has problems. What you have to do is find the biggest problem and give a step-by-step fix. Example: Offer a lead magnet that details a proven strategy to making money from anywhere in the world. A major solution that many people would go for.

It should have a catchy title with an e-Cover image that stands out. Example: Make Money with E-Course Marketing or E-Course Marketing Strategies for a 6-Figure Income? The first one is real boring while the 2nd one captures more attention. Focus on the sexy factor and figure out a way to make the title and e-Cover graphic stand out.

Which format will you deliver your freebie? Pick the format you think your ideal audience will like best. Some like words, some like videos. Others want printable cheat sheets and checklists. Hopefully, your research gave you some clues on what formats your audience will respond to.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A video course – to be accessed all at once.
  • A video course – delivered via auto-responder for 10 days.
  • A useful info-graphic they’ll want to tape it to their office wall.
  • A calendar (like a to do list calendar).
  • A gear list, like an “essential tools” list of plugins and other online tools. Resource lists are similar.
  • A how to checklist for things that needs to be done more than once.
  • Cheat sheets are very popular, like flow or process charts.
  • A how-to E-book in PDF format (the classic lead magnet) Something your niche wants to do, how to do it in less than half as much time or money, etc.
  • Free tickets to a special event (best for local businesses).
  • Free samples. Not for everyone, but if you can ship a small sample to people, (like a guest soap bar, or a packet of seeds), it’s a great way to get people’s email AND  mailing address.
  • Free access to a membership site, a private Facebook group.
  • Have a quiz or poll on your site. Give access to the answers only if they give their email address.
  • Offer a giveaway or let people enter a contest or sweepstakes.
  • Access to a recorded webinar or workshop (or any other audio file).
  • Offer a “swipe file” – a collection of templates for their own use. Example, an email marketing swipe file.
  • This isn’t for everyone, but you can use lead magnets as part of your sales funnel.
    • Offer a high value lead magnet to build trust.
    • After your prospect is impressed with how much you can help them, offer a low priced product (like $7) solving 1 major problem not addressed in the first offer.
    • The promotion for that $7 is embedded at the end of the first lead magnet download.
    • The download for the $7 product leads into a higher priced product, and the prospect continues through the sales funnel, learning and upgrading as they go.
    • Some people also use those $7 products as a way to segment their list.

Hopefully you learned a bit about why a quality lead magnet is essential to building an interactive and responsive list and how to get started. It’s a core concept used by many to earn a full-time income from the Internet. 

This stuff works! I HIGHLY recommend you start working on your list…TODAY!Norma Doiron

Norma Sig

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