Google+ Closely Related to SEO?

Today, let’s talk Google+.

How closely related do you think Google+ is to SEO? Think they’re kissing cousins? 🙂

First, let’s define SEO.  Search Engine Optimization is the language that search engines use to read your website and rank it on SERPS, (search engine results pages) Does that make sense to you? SEO is also wonderful FREE marketing for your business. Now, tell me who doesn’t like free.

There are 2 types of SEO:


  • Information YOU add in the back of your blog, making it easier for your site to be crawled by the Google Bots.
  • Different signals are used by Google to decide the quality of the pages & posts on your blog, depending on what signal it received in search results.


  • Mostly involves the process of link building (links from other sites) which is VERY important to help you rank higher.
  • These links need to be quality links: a link from the Huffington Post will be looked upon as more valuable than a link to a little watch site in Anywhere Town. These links are very helpful to enable us to find things on the internet.

All search engines will love your site if it is:

  • Well designed,
  • Has useful and valuable content,
  • Is Optimized for SEO

To bring more traffic to your store, your goal has to be to rank well in these engines. SEO is your FREE ticket, but it must follow the rules and the language that it reads. (Also called White Hat SEO)

Be VERY excited to know that Google+ is considered the NEW* White Hat Technique that will totally drive traffic for you! How cool is that… 🙂 THAT is why you should consider using it as part of your marketing strategies. It’s one more power tool you should insert in your toolbox!

Hello! Google+ IS Google. Google is a search engine!!! 

Google + Google+???  SEO.

  • Google+ was built for Google search. It’s power in the race of social media has not even reached the tip of it. It’s much more than a social site; it captures valuable data that helps Google search be more accurate. That means, easier to find YOU.
  • The +’ing, sharing and commenting help Google catch much more information and help determine what should be closer to the top in search. Google watches these signals and ranks it all for you.
  • Did you know that all links in Google+ profiles are “do follow?” That means they are treated as web pages, increasing your visibility and page rank. (Twitter has a “no-follow” policy…directing Google not to follow most of its links.)
  • Facebook posts are NOT usually crawled or indexed, due that it hides data from Google. 
  • Web pros have watched posts and pages URLs shared on Google+ be crawled and indexed very quickly.
  • Sharing a link  on Google+ makes the title of the page you’re sharing become an “anchor text”.  Only “shared” links ( links beneath your post) are followed. 

So, having said all this tecky stuff, the bottom line is that you should be establishing a much stronger presence on Google+, be it just to massively increase your web visibility and higher ranking.

Characteristics of Google+ 

  • Has most of the characteristics of a full-blown blog posting.
  • Unlike Facebook or Twitter, each post has its own URL in Google+.
  • The top 45-50 characters in your post appear in the title tag.
  • Like blog posts, studies show a strong relevancy between longer pages and higher rankings.
  • If a post is re-shared, it can accumulate internal links from the Google+ platform, all with relevant anchor text.

Google+ Highlights

  • Now the second largest social network.
  • Google+ is about relevant content.
  • Google’s objectives is to improve search results by online content that is relevant, recent and accurate.
  • It’s meant for content picked up by SERPS to better meet the user’s expectations.
  • Social proof improves search engine performance, the why of “+1 button” being so important. It validates what people find valuable as they travel the web, read blogs and share.

Top activities to pay attention to on Google+:

  • Upload & share photos.
  • Use Google+ “+1 button” on things you like.
  • Watch video clips created by other users

Things to Remember About Google+:

  • Start building relationships now on Google+
  • Link out from your Google+ profile “About” page
  • Your Google+ profile is your real estate. Fill it with relevant and engaging info.
  • Images, photos and videos are crucial for Google+ sharing.
  • Google+ is more learning and education. People are more serious, wanting deeper and more insightful content. It’s less about pictures of pups and birdies.
  • 1-3 posts per day; experiment with what works best for you.
  • Make your Google+ sharing button prominent on your blog.
  • Google+ Hangouts can either be private or public. Great for Webinars, Q&A’s, Workshops, etc…

Ways to Interact

  • Offer a special limited time offer.
  • Ask a question to drive engagement.

What do you think of Google+ now? Has this article changed your point of view? I’d love to hear what you think, leave your comment below! 🙂

Many Blessings sent your way as you grow & succeed in your business.

Norma Doiron

Sincerely, Norma

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