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Google+ is GOLD.

It’s NOT dead as some have claimed it to be, in fact, it’s a HUGE community of business folks networking with one another. It’s a different mindset than FB but it doesn’t mean it not valuable. Au contraire…

FB is built on friends & family relationships. Google+ is built on business so they readily accept full out business information in their feed.

Why does it have Gold value? Simply because it’s GOOGLE!!! The biggest search engine in the world… does that make sense??? 

Did you know that:
➽ Every time you post something on Google+, Google treats it similar to a blog post??? YUP!!! Google gives it its own link, and that is why you see posts from Google+ pop up in searches. THAT is GOLD.
➽ As of June 2014 there were 343 million active accounts in Google+ There is a whole new un-tapped community of biz builders on Google+ to tap into. Pretend for a sec that something happened and FB shut down. Where have YOU built a similar community so your business can keep moving forward? It’s not wise to put all your eggs in the same basket, diversify a little.

Here are the top reasons WHY you should have a presence on Google+

Creating a profile on Google+ boosts your search engine rankings in Google.

Every time you get a +1 on one of your blog posts / Google+ posts, it increases your standing with Google

Circles (lists) of people are tightly segmented so you share the right content with the right people
Hangouts enable you to create live streaming video shows (free!) that are simultaneously recorded on YouTube.

You can use private recorded Hangouts to meet with clients, teach, train, facilitate masterminds – at no cost to you or your clients

All content you post publicly is indexed by Google – fast!

Google+ communities are better organized than Facebook groups. All posts are categorized so it’s easier to search and participate in discussions

Google+ is integrated with Gmail, Google Drive & YouTube, making it an all in one tool to manage your Google activity

There are plugins you can install to add Google+ comments to your blog posts. This one feature alone increases the visibility, comments and shares; when someone comments, it’s posted on their profile with a link back to the blog post.

It’s one of the best places for information and content. You want to learn about something? It’s talked about on Google+ Feeds.

Why Give Google+ a Chance?

→ So you can connect with a new audience
→ You will rank higher on Google for your Google+ content
→ The popularity of your blog & blog traffic will increase
→ Google+ Hangouts, Events, etc… will allow you to have face-to-face conversations with the world

How Does It Help Your Business?

→ First off, you’ll be getting targeted search traffic from Google. Google+ provides a truly different stance than other social platforms, just because it influences search rankings.

→ YUP. You heard right! Shares and +1s of Google+ posts act like social recommendations AND they are even seen like tiny unique blog posts! That alone influences what searchers see in Google SERPS while logged in.
→ Your Google+ posts get indexed quicker & your status updates are immediately indexed into search results, increasing the your visibility to your Google+ network in search results.
→ Google favors those with a Google+ presence in search rankings.That is a massive bonus in itself.

How great is that?

THAT is why I include Google+ in weekly activities. If you don’t want to be everyday on Google+, that’s fine. BUT you should at least be there some of the time. BECAUSE of the reasons above.




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