“Boost SEO Socially  with your social media profiles – SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo &  Bing.”

 How to Boost SEO Socially 

Go viral with social media building links! The impact of gathering endorsements that establish authority in your field.  If your site is getting thousands of social shares, it sends clear messages to search engines:

  1. That you are active
  2. That you are current
  3. That you are invested in your audience’s needs

Search engines help users find what they’re looking for. When you have large amounts of social sharing, it shows that mass amount of people found & liked what they were looking for on your site & shared it with others.

How to Boost SEO Socially – Massive social shares means you’re creating & sharing valuable content for your followers. It’s a win-win for your brand & search rankings.

Want to try for Viral??? Viral content is quality content. It’s passionate, well-written, eloquent, or hilarious. If you want thousands of shares, you’re going to have to put in the time to come up with something of real value for your readers. If you’re not willing to put in the time, don’t bother. Fluff does not go viral.

Viral Content

Preach to the Choir – Write passionate, eloquent & well-researched content that your niche will wholeheartedly agree with and be willing to share.
Debate in your Niche – Challenge a popular opinion, spark a controversial discussion and watch the reader comments fly!

Urgency: The Attention-Grabber – Headlines like, “must-read” or you will miss out on important information if you don’t… or  “10 Events NOT to Miss in 2012” are great ways of getting exciting shares.  They imply a “before it’s too late” urgency. Magazines have been doing this for years!

List-List-List – Top Ten, Best 50, Greatest 100, etc. can be both controversial & interactive. Every one will spark a discussion within your readers.

Cut to the Chase – just announce your #1 selection.  Take a stand with your own niche:  App of the Month, Blog of the Year, People’s Sexiest Man Today, etc…

Work it for Your Niche  – Ex: Collect the best links from around the net & to boost SEO socially. Gather the best advice for your niche, the top news stories, the leading Twitter accounts in your field, etc…

Quiz – interactive,  fun! Start a discussion (I got this result! Which one did you get?). Example: There are 3 main types of quizzes: user-focused, test-your-knowledge & just-for-fun.

The Craze – What’s sweeping the Internet? A video, trend, or movie? Create your own.  Don’t post  something that’s already oversaturated.

Recognition It’s not what you know, but who you know. Name recognition is a powerful thing. When John Maxwell talks about Success, people listen. For even more viral impact, gather a group of experts: “15 Published Authors on Writing, Michael Dell talks about computers…” for example.

The Video Gone Viral – Go! Create something downright goofy. Just make it original or make it good.   

Tutorials – Step-by-step & how-to articles are popular.  “Beginner’s Guide to…” or a “Complete Guide to…” or keep it simple with a basic how-to article.

Free Gift – Create something of value & give it away for free–and encourage sharing. Position yourself as an authority in your brand.

The 1 Story – think of those human interest stories we all love to share: the mouse who terrified the cat, the dog who crawled 50 miles to return home, the man who pulled someone from the ditch. These stories impress us; we feel compelled to share them with others & they will absolutely help boost SEO socially.

The Oh! Too Cute! – a baby gorilla sneezing gained over 174 million hits? Because it’s short, simple, and a baby sneezes, and it’s cute.

Be Funny – It’s off-the-wall, never been seen before, and hilarious. It will catch your audience by surprise & makes them laugh so hard, it will make your post the most successful viral content out there.

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Uniquely targeted to your own brand & audience, do something totally different – you’ll be doing what “going viral” is all about!!!

In Gratitude, 

Norma Doiron


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