How to Build Quality SEO Links

How do we define a quality link?

Daily emails are generated by computer programs / software and sent to thousands around the world.  These emails like to tell you that they’ve looked at your website and are ready to unveil how your rankings can be increased or how you are missing out on hot keywords, etc…


Any service provider who promises you #1 on Google…

  1. without having a conversation with you confirming with you first on specific keywords or phrases you want to compete for…
  2. without having a set strategic plan in place to keep you there – doesn’t know what he’s saying + he just wants your money. Run the other way!  🙂

Imagine this: Every business owner dreams of capturing that spot! If it was so easy, wouldn’t there be zillions up there? There is no magic formula.  If you get lucky to get a #1 ranking for a hot keyword in your niche… know you will work your butt off to keep it there.

Anyone can rank #1 on Google for keywords that no one is looking for – that’s easy! But who cares???

Nothing can be guaranteed in search engine ranking.  But – being consistent and increasing the optimization on your site at every opportunity will put you way ahead of the competition.

Google’s crawlers (the spiders) are always on the lookout to catch what’s happening on your site.  They are always evaluating for new content and checking out what is going with every other site.  While a lot involving SEO still remain an educated guess, there are still several tips and actions steps that make a difference and increases your SEO value.

What is the Secret to Decent Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a service that collects information about your blog or website, showing how popular any site is compared to yours. It collects data on the keywords your competition is using to gather traffic, as well as what kind and from where.

Alexa is a very useful tool. I know for myself, I am constantly looking at these scores to give me an overview on how well a competitor or business is doing. It also helps me determine where my clients began and where I’ve been able to get them.  It provides facts and I like that. For sure, it is not the end-all of all evaluations but it certainly gives a respected overview.

Quality Links should become your new best friend.

  1. Build strong links – the majority of your backlinks should be from popular and trusted sites, relevant to your content.
  2. Pay careful attention to low quality links. The old mentality of  “lots of backlinks is better” is only true as long as your links are coming from reputable sites. Stay away from junk.
  3. Never buy links. Search engines recognize those in a jiffy and they will raise a red flag only to decrease your ranking.

Be paying attention that your links resonate with your niche.  If you are jumping all over the place with all kinds of different content & topics, you will be rated as a site with no focus, thus decreasing your ratings. 80% of your links should be targeted and to the point. If they are irrelevant, they will hurt you and the best sites will stay away from you.

So how can we determine the quality of a potential link?

  1. The targeted website is somewhere where you would like to be seen.
  2. Search for respected bloggers in your field; they are usually seen as an authority by Google and linking your site to theirs is very valuable.
  3. Look for a website that is relevant to your niche; people visiting there that might be interested in what you have to offer.
  4. Look for a website that ranks well in Google.  Here is a tip:  Select a specific group of 8-10 words, add quotation marks then google them. If they’ve been crawled by the google bots, they will pop up in the search results.

If you are wondering what I look for when going through a site:

  1. Relevant external links – Interaction with sites that link out to relevant sites.
  2. High rankings – sites linking to sites that are highly visible. If it doesn’t rank well, the link doesn’t carry much weight.
  3. Good design – if a site looks spammy, it probably is. Search for nice looking sites.
  4. Fresh sites – sites who don’t update their content aren’t as effective as those constantly adding fresh content.
  5. Content links – links within a site’s content is way better than links in footers or sidebars.
  6. Authority sites – Old,  well known reputable sites with tons of backlinks are deemed as authoritative. Links from those sites have a lot of value.

Backlinks are links directed towards your website and very important for SEO.  Search engines like Google give more credit to those with a good number of quality backlinks.

Example: if your website is about how to rescue turtles and receives a backlink from another website about turtles, it is more relevant and ranks higher than a link from a site about sewing. The more relevant the site linking back to your website, the better the quality of the backlink.

Anchor Text – Incorporating a keyword into the text of a hyperlink is a quality anchor text. Instead of “click here” use words like “Tips on your turtle’s health.”  It is a far better and will also boost your quality backlinks score.

It’s not enough to have a large number of inbound links pointing to your site. You need to know how to build quality SEO links…

Norma Doiron

In Gratitude, Norma

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