How to Conduct Discovery Calls

What a joy it is to wake up each day to do what you love and make real money. Isn’t that what you signed up for when you became an entrepreneur?

Today, I’m going to tell you more about one very powerful way you can build your brand, your platform and build credibility for yourself in your particular field.

Discovery Sessions

If you’re an online service-based entrepreneur (coach, copywriter, graphic designer), or have high end products, Discovery calls that actually convert are not only possible – they’re fairly easy. 

Get the right people on the call

Your call will not convert / result in a paying client if the person on the phone is not actually who you can help. Your marketing efforts have to be specific to who you’re helping and must weed out the non-ideal clients.

The first thing to do be CLEAR. You can create an application form that people have to fill out before the call with you to eliminate those hunting for free coaching. Example:

  • Are you ready, both emotionally and financially, to invest in yourself?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how important is it for you to make this dream of yours a reality?

Those two questions alone will clarify the people you get on the phone are actually committed to take action.

Put yourself out there

Promote your discovery calls!  If you’re not spreading the news, nobody knows you’re available.

For me it was a mindset thing. I had to get past myself: the fact was that I just HAD to share because how would they know if I didn’t say anything? Comes back to that picture in my head about the field full of people… as I go along, tap people on the shoulder asking “is it me you’re looking for?” If they say no, I move on. If they say yes, I tell the story. And you know what? When I CONNECT with those people, they just might say, “Thanks so much, yes I was looking for you. YOU are an answer to prayers.” That makes me want to tap on more shoulders and share the story.

Hiding will in no way serve you or your business. To get clients, you have step out and discovery calls is a great way to grow a tribe.

I recommend posting about your discovery calls regularly in Facebook groups or other platforms. These posts must be written as mini sales pages:

  • Start with the pain points of your ideal client.
  • Paint a picture of how their life will be after working with you.
  • End with the benefits of working with you and a strong call-to-action (discovery call).

As you do it, you’ll get more comfortable so get out there and start posting.

Take detailed notes

As your potential client shares, take notes on everything they say. You will ask questions, but let them do the majority of the talking.

  • What are they struggling with?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What are they worrying about?
  • Where do they want to be in 1 month? 2 months? 6 months?
  • Why is NOW the right time to invest in coaching?
  • How is not having what they want affecting them (financially and emotionally)?

Take notes in their exact language

  • At the end of the call, mirror what they told you (using their language).
  • Verify you’ve understood correctly.
  • If no, ask a few more questions.
  • If yes, ask if you can share about your how program (solution) can help them.

If you’ve taken proper notes and the person knows you understand their problems, you should have no issue getting them to say yes (ultimately YES to your SOLUTION).

Gathering information

Don’t make the mistake of talking too much on sales calls and not allowing the buyer client to talk. People are naturally wary of being sold to and why the cliché of being pushy will instantly raise their guard and be turned off. Nobody wants to be “features-and-benefits” talked to death.

Instead, be consultative by asking questions, talking through their problems and having possible solutions. The more they articulate their challenges, the clearer their own pains will be. Once they feel that pain, they’ll come to their own realization that they need your product. That conclusion is very powerful.

Ask lots of probing questions and allow the buyer to talk and reveal information about themselves. Finding their pain points is the key to a successful call. To get to that point, gather as much information as possible.


  • Be prepared to answer any objections you anticipate your prospect having. Research so you know exactly how your product can fit their needs. Prepare for reservations so you can turn them into strengths for your case.
  • Research the people you will be calling. This will help you create a bond and better understand how to help.
  • Listen more than you talk. They will give you the answers you’re looking for if you let them talk.
  • Talk about their buying ability upfront. Don’t be rude; ask when they would want to start using your product, which will help determine if they’re really serious and keep both of you from wasting time.
  • Fix a problem rather than sell features. They’re interested in a solution, not a product. Identify the problem — or pain — and show in detail how your product can solve it.
  • Schedule the next meeting with them. You have their interest, don’t let them get away. Stay focused and move down your sales funnel into the next selling stage as soon as you can.

What the Discovery Call is not…

A free coaching session. This is for who’s seriously considering working with you, willing and able to make the investment of time and money.

Please Note:  Your mission is not to always be closing. In the 21st century, customers don’t react and respond to sales tactics that worked in 1965.

Sincerely, Norma


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