How to Do Social on Google+

Just consider this: the way Google+ impacts your SEO alone, is worth spending time over there. Your posts visibility will go up, giving your marketing strategy the kick-butt boost it needs!

Tips to Help You Understand Google+

  • Set Your posts to Public. Adding all of your circles will reach broader interest. But, more important is that by telling Google that your posts can be shared publicly, it will allow Google to index them in public search engines. So, remember: choose Public.
  • Use links when sharing your content to Google+. Google+ doesn’t like URL shorteners so don’t use them (like bitly) to shorten your links. Adding a link to your content helps Google populate your content: your blog name, post title, description and image. Just copy and paste the original link in the “Share what’s new” box on your Google+.
  • To link someone’s name to their profile, add a “+” before their name in your post. You can connect to someone in the same way as Facebook. This will highlight the name, letting readers view the individual’s profile and invite others to have conversations with you.
  • Broaden your circles, add friends, engage and share. The more you engage with others on Google+, the longer your posts remain visible to other users. So, increase the number of people to share with & you’ll give your content more reach.
  • Use the +1 button on your sites. You can embed the +1 on all of your web pages using a short piece of code. Make it easy for readers to click on your share buttons, and they’ll likely do it, extending your social media reach.
  • Fill out your profile completely. Grow your profile and fill it up so it fits you perfectly. Take a look and decide what areas need more information. The more open you are on your public profiles, the easier it will be to make a connection.
  • Participate in Google+ communities. How much time you actively participate on Google+ impacts your credibility & authority; the number of people you reach lets you be ranked higher in search engines.

Your Personal Profile

  • Build your business using your profile. While profiles are about you personally, your posts and engagements on your profile lets you build who you are and show credibility.
  • Post valuable content!  Don’t just leave comments or +1 on others’ content. Post your own! Update with new posts on a regular basis with valuable and stand-out content. Use visuals, knowing how Google+ posts are searchable. Treat your posts like mini-blogs that are so powerful, because they are.
  • Add Relevant People and Businesses to Your Circles. Find and follow people and businesses you are interested in; many will follow you back. If you’ve buffed up your profile, descriptions, images, etc, adding relevant people to your circles will find many adding you back.


You should be networking and reaching out mainly with your personal profile. If you have a business page, the more people you have in your circles will indirectly help your visibility to other people and their pages. So, share those business posts!

  • Engage 1 to 1 in a Meaningful Way. It takes more than liking, (+1) others’ posts. You have to follow and interact with active people in your niche. Take time to read some of their posts, leaving good comments. 
  • Look for Those You Want to Connect With. Google+ has a search function that will help you target your audience. Search for those who are worth investing your time with, and stay away from those who are not. Also, take a look at who they are interacting with.  Target the ones getting the most shares and those who are actively sharing their posts.
  • Use Hashtags to Link Your Posts to Certain Topics. It will help your content get seen by many others. You can use #’s to tag posts around a certain topic, news, or event – especially when at social events. They are also searchable on Google, so make the most of them. Go through trending topics and use some in your posts for quick exposure.
  • Don’t be afraid to Ask for +1’s to Your Posts. When someone +1 your posts, it makes your post appear in the feed of those following them. And there’s nothing wrong with asking people to +1 your post if they like it. At times, a simple call to action can make a HUGE difference.
  • Post Regularly so You Stay In the Feeds of Your Followers. If you post on a regular basis, you’ll be at the top of your followers’ minds. Your activity will begin to gain traction, but it takes some time and effort. By updating regularly, you’ll be staying fresh in their minds and when they need your services, you’ll pop up.
  • Add Your Google+ Link to Your Email Signature. Promote your Google+ in your email signature, business cards, etc.
  • Place Your Google+ Link In Any Content You Provide. Build your author rank and become an expert. Place your Google+ in your author bio, especially if you’re featured as a guest author on other blogs. Not only will you get some followers, it also will help your author rank.
  • Get active in relevant communities and interact with others in your field. Google+ communities are where people with similar interests come together and share information, ask questions, or initiate discussions. Search and join relevant communities and interact. If there’s none that suits you perfectly, create one.


The ways you can interact on Google+ are many. 

From an SEO and visibility standpoint, Google+ is the most powerful social media platform for you and your business. 

It’s simple. Google+ is so important for SEO BECAUSE it’s owned by Googlethe biggest search engine of all!

Norma Doiron



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