How to Increase Visibility and Blog Profit

When readers arrive at your website, they have a need and they are looking for information and answers. They are looking for a certain product or service and how they can get it. They are not looking for a bunch of fluff with no value.  

If you provide users with the information they’re looking for in a way they understand, it will grab their attention.

If you want to show your expertise and knowledge, you must present your information or product with VALUE.  That is the bottom line.

Be found in Google search for more than your keywords; provide value.

Demonstrate Clearly What You Are About

If you’re looking to Increase the visibility of your blog, pay attention to the following:

  • Write great content
  • Optimize your website
  • Who is my website targeted to? Who am I trying to reach?
  • What do I have to offer that is different or unique from others?

We have discussed before the Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be Online and why You Have No Business if You’re Not Online.  It’s not as simple as having a nice looking blog and great content.

Optimizing websites for SEO is a part of how I serve my clients. Lack of optimization on blogs always surprises me no end! I’m not talking new blogs here; some have been in operation for several years and many are struggling. There are certain things that you need to do to help your website/blog move up in search.

Look over the layout of your site.  Get rid of the clutter and stuff that is not directly depicting who you are or what you do. Is it too flashy? An eyesore? Over crowded? 

How fast does your site load? Look at your navigation: Is everything clear & well defined? How is your grammar?

These things are important in the business world. If you are a professional, you need to present yourself well. If it’s too hard or doesn’t work, visitors will leave as quickly as they came. 

Do you have a valuable opt-in on your site? Can people contact you for questions or advice? Is it easy to find?

Are you Blogging? 

Businesses with blogs generate 55% more website visitors. Hello! Does that say something? Search engines love fresh, frequently updated and keyword-rich content.  They also love inbound links.

In order to increase visibility online, your marketing strategy must include blogging. You can make a living from your blog, selling your products and services.  It’s a vehicle to expose your business, help you connect and make new friends. It can open doors of opportunity you never knew of.

But you must learn how to make yourself and your blog more visible. 46% are using search to buy products and services. YOU can reach your clients at the point of their need.

Blog Often. Nothing makes search engines happier than to see fresh content! They love it.  Every time you publish a new post, you get noticed. The more you blog, the better it is. It also makes your website more visible as well as boost traffic to your blog.

What are you selling EXACTLY? Do you have a strategy for your content?  Have a plan – build around what you are marketing.  If you want to reach those customers you need to be very specific about what you are selling.

Example: Selling website design? Focus on developing your content around the targeted problems your niche is experiencing and give them a solution. Don’t just write a general post about web design. 🙂

Build Linkwith other blogs in your niche. Links coming and going from other sites helps build credibility as a trusted and reliable site with the search engines.  Guest posting, great content, leaving comments and getting others to connect with you on your blog are excellent ways to build links.

Optimize EVERYTHING for SEO.

It’s not an option, it’s a must!  If you don’t know how to do this, I suggest that you hire someone to do it for you or show you how.

Personally, I help clients by teaching them how to optimize their posts, pages, images, links, etc…  Once you understand how to do it yourself, it is a pretty simple process but it does require a certain amount of time on your part.

Need to learn more about SEO?  

You know what to do!

If you’re in doubt, Hire A Coach.

In appreciation, Norma

 Norma Doiron

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