How to Optimize Credibility on Social Media Profiles

One of the first things new followers do when they first meet you, is to check out WHO you are. It’s very important that you have the correct information available to them, for if you don’t, they might just leave without connecting with you.

It’s like entering a meeting place. Someone comes up to you, introduces themselves and shake hands. You begin having a conversation with them, getting to know them.

  • Where are you from?
  • Married? Single? Any children?
  • What do you do?
  • Where can I learn more about you?

You’re checking each other out to see if you have connections, points of interest, and more. You’re connecting and learning about one another.

It’s the same concept on your social media.

The way newcomers on social media get to know you is by:

  • Looking at your social profile
  • Checking out your profile picture, and if you have more.
  • Where you’re from, where you live.
  • What you do & what you offer the world.

Checking out pictures tell a lot about you:

  • Your interests, your passion in life
  • Shows your family & friends.
  • Values, etc…
  • More.

However you present yourself on each social media site MATTERS. A lot.

It is your 30 second chance to present yourself to a potential follower. It’s your shining moment, and you should be maximizing the way it looks to an outsider.

The words you use will make or break the connection. Use keywords that speak LOUD of who you are. Think deeply on what it is that you want to say, to put out there. Don’t just throw out useless words; get straight to the point and present yourself well. No B|S… directly say who you are. 🙂

Profile Sections

Several social media sites limit the space where you can share your information. Use that space wisely, it’s your prime real estate. Some social sites do have a larger about section where you can add more information but several, like Pinterest – don’t.

Let’s talk Facebook Profile.

Add your Facebook Fan Page as your Employer

You can use your personal profile to connect & expose your business page. That is GREAT visibility for you and it’s very simple to do.

95% of businesses are making the mistake of not connecting their page to their profile and they are losing out because it’s one of the first places visitors look to after checking out your name and profile picture. It’s a missed golden opportunity to promote their biz AND fan page at the very top of their profile.

This tip is a great way to utilize the top of your personal profile, to gain added visibility for our business in a very effective way.

How to Optimize Credibility on Social Media Profiles          How to Optimize Credibility on Social Media Profiles

Go to your Personal FB Profile

  • Click the About Tab.
  • Click Edit on Work & Education section.
  • Type the EXACT name of your fan page in the Employer field.
  • Your fan page should come up in the drop-down menu. Select it.
  • Add your Position, City/Town, Description and Time Period. 
  • Project a positive business image. Click Add Job.
  • Once you’re done, click SAVE CHANGES. Voila!

Your fan page is now displayed as a clickable link at the top of your personal profile page! You did it. 🙂

Now you’ve got a free tidbit of visibility for your Fan Page – no more guessing what you do.

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Norma Doiron

 Savvy VISIBILITY Solutions


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