How to Specifically Choose Your Ideal Client

This can be a tough one! For myself, it’s taken a long, long time to get this right and I’m still getting clearer every day.  

The feeling of wanting to work with everyone is very common: we don’t want to leave anyone out, we want to help everybody and sometimes our hearts are bigger than it needs to be. 

The truth is that trying to serve everyone doesn’t work. It’s impossible to really connect and understand your ideal market until you narrow it down.  

You will struggle if you attract the wrong client. You’ll be trying to move someone who’s either not ready – mentally, financially or emotionally. Total waste of time, money & resources and it will drain you and them both.

Getting clear on who you serve makes it easier to build the know, like, trust connection and identify:

  • The best suited service
  • The ideal product
  • The perfect price point
  • Their area of learning
  • Their success potential

Your ideal client has to know who you serve.

Why? To be attracted to YOU.

Once you’re specific, it’s so much easier because now your words will flow as you understand, connect and GET your audience.  

  • What he’s feeling
  • What he’s looking for
  • What his issues are
  • How to fill his need
  • How you can lighten his pain

Motivate to action – Solve pain – Achieve desired results!

  • Address the overwhelm: relief
  • Point to the desire outcome
  • Take away the biggest immediate fear 
  • Help get past the anger of past failures
  • Connect with the most urgent emotional needs.
  • What would make them say WOW!, you understand me?

Your marketing message will get clear, easy to write and most importantly, will connect with your audience. 

Practice the Art of Listening 

  • Listen! Your prospective client is talking to you all day long.  
  • He’s talking about his dreams, worries and fears.   
  • He’s in groups, looking for someone to give a listening ear.
  • He’s savvy and smart. No old marketing messages will do.
  • He wants you to hear what he’s telling you. 

Will you hear his pain? Feel his needs? Pay attention to why he stays awake at night?  

  • Listen to what he’s asking for.  
  • Lean in. Pay very close attention.  
  • Understand and take notes.
  • Produce the products or services.  

People are looking to have their needs met. Period. 

What are they complaining about?  

If you pay attention to people and where they hang out online, you’ll quickly discover what they need.

  • It’s time consuming to pay attention and far too many aren’t listening. 
  • People still buy what they love, dream about what they want and make obvious what they don’t like.
  • Provide a unique solution and you’ll make a huge profit.  
  • If people love you, are satisfied by how you treat them, you will never lack.  

Pay close attention to what people are asking for

If you pay very careful attention to your client’s growing needs, you could easily create long term success. Pretty simple,  isn’t it?  Be the best resource people can turn to in trust.

  • Tell the truth.  Reveal right information
  • Simplify difficult things
  • Serve as the expert that you are

Distinguish yourself from the so-called experts teaching things they know nothing about. 

The marketplace pays for value

  • How much value can you bring to those you serve?  
  • Bring value that changes your customers and they’ll love you forever. 
  • Have excellent customer service
  • Serve people with excellence and honor and be remembered forever.

Be available to your customers

24/7 for every question or notion they might have? Not at all. Be open and give with an open hand. But also pay attention to people who will drain you for free resources and profit. Yes, there are such people who have a poor thinking or a greedy heart.

People will want you to “just give me some quick input” then continue with 10 paragraphs of what they need “input” on.  


That is a poverty mindset and it will keep them poor.

  • It’s a cheap way of doing things
  • It makes the person look desperate
  • Desperation is what they’ll receive
  • They’ll never serve with honor and excellence using this method
  • When you invest in your future, it rewards you 10-fold

Rise to the top by doing what others will not do. While others waste time worrying about what tomorrow will bring, you go be productive and create products customers are begging for.

Rise to the top. Turn up the volume and hear the chatter

Listen carefully and your prospective customers will tell you exactly what they need. It’s your job to find that out and give it to them with all you’ve got.

Norma DoironBe the CEO of your company.

Know what your ideal clients wants. what drives, steers & possesses him.

Listen, serve, give, work with honor and watch your dreams come true!




Connection – the Dance Between Your Ideal Client & Your Offers

CONNECTION: The Perfect Dance Between Your Ideal Client & Your Offers

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People love to connect with people. At the end of the day, if you develop an emotional relationship with them; they’ll fast become your best fans, customers, supporters and biz evangelists… spreading your social stardom and sharing your press.

Learn How to Become a Master of Connection & Watch Your Biz Soar to New Heights. YOU are at the PERFECT place and time to create that beautiful dance with your clients.  Together, we are going to OWN the dance floor. That is my commitment to you…