List of Reasons Why You Need SEO

Still Not Convinced You Need SEO For Your Online Business?

I’m here to tell you that is it one of the most POWERFUL tools in your toolbox. There are so many reasons why it plays a huge role in your marketing and communication with your clients.  

My clients are always so surprised at how implementing just a few steps increases their visibility ten-fold.

Simple steps, simple implementation. Alexa Ranks move very quickly in the right direction and their name begins to pop up in new ways and places.

All of a sudden their business begins to expand. Now, that is pretty awesome!  While it is a process, results can be seen in a matter of several weeks.

There is a real need for SEO on many websites / blog. Many entrepreneurs have no clue where to begin or even how to get it done. They feel it is way over their head and too hard to understand.

Let me tell you that SEO is not an exact science and those “experts” hold on tight to their information.  There is a lot of lingo-jumbo talk that leads to confusion more than anything else.  It is a huge puzzle (meant to be that way… wink!..) which many don’t have time to study or unscramble.  So, they quit and pretend that it doesn’t matter or even decide it isn’t important for their business.

Huge mistake.  The sooner the business owner realizes the value  of optimizing their website / blog for search engines, the sooner they will begin to invest and see their business traffic increase.

Here are the most compelling reasons WHY SEO is your greatest need.

  • SEO Is An Investment With High Returns.  The use of certain keywords convert, ranking go higher on Google, etc…
  • SEO Turns The Spotlight On Your Website!  Your store is open 24/7 all year long. It pulls in sales , leads and opt-ins around the clock. It’s your perfect employee, multi-tasking from one project to the next. It is only limited by what it’s told to do… Pretty awesome machine! That is exactly WHY it needs to be optimized to it’s best.
  • SEO Is A Crucial Part Of Marketing; it’s the master when it comes to pulling prospects in. But SEO is not the only game in town and it alone cannot help you – you need social media, branding and other marketing strategies.
  • SEO Impacts Your Sales. Assuming that everybody thinks you’re the best place to buy can be very costly. Price conscious shoppers are constantly searching for good deals; they use the social-driven Web for comparison shopping. Consumers spend their money more cautiously. It’s all about directing customers towards the solutions you offer. Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in search engines to make sure these people can find you.
  • SEO Pricing – SEO is not a cost; it’s an investment. Take a hard look at your marketing budget. This isn’t an emotional decision, it’s based on logic and hard data. If you want to reap the potential of SEO, you have to grab the low hanging fruit within your reach even if you need to spend a few $$$.
  • SEO Isn’t Icing On The Cake. You’ve spent a fortune in time, effort and money on your new website and it looks great!  But what is it all worth if the last ingredients to your success are missing? Your site’s DNA must be showcased on search engines in the best possible light. You don’t bake your cake first, and then sloppily beat eggs over it and sprinkle some sugar on top. No. There is a process to a delicious cake. Remember that it is always easier to build the right way than to repair what is broken. Consider how it takes more time, effort, money and major work to repair.
  • SEO Is All About Content and Content is King. The devil is in the details and many haven’t formally been taught the importance of good SEO for online business. If you can’t wrap your head around it, you are not alone. But  ask the right questions to the right persons and you’ll win in the end.
  • SEO Multiplies Your Impact. You’ve got the business card, the brochures and flyers. You’ve carefully proof-read several times to make sure all is the best result. You’ve invested a specific amount of dollars for your website. But – have you forgotten your most powerful tool – SEO – before you launched? By ignoring your SEO, it’s as if you’ve taken your cards, flyers and brochures and locked them up on a shelf. You’ve now got a website that could have been viewed by thousands of prospects and ideal clients. A website left at the mercy of search engines searches. SEO multiplies your impact by getting your website in front of targeted eyeballs. That’s a good reason to ensure that your website appeals to the right audience and gets viewed by a wide segment of it.
  • SEO is Free Advertising.  You must have a strategy for your website’s title tags and meta descriptions. SEO gives you the freedom on how your business should be featured in search results. The good news is that once you’re aware of this, it’s easy to fix.
  • SEO Leverages Social Sharing If you’re engaged in social media, SEO plays an important role there also. Content shared by users on social networks are directly related to SEO, like title tags and meta descriptions. Through SEO you get to control what people read, think and do on social sites and spread through their networks about you.
  • SEO Helps People Find Your WebsiteYour website is the first point of contact with your audience online. But unless people can find it, your website is good for nothing. SEO plays an invaluable role and gets your business found, noticed, and loved. Modern, effective SEO should be rooted in the company’s goals and strategies.
  • SEO is The Heart Of Your Business. It can make your brand stronger, better and well recognized. The goal is for people to search and find you at the top of search results. Then, psychology takes over and people will believe you’re the best.  You must get inside the heads of your prospects. Speak their language. Feel their pain. Present them with a solution. Once you do, your credibility with your audience skyrockets. These days, everybody Googles it. Move up in the SERPs to be where your customers are.
  • SEO Can Be Learned or Outsourced. It is a learning curve and it’s up to you. Some prefer getting it done while they concentrate where they are more gifted. Some prefer to learn the process. It can be a tedious job to optimize everything. Some prefer taking over when the tedious work is done. Either way, I coach my clients to be able to take over if that is their wish.
  • SEO is a Continuous Process. It will need constant tweaks, reviews and shifts to keep it moving in the right direction, to continue delivering top results. Good SEO is like a fine-tuned engine. Unless you take good care, it won’t be able to stay on top. In the long run, that’s what matters.

Note: The facts are that business owners and clients don’t always know how to implement the options at their disposal. They need help to build a right foundation, and have guidance for strategies and tactics aligned with their goals.

That is the reason why I have been spending a huge amount of my time preparing my *NEW Product “Simply SEO Fundamentals” to be launched in a few weeks. My goal is to coach, guide & instruct the many business owners who are in need of this product.

This will be a simple coaching that will help YOU unscramble SEO and apply it to your website. No lingo-jingo. Easy to understand and implement!! 🙂

Keep an eye open for details and it’s launch happening soon.

Norma Doiron

In appreciation, Norma

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