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Stay Connected! I know you’ve experienced overwhelm at certain times, trying to run your business or planning your next step. You’ve felt confused, distracted. You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. It happens to all of us!

Today, I’m taking you through a thought process to give you a FRESH look at your BIZ from a new perspective.

Everyone Gets Overwhelmed

When you first begin building your business, it takes a lot of hard work:

  • Finding ways to get new subscribers
  • Planning what your next product will be
  • Choosing who your audience is going to be
  • Brainstorming the right marketing strategies for your biz
  • Many, many more…

The struggle is to see if you’re going down the right path.

  • Is this working to build my list?
  • Did I get enough clicks on this or that?
  • How many twitter followers have I gained this week?
  • How many comments did I get on my last blog post?
  • How many unique page views did I get this month on my blog article?

These questions – only tell part of the story.

Learning how to build a business online and beyond can be somewhat difficult.

  • You’re entering a whole new world
  • A new out of the box way of thinking
  • It’s a new vocabulary, so many strange new words


“Get and Stay Out of Overwhelm” Secrets. YAY!!! 🙂

  • Say No to (BSO’s) Bright Shiny Objects

They are your enemies, time suckers! Every time you run after what isn’t aligned with your business, you’re wasting time, money and energy. Now – this is a different way of seeing them, right?

  • Lose the Distractions

You don’t have to jump on something just because it happens to be in your path today. Pick 1 task and make sure you get it done before noon. Control the temptation to let it change the direction of your day and you’ll achieve 10 x’s more of what’s important on your list.

  • Your inbox

Don’t open your inbox before you finish the most important task of the day. Reading your emails can be a serious time-waster so try to resist the temptation of opening your inbox before knocking out your bottom line for the day. This can keep you on top of things and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

  • You MUST Prioritize

Consider a list of things you can stop doing or that can be delayed – to help you get more things done. Your to-do list has to become your top priority every day. You should be spending the majority of your time doing the most important activities on that list.

  • Stay in Touch w. Successful People

Spend time with productive people and you’ll soon recognize how important it is to have time management skills. You’ll learn a lot from committed people working to achieve their big goals.

  • BEFORE Saying Yes to Opportunities

Develop a set of important questions to closely evaluate each opportunity coming your way to see if it fits. You don’t just get caught up in the excitement of something bright and shiny anymore!

Instead of trying to do everything at once, direct your efforts on your top priorities and executing them extremely well.

  • Focus on High Priority Projects

Business owners often find themselves with very little time on their hands. You have to devote time each week for priority projects; set 1 day per week to focus and create your high priority projects. For best results, close your office door and turn everything off that can distract you. Take your work somewhere else if it minimizes the distractions.

If your boundaries are weak, you’ll find yourself taking care of everyone’s needs before our own. Decide on stronger boundaries concerning your time and energy so you can do the valuable stuff.

  • Recognize High Payoffs

Get real good at discerning what activities drive you faster and makes you the most money. It’s a lot easier to prioritize your time with this clarity. Get rid of those interruptions, clear off your plate.

  • Delegate Tasks

Are you spending your time on tasks that drain your energy? Maybe it’s time to start thinking of how you’ll delegate the activities that burn you out. There are a lot of talented people in cyberspace you can contact and besides, you’ll also have more energy left over for the most important things.

  • Get Away from Your Business

Taking time away when you are busy or overwhelmed is the best solution. Go! Take a break to clear your mind and help you re-prioritize what’s really important.

  • Overcome the Busy Addiction

You think you’re getting things done – but what’s actually happening is you’re going around in circles without any real results.  Recognize the signs! Get away from the job and see how fast you get things done when you come back.

  • Time Chunking

The art of lumping like-activities together to better use your time. If you keep jumping between different tasks, your brain can’t focus enough to get in the “groove.” When you chunk similar activities together, you work faster and get more done.

  • Self Care Habits

Ah! The physical energy and state of mind. Take a moment to center your body and mind. If you don’t,  you’ll find your mind spinning and your energy waning. Get good sleeping habits, eat healthy and limit addictive products like caffeine and sugar. Nip the overwhelm in the bud with focus and energy.

  • Redefine Success

What success means to you. Don’t just follow the path set by your mentor instead of what you want success to look like when YOU get there. Stay connected to your path – yours. Take the time to get clear on what you really want – make your own rules.

Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

When you begin to feel the overwhelm creeping in, take action. Put specific actions step on paper that you want to take and it will help you to focus and get things done.That’s my most guarded secret and it works every time.

If you feel anxious or overwhelmed – all you need to do is take focused action and you’ll immediately recover.

So stay alert, in control and boot overwhelm out the door! 🙂


Norma Doiron

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