Marketing Tools to Use to Boost Your Pinterest

How to Market on Pinterest 

Don’t you just LOVE Pinterest? What a beautiful place to visually share your products and services! People get lost in the streams of beautiful graphics, dreaming of what could and can… all because of the image-based platform.

But – be aware that behind all the beautiful images, Pinterest continues to be a huge marketing tool for brands and businesses. Over 5 million users; nearly 1.5 million unique users visiting daily, spending an average of 15 minutes a day on the site. Pinterest has been known to drive greater traffic to websites than Linkedin, Google+, Reddit and YouTube – combined! What does that say? It is re-defining online shopping!

Marketing on Pinterest 

  1. What is Pinterest? Are you getting it?
  2. Are you guys seeing progress on Pinterest?
  3. Are you using creative images & collages on your pinboards to draw followers in?
  4. Have you been creating theme boards to add to their appeal?
  5. Are you seeing more and more sharing, re-pinning and commenting?

Your Toolbox on Pinterest

    1. Be sure to feature your business name on your profile, along with your name. This is part of your branding. You can use your name as your username, then add your business name to your profile.
    2. Add copy to your profile, it’s your real estate. In the About section, use keywords to describe who you are, what you do and what you offer.
    3. Use your picture! People want to see YOU, not an icon.
    4. Connect your Pinterest to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It will help you gain followers as it shows up as icons under your profile photo.
    5. Make sure you include your website address in your profile.
    6. Verify your website with Pinterest.
    7. Create boards with interesting names. Be creating, go wild and create themes, etc…!
    8. Share lots of pins to your boards. Use variety, make it interesting.
    9. Tag other Pinterest users in your pins. Use @username in the pin description. This is how you network on Pinterest! 🙂 It’s a great way to build your following and make yourself stand out.
    10. LIKE to give kudos to a pin, and comment on others pins to engage, regularly.

How To Use Marketing on Pinterest 

  1. Pin from lots of different sources; that is very important.
  2. Pin your own pins but also repin your findings to your boards. It’s just like a retweet on Twitter. The owner’s pin will get notified by email or in notifications, they will get credit on their pin and it will help increase their following. They will like you for it. 🙂
  3. Have a board to catalog your blog posts. This is one of my highest repins!
  4. Pin videos, create a special board for them. You can even have themed video boards.
  5. Images used as pins should have a description under it. Use this wisely; it is part of the pin SEO and will be used in search engines. If it’s coming from your website, be sure the url is used in the description.
  6. Take advantage of the FB and Twitter social media prompts to re-share pins.
  7. The embed feature is great to publish pins on your blog post and pages. You can also leave a note under the image in your post to encourage reader to click on the image that will take them to your Pinterest. Show them there is more to that image!
  8. Be sure to have a Pinterest share button on your website. The images you use in your articles are HUGE to use as repins to your Pinterest boards. I always make sure I have at least 3 graphics in each blog post that I can use to share. This is a powerful tool!
  9. If you make your own images and graphics, you might want to watermark them with your business name / your name.
  10. On your images, use a captivating graphic as well as text to go along with it to help your image stand out.
  11. Create seasonal or holiday boards that depics your brand.
  12. Display a nice FOLLOW ME on PINTEREST button for your website to show you’re a pinner!
  13. Use the search bar in top left of your Pinterest page to search keywords for specific pins, boards or pinners.
  14. Add the Pin It! button at the bottom of your blog posts to encourage sharing of your content.
  15. Feature your recent pins in a widget on your website sidebar, using a Pinterest widget.

To find out who has been pinning some of your stuff, go to  It’s a good habit to regularly check which post or images are being repinned as it will give you an ideas which resonates the best with your audience.

More Marketing Tools to Use on Pinterest

  1. Have a product shop board where your pins have prices on them. (Not sure this is still the way it’s done: Type the $ or £ symbol followed by item’s price in the pin’s description to add prices to your pins. They may now be featured in Pinterest’s “Gifts” section.)
  2. Another good idea is to create a board that shows what your business is about. You can share your story, your values, etc… even your employees! A board that highlights your team members with a description under each photo is cool!
  3. Thank you boards are popular to showcase current or past clients’ results or successes. Show celebrations, before and afters, successes, launches, holiday activities with staff, etc… Show behind-the-scenes photos of your company.
  4. A tutorial board is also a great thing. Show how you <create> in your business… a product. Use your imagination and go wild! Show how to use a product, use how-to videos to promote what you offer… presentations, anything goes. Teach! People love knowing how you make things!
  5. Keep an eye open for trends as these are excellent if you integrate them into your content strategy.
  6. Have an information board – Show what’s new, what’s worthy and trusted. People will follow you in throves!
  7. Sharing old post content on Pinterest is awesome. Pull these out of archives and attach them to a cool graphic to attract repinners. Add those graphics to your old posts, it will freshen them up!
  8. Try out when you get the most repins, likes and comments. When is your referral traffic the most active? You can analyse both the Pinterest and site traffic stats to figure this out. Test which days and times work best for you and your audience.
  9. Create public boards, community boards for others to share with you. It can be videos, blog posts, photos, etc…
  10. Webinar boards, classes boards; great ideas. Take advantage of this great real estate.
  11. Testimonial boards, I think this is way too cool. Great idea!
  12. Showcase other blogs that you respect and learn from.
  13. Attend conferences? Create a board! Share the photos…
  14. Coupons boards is another cool way to market. Create some beautiful, visually attractive coupons and pin them.
  15. Create a boards JUST for your clients. Share resources, ideas, tailored to their needs…
  16. Run a Pinterest content. Invite readers to pin links and images from your site that inspire them, motivates, or entertain. Judge the winner, offer a juice prize! You can also offer to promote the winner’s boards on your site as part of the contest.

Pinterest: Awesome Tool For Your Website

If you’re not harnessing it’s power, you’re missing out. Many companies are using this tool to pin their way to better engagement with their followers. Remember that people are visually attracted to great images; share the best of what you’ve got.

If I were you, I’d take a long hard look at Pinterest. What are YOU missing?

Don’t be afraid or slow to invest in yourself & your business. I can tell you by experience that the growth you will experience is worth it. You will save months of do-it-yourself learning!

To YOUR Success.

Sincerely, Norma

 Norma Doiron


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