More on SEO Link Building Strategies

DO NOT BUY / SELL LINKS! Never offer money for a link to your site on their site – nor – accept money in exchange for posting someone’s link. If ever Google catches you, they will blacklist you from their search engine. Avoid that at ALL costs. You never know who you’re dealing with – don’t do it.

Follow these 3 rules & the rest should fall into place:

1 – “How would I feel telling Google how I built this link?”
2 – “Am I providing value to the site or am I just “spamming?””
3 – “No buying / selling links!”

More on SEO Link Building Strategies:  Backlinks and Internal Links – Getting keywords in backlinks from other blogs and websites is difficult – some other webmaster controls these backlinks and you might not have the liberty to the anchor text. Start with using keywords in your blog’s internal links – it is easy, and can be done immediately. Use relevant keywords as anchor text.

DON’T Spam – Spamming message boards, blogs and news articles with links to your own website is definitely an  unethical link building technique that both annoys others and can get you punished by search engines. It’s crucial to follow these rules.   Don’t spam. Don’t abuse the system or you will get your hand slapped.

What is “Anchor Text”?

New to link building? Anchor text is the text that is visible that you click in a hyperlink. Make sure you use keywords in the anchor text of your links – it is a sure shot way to up your SEO rankings. An anchor text link gives search engines more information of what the page contains, making it rank for that specific keyword.

The title used to “cover” embed links have a HUGE impact on ranking.  The text should be limited to a maximum of 60 characters. All anchor text should explains the in-linked site.

  1. An anchor text saying “coffee” works a lot better for value than a “click here” anchor text.
  2. Location is important. SEO links embedded on a site’s homepage is better than a link from a  hidden page.
  3. Visibility is key. It  matters where the inbound link is located on the webpage. Those at the top of a page are more visible than those at the bottom.
  4. A link that is one of three on a page is more valuable than a link that’s one of 80.
Let’s try to make some sense out of this:
  1. Let’s assume you run a site highlighting coffee.
  2. Because the term “coffee” is very broad – you wouldn’t really rank for it.
  3. Find a valuable keyword describing “coffee” for your anchor text.
  4. The value of keyword research comes into play – use “long tail” keywords with decent value & higher rank.
Ethical Approaches to Link-Building – Nothing wrong with building links but there is a fine line between what is ethical & unethical. Stay clean.

Blog Comments: Leave a comment below a blog entry. That’s the easiest to do, but some SEO leaders say they stand low on the value scale. That is subject to more ressearch and it’s own post!

Forum Comments: If you share any forums around the web, posting your link as your signature is 1 of the easiest ways of link-building. DO NOT SPAM. Low in value as well.

Social Media: Twitter & Facebook are hot spots. Post the right content & it will get shared. Traffic from social media will flow to your new posts/comments on various sites, resulting in a viral response.  The actual link on Twitter or Facebook itself isn’t of much value. It’s just for people to take action with your link.

Guest Posting on Other Sites: Post to sites related to your industry or content. The trade-off is unique content generated for the site you’re posting on & a “dofollow” link or two to your site. This can produce one of the most valuable types of links in all of link building.

Article Marketing:  When you produce link-backs for posts on sites like Ezines, link to your site as a source of information within the content or in your signature. Article marketing is not that valuable unless you do a LOT of it on many marketing sites. If your article gets shared & gets referral traffic, which could be very interesting for you.

In Gratitude, 

Norma Doiron


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