About Norma

Online Marketing Strategist / Small Business Consultant

Are YOU a Female Biz Builder in the Making, Who:

→ Is WORKING from home, looking for YOUR successful place in the online world?

→ Maybe you have a 9-5 job but you’re looking for time & financial freedom to live your life on your own terms?

→ You have BIG goals to be available for your family 24/7 when THEY need you instead of when you can get time off?

→ Perhaps you’re that empty-nester Mom and it’s YOUR time to DISCOVER how YOU can make a difference in the world with your passions?

→ Maybe you’ve given your all to your family & it’s now your time to let YOU shine brightly and fly BIG with your abilities & talents?

Whatever the Reason, You’re Welcome Here & I Want

to Help You Reach Your Goals!

I created the signature program, The ART of CONNECTION – a step by step program to make you stand out, build your network & increase your income – FAST.


My name is Norma Doiron.

I was a BIZ Preneur myself, for over 18 years before I decided to get online. As a busy Mom of 3, it afforded me the opportunity and time freedom I was looking for while my children were growing up.

When I became an empty-nester, I ventured into the public sector for a “change of pace,”  approximately 10 years. Wowsers! Did it ever open my eyes to our ever changing world.

Working for a BOSS, I Ended Up Working Harder & Longer Hours Than I Ever Did In All My Years Of Entrepreneurship

I found myself working my butt off to make HIM money… and I quickly realized there was something wrong with this picture. And I did NOT like what I saw at all.

I made the decision that if I was going to work that hard for anyone, it was going to be for ME.

So, After 10 Years, I Decided ENOUGH  Was ENOUGH

& I Set Myself FREE to Return to Being My Own BOSS.



I Threw Myself Online & Literally

Began Ingesting All I Needed to Learn

I spent gazillions of hours doing research, learning, implementing, testing… in fact, I spent the  entire first 2 years studying before I launched my BIZ online. I knew the internet was a proven field where common people could invest a small sum – and – by sheer tenacity and determination, rise to unlimited levels of financial health.

I Went At It at 100% 

I worked hard but I also worked smart. At one point, I knew I had reached the crest of what I could learn by myself. It was time to reach out and get training from those who’d walked the path before me. I set out on a quest to find the exact right coaches, those who were doing what I wanted to do and I began learning from them.

 Eventually, I Recognized It Was Time to Take a Step of Faith

& INVESTED BIG In Myself & My Business. 

When I made that commitment, I admit I had no clue HOW I was going to pay for this training. I only knew that I would find a way. With shaky legs & an ounce of courage, I took a giant step, jumped in and never looked back. 

It was the best decision I ever made, the best $$$ I ever spent

and it’s EXACTLY when my BIZ took off. 

The Best Lessons I Learned:

  • When it’s time for paid coaching, just do it. AFRAID if you have to.
  • Doing things afraid is what released my success. I just simply did it! 🙂
  • I constantly forced myself out of my comfort zone because I knew it’s what I needed to do to succeed.
  • I never turned down an opportunity, no matter how big or how small because I didn’t feel ready. I used every experience as a stepping stone for growth.
  • Plans and strategies are great BUT always leave a certain space for things to happen out of the box. Don’t miss the opportunity because you’re too focused on how the opportunity will come.

My Mission Is To Take YOU By The Hand & Teach You What I’ve Learned

Growing a BIZ is a Serious Thing & as BIZ Builders,

there’s no Time for Dancing Around The Pot!

Simple – to the Point  & without Fluff – That’s Me!


I’m dedicated to bring you strategies, systems & solutions you need to run a successful business online  – to help you focus on doing what gets results & brings in the cash..

I continue to develop step-by-step systems to guide you through the quickest, effective process so you can achieve your goals. I have a no-nonsense, straight to the point approach that earn clients fantastic results.

Whether you work with me 1-on-1, in a group setting or in one of my do-it-yourself training programs, you will learn the A to Z’s. My programs come complete with digital & visual training to facilitate your learning. 

You Will Learn How To:

  → Establish Your Credibility & Position Online

  → Understand Your Ideal Client & What They Want

  → Find the BEST Social Tips & Tools to Connect Online

  → Devise Action Steps for Your BIZ’s Immediate Needs & Long-Term Goals

  → Get Web Skills & Strategies to Increase Your Marketing Potential

So, If You’ve Ever Felt Like:

→ You’re alone, like you’re doing this thing solo, and no one understands.

→ You’re determined to make your dreams come true but it’s an up & down battle.

→ You want, need or crave like-minded people to brainstorm with about your business.

→ You’re overwhelmed, discouraged and have a burning desire to see results NOW, not later.

→ You want / need strong, applicable action steps, but you’ve no idea where or how to begin.


I Will Show & Teach You How To:

Connect the Dots – how to bring it all together so everything works as a perfect online hub so your BIZ makes more money online.

Increase Your Overall Visibility – so that your brand pops up all over the internet, establishing YOU as the expert that you are.


→ I am dedicated to help you build a successful online business, making things EASY for you & TEACH you HOW to get RESULTS.

The Web is EXPLODING at this present time –  It’s EXACTLY where YOU, the small BizPreneur, CAN Realize Your Dreams! There has never been a better time for you than now.

Are YOU finally READY to SERIOUSLY GROW that Biz like you NEVER did before?

I’m Happy that You Are!

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Official Bio

A Multi-Faceted Learner

While going through her own apprenticeship, Norma spent HOURS upon HOURS teaching herself how to build a business on the internet. When she wanted to learn about something, she simply found the right resources and taught herself. For gazillions of hours, she researched and studied. 

After 2 years, she was approached by 3 (yes! 3) big online coaches, each offering her to be a part of their training, free of charge. When Norma asked why they had reached out to her so uniquely, they each replied:

“Because I saw in you the potential, the eagerness to learn and where you were going. I saw your determination, that you were “almost there” and I wanted to help you tip over… I believed in YOU.”

Amazingly Amazing!!!

After furthering her education with these coaches, Norma jumped into advanced paid coaching. Under these teachings, she quickly put the missing pieces together.

It did not take very long before Norma was seen as an “authority” and an “expert” in her field.

NOTE: Norma has, on occasion taken promising BIZPreneurs under her wing, guiding & helping them rise to their potential. It’s her way of paying forward the grace extended to her when she needed it…

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