Promote Your Small Business Online  

Here’s the BIG SECRET to attracting more readers to your blog.  Ready for it? Promote your blog posts. 

Not being a smarty pants – Promise! Tee-hee… It’s just that sometimes we miss the obvious. Are YOU  under-promoting your  blog posts? Why are you NOT telling your Readers that YOU have something new to say? We have fallen under the sacred assumption that a social media rule says we shouldn’t promote our work! And that if we do, we should certainly do so discreetly. Hogwash!

If you’re writing great articles that target a need & solve tough problems, then your audience wants to know about it.  Simple as that.  Kick that social media etiquette to the curb – how will they know you have the solution if you don’t tell them? Your audience wants their problem solved. Now. They want you to show up with a break through – direct their attention to your blog!

Why should you be whispering about your work? You are a serious entrepreneur and you work hard to write valuable content and posts that matter. Doesn’t make sense at all AND if it doesn’t make sense – don’t let it dictate your steps or your strategy.

For sure, there will be some “jerks” who will promote 100 times per hour on various Social Platforms. They waste more energy blowing their own horns than providing value. Know any of those?  Well, these are extremists; there will always be some of those.

You know what I’m talking about so, let’s NOT be jerks, right? (-_-)

Posts Promotion

You will increase your page views & traffic if you do it the right way.  Let me share a few pointers.

  • Share a post on a platform as a teaser to catch attention. Don’t give it all away, rather leave a link back to your blog for more.
  • Share your post from one platform to another. Like, post an exerpt of your  article on Pinterest with a link back to your blog. Next, share that Pinterest link on Facebook. Lets your audience see where you are and they most likely will follow you over.
  • Post on your Facebook Page then share on your wall – or on your wall first then share on your page. That will get you new LIKERS. Again, link back to your blog. You get the message. Cross over from one platform to the next… (-_-)
  • People go to Twitter at various times per day.  Make sure to promote when your audience is most likely to see it. Timely is a tool that analyzes your past tweets and tells you when your readers are online.  Try it out!
  • Schedule your tweets for specific times but change the wording each time.  Many people love and use Hootesuite Social Media Management but my personal favorite is the Buffer Manager.  Check them out.
  • Hashtags on Twitter:  Including them in your promotional posts increases the number of people who will view your tweets, thus attracting more readers. One is enough but make sure it is relevant to your targeted niche.
  • Use the social share buttons on your blog. There are many plugins available to help you out with that.  Do a search in the plugins uploads. I’ve been checking out Buffer’s newly acquired Digg Digg plugin, it’s very interesting….
  • Use AWeber GetResponse or MailChimp. These are the most used to build a list of followers and to send out regular newsletters. You can also set it up for your entire blog post to be emailed to your list automatically when you publish a new post.  Just be sure everything is the way you want it BEFORE you click publish! 
  • Blog updates via email is a great way to keep your niche informed of new posts, new products, services, etc… without them going to your website.  Seriously consider making this happen. It takes about 20 minutes to promote each blog post.  It’s well worth it to increase your pageviews and the ROI is worth it. The key is promoting consistently and always testing out new methods.
  • Watch what others are doing in your niche, that will give you lots of new ideas!!!

Linking to Other Blogs: Very Important

  • Linking to other blogs is a sure-fire way to get noticed by new bloggers.  Most likely when they’ll see a link from you they will visit your blog, like what they see and link back to you.
  • It gives your readers to great information and resources and they will appreciate you as a reliable source.
  • Your links will show up in the comments of blogs, bringing some traffic back to you. When you link to quality content,  you are essentially endorsing their post. Be wary of questionable or poorly-written content for your reputation is on the line.
  • Linking to A-list blogs sounds good but they already get so many links that they are unlikely to notice yours.  Smaller blogs are more likely to see them, visit your blog, leave a comment or link back to you.
  • Strengthen your networking relationships by linking and giving positive endorsement.
  • Expand to more than your existing contacts. Find bloggers you would like to be part of your network and link to them. 
  • Be first to link to a post. If the blog displays trackbacks, your link will be on top view, drawing lots of traffic and click-through’s. 
  • Link to those who participate on your blog. Provide a link back to them as an extra incentive to get involved on your blog and as a  reward for their efforts. Outbound links strengthen your posts. If you can’t say it better than someone else, just link to them. So you don`t lose visitors, set the link to open in a new window.
  • Reciprocal links. Why not email a blog owner to ask if they want to exchange links? You provide quality content relevant for their audience and they just might be willing.  (Again, much more effective with smaller blogs than popular ones).

If you liked this article, found value or learned something new – please leave a comment below.

I appreciate YOU!

 Norma Doiron

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