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Lately, while going through my team’s FB Pages at the Female BIZ Builders Savvy CommunityI’ve noticed quite a few have not connected their Facebook  profile to their business Page yet.

Which, in my view is a VERY important step to do as those who visit your profile can IMMEDIATELY see all about you.

Each time I friend a new person or go to a Facebook  profile, I look at a few things:

  1. Their about page, who are they?
  2. Where do they work? What do they do? offer? etc…
  3. Married? Single? Children? I want to know bits of personal stuff.
  4. Do they have a website? Links I should / could visit?
  5. Do they show the connection to their business page?
  6. Social Sites: how influential are they?

These are things I continually look at when meeting new people. It gives me a very good overview of who they are or at least how they present themselves. Which brings me to this point:  

Are YOU linking your Facebook profile to YOUR business Page?

If not… you are missing opportunities!

Let me show you what I mean. Look at the red arrow below. See how it shows a link to my Facebook Page. It is a live link people can click on when they come to my profile. Just click and voila!!!  (Click Image to ENLARGE)

It is not always easy for me to remember people’s pages but I will remember their names. When I’m looking to visit their page, I love it when they have linked to their profile for I can easily find them this way. If they are not linked? Sorry… no visit from me. The reality is that they lost more than I did, cause I went looking for another page that offers what they had I was looking for.

Proven Way to Quickly Easily Boost Your Likes on FacebookProven Way to Quickly Easily Boost Your Likes on FacebookProven Way to Quickly Easily Boost Your Likes on Facebook


 Think of this as an important PIECE OF REAL ESTATE:

You can link and highlight your page in the employer section of your About profile; in fact it is the best place to do so.  What a practical way to introduce people to your business as well as your visibility! 

Follow these steps to link to your business Page to your Profile:

  1. Go to your personal Facebook Timeline.
  2. Click the About link, found below your picture.
  3. Now you will see the edit fields of your personal account.
  4. Click Work and Education Edit.
  5. Type in the name of your Business Page.
  6. The Page will appear in the suggestions.
  7. Click on it – it will add it to your Work section.
  8. Type in your job title, etc…
  9. Click Add Job.
  10. Click Done Editing. Save changes.

VOILA! Now, people can click on this link and easily access your Business Page! You are now connected and your visitors can find you much easier.

NOTE: Always use your Facebook profile to like Pages; it’s how Facebook counts the likes. Liking from your business pages does not count as a like to the page…  

Improve Facebook Engagement

Images are GOLD on Facebook.  Solve a problem, give inspiration, share motivation. Share posts with a simple image that will add value to their life and they will love you for it!

  • Use bigger images – they tend to get more likes, shares & comments.
  • Share a graphic from a blog post, directly uploaded on your fb post.
  • Do NOT use the thumbnail version of your posts;  you get much better results with direct uploads of photos.
  • Same thing with videos.
  • Square photos share well. Anything over 400 x 400 does the job!
  • Add a description of the image and a call to action.
  • You can share collages using the free web based app called Pic Monkey.
  • Upload multiple images into their own ‘album’. They most likely will click and visit the other photos. You’ll get likes, comments and shares for the album, but also for the individual photos!
  • Share Other’s Photos; People love to see their content shared.
  • 30% of your posts can be shared from someone other than you.
  • Encourage Interaction with Questions.
  • People like to be heard and questions let them use their voice.
  • Ask about preferences, memories, input, etc.. Keep it simple.
  • Reply as much as possible to comments.
  • Fill in the Blank. Short sentences with 1 word missing  generate comments, likes and shares.
  • Awkward or funny situations get people to engage on a more personal level. Brings smiles! 🙂
  • Quotes, Inspiration, Motivation – Great for engaging people’s “Me, too!” feelings.
  • The Like button makes it easy to express that feeling. People love them and eat them up!
  • Use graphics to share your business: tips, how-to’s, etc.
  • Like vs. Share – Ask your fans to like or share a post.
  • Use pictures that provoke strong emotions.
  • Use humor, precious moments, etc.. think out of the box.

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Norma Doiron

Sincerely, Norma

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