Search Engines Are Looking | Are You Easy to Find?

SEO is the language that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use to find you online.

When you write an article for your blog, a new page or other content, if you have NOT done the work required in the back of your blog?  They cannot read you. They have NO way of seeing that you wrote new content. 

Does this hit you between the 2 eyes???  

Tee-hee… (-_-)  Really trying hard to get this point across as it is something that I encounter time and time again with clients. On-site SEO is NOT an option! It is mandatory for you to be read by the search engines, who are sitting there just waiting for you to let them know you’ve got fresh stuff!…

 I cannot put too much emphasis on why it is so importance to have EVERYTHING on your website / blog optimized.Furthermore: your potential clients go looking for your products & services online and THEY DO NOT FIND YOU. 

Are YOU sure that you’re practicing  SEO that that is giving you results?  

Are you optimizing:

  • Your content?
  • Your images & graphics?
  • Your links?
  • Your videos?
  • Your pdf’s? Products? Etc..?

What bar are you using to measure what you are doing so you know it’s the right way?


If you don’t know the answer, you are making a HUGE mistake in your business.

As business owners, we must always be sure that we are working smart… vs being busy or working like crazy on things that do NOT bring results.  

Suppose that you have a physical store and you have it all painted in nice vibrant colors… your products are well displayed in the store and you even have a nice display as your shoppers walk in. Everything is shinny, exciting, brilliant…

And you’re waiting. BUT NOBODY IS COMING IN.

WHY? Because you forgot to take the scrap paper off the windows so people can see! There is no sign on your building, no name, no visibility. How foolhardy is that???

A big piece of your marketing has been totally ignored, and now you’re wondering where those customers are….


Well, it’s the same thing with your website.


Because your website is your store. ONLINE.

A BIG piece of the marketing for your business is done through the optimization of your website.

If it’s not done…

          done partially…   done poorly…

You are STOPPING clients from finding you, your products and your services.

Isn’t this crazy? And you keep asking, “Where, oh where… can my clients be…”

And you continue working your butt off,

               doing all the right things for your store

                                 but missing the most important thing.

Visibility for your blog’s content.

The ONLY way you will EVER get VISIBLE  is  with your On-Site SEO.


As many of you know, I gave a webinar with Katrina Oudheusden a few weeks ago, sharing tips about visibility, credibility and building your online presence. I shared crucial information on why these things are so important to your business success wheel.

I have made available a product that I believe with my whole heart will propel you to success, the first in the Savvy Strategies Series called “SEO Proven Techniques.”

 My hope is that you will seriously examine if you are doing the right thing behind all the bells and whistles. If you have not done it, done it properly, or even not at all… it’s ok. Maybe you didn’t know, maybe you did the best you could because it was all you knew.  Maybe you even didn’t think it was important. 

That’s ok. We cannot do what we don’t of or what we don’t know how to do.

But NOW, YOU KNOW.  What will YOU do about it?

Many Blessings sent your way as you grow & succeed in your business.

Norma Doiron

Sincerely, Norma

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