Secret to Decent Alexa Rank

Secret to Decent Alexa Rank  is a service that collects information about your blog or website, then ranks it based on traffic and noise. It stores data from all over the net via their toolbar installed in millions of computers around the world. Various metrics are used to rank these websites based on the users. Since this toolbar plugin used on web browsers are not on every computer, the information Alexa provides cannot be 100% accurate.

What is Alexa ranking and why is it so important?

Why should you care? With your subscriber and traffic numbers, your Alexa rank indicates the popularity and value of your blog. It shows others where you stand in the world of bloggers.

Alexa ranking is one of the golden rules used by expert webmasters and advertisers to measure the qualify of your blog’s traffic and popularity.  The smaller the number, the better it is. Guess who is the  #1 site on Alexa’s list? Google! (-_-)

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If your blog has a decent Alexa rank, you will be well-respected on the web.  

Here are a few things you can do to improve your rank:

    • Update your blog regularly. To move the rankings, post 3-4 times a week. Next best option is 2-3 times. Regular posting will truly help you move the Alexa score.
    • Blog Traffic, popularity and buzz automatically increase your blog’s Alexa rank.
    • Produce  quality content and promote your posts & Alexa rank is sure to increase.
    • Write guest columns in a similar Niche website for quality traffic.
    • Make Alexa one of your categories.
    • Bloggers who don’t put in the effort to make their blog known are usually those whose’s Alexa rank is far away from what it can or should be.
    • Target the right blogs to comment on – that’s the very 1st step of effective blog commenting.  Alexa rank will increase by choosing High PR blogs, CommentLuv and KeywordLuv. Targeting such blogs offer tremendous benefits. Read the entire blog post before commenting; don’t go with only the intention of increasing Alexa ratings. You’ll end up being a spammer.
  • Secret to Decent Alexa Rank (2)If you you’re  ot visible on Social Media platforms, don’t expect to get good Alexa. The buzzing and noise around your site is what grabs attention. But, don’t SPAM.
  • Facebook fan pages that represent your blog increase your Social Media presence on the Internet.
  • Create a related article about Alexa for your blog. Write useful and unique info on its ranking.
  • Download the Alexa toolbar and use it every day to visit your own website. You can DOWNWLOAD the toolbar here.
  • Go to the Alexa Website to claim your site. Click on “Claim Your Site” to register.
  • Alexa’s traffic rank is also affected by your site’s loading time.  If people get annoyed by the wait time of loading your site, they will not come back.
  • Backlinks are great but they won’t help if they affect your loading speed. You can install plugins to improve your blog’s speed like W3 Total Cache
  • Download the Alexa widget on your blog. The Alexa widget shows your readers how you rank and how your site is improving in the Alexa rank every day.  Get your widget here.

Follow these steps and you will see steady changes in your ranking. Continue writing great posts and SEO strategies; remember that your readers’ loyalty is the best success for your blog!

In Gratitude, Norma



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