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Simply How To Do Google+

My name is Norma.

I’m an online Biz Strategist & today I’m focusing on ONE main thing →

Norma Doiron

Norma Doiron

New Brunswick / Canada

Google+ is very much alive

& invaluable to your business.

  • When one follows you, shares/re-shares/+1s your content, that content will show up significantly higher in search than it normally would.
  • No where else is there such wealth of knowledge and information.
  • Circle the right people/businesses & you’ll have a Biz University at your fingertips.
  • Much easier to find similar interests & connect therefore moving relationships faster.
  • It’s easier to grow a following on Google+ than Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest.
  • So much less distractions from ads which puts the focus on content.
  • Formatting posts draw attention to important sections of your post.
  • Google+ is Google! Every Google+ post has it’s own link in Google & available to appear in Search. It”s what Google+ Social SEO’s all about.
  • Google+ audiences more likely to care for your biz post, compared to Facebook, where focus is family and friends
  • It’s my heart’s desire that YOU see & capture Google+, that you understand it’s power to CHANGE the way you do social media for your business. Read on… 

Google+ has a social network of over 343 million users and it’s a great place to connect with your target audience and build business connections. Marketers who are NOT taking advantage of this platform are missing a lot of valuable opportunities to grow their sales. 

Contrary to What Rumors are Saying,

Google+ is NOT Dead – is NOT Dying – is NOT Going Away! 🙂

You CAN Still Believe with Confidence That If You:

  • Are active on Google+
  • Regularly create useful content on Google+
  • Optimize for what your target market is searching for
  • Attract the right people to follow you on Google+
  • You will be front and center in searches for things relevant to you and your brand!

Why Give Google+ a Chance?

→ So you can connect with a new audience

→ You will rank higher on Google for your Google+ content

→ The popularity of your blog & blog traffic will increase

→ Google+ Hangouts, Events, etc… will allow you to have face-to-face conversations with the world

→ How great is that?

How Does It Help Your Business?

→ First off, you’ll be getting targeted search traffic from Google. Google+ provides a truly different stance than other social platforms, just because it influences search rankings.

→ YUP. You heard right! Shares and +1s of Google+ posts act like social recommendations AND they are even seen like tiny unique blog posts! That alone influences what searchers see in Google SERPS while logged in.

→ Your Google+ posts get indexed quicker & your status updates are immediately indexed into search results, increasing the your visibility to your Google+ network in search results.

→ Google favors those with a Google+ presence in search rankings.That is a massive bonus in itself.

Your blog, YouTube & all your social media platforms (in your Google+ bio) are tied together by Google. Google knows that these are all relevant to your name and makes it show up when people search for you. Pretty cool, right?

That’s Google for you. Google+ is wide-open to multitudes of people you can connect with for business. It’s pretty silly to ignore!

I Truly Believe that Google+ Changes Things for Your Business

That is WHY I have created the “Simply How to Do Google+” program. You`ll get INSTANT ACCESS to:

→ 5 step by step videos on  how to use Google+ as part of your marketing strategy.

→ 4 PDFs to further understand Google+

→ BONUS PDFs, “Setting Up Your Google Analytics.” YAY!

Here Are a Few Topics You’ll Find in this Google+ E-Course:

→ Connecting links on your Google+ for maximum exposure

→ Actively engaging with your audience and building connections

→ A glimpse at events on Google+ 🙂

→ Being active on Communities and growing your followers

→ Integrating Google+ into your marketing strategy

→ All the reasons WHY you should be active on Google+

→ How to properly set up a Google+ profile for your business

→ Fully optimizing your page for search engines to easily find you

→ Creating themed circles / Who & how to follow

→ Maximizing your posts to attract the right people

Don’t Wait Any Longer:

JUMP on the Google+ Visibility Train – NOW!


 A Step-by-Step Visual Walk Through Google+

~Videos, Graphics, PDFs, Handouts & Bonus!! ~

REG: $97.00


for $77.00

Limited Time Offer


→ Google Analytics PDF (37$ Value)

→ How to Leverage FB Communities (77$ Value)

This offer expires in 5 days – Hurry!



What Clients Are Saying:

D. Takara Shelor, #1 Bestselling AuthorTakara D Shelor /#1 Bestselling Author

“I love Norma Doiron’s work and have greatly enjoyed her coaching program. I had already participated in a few of her free Facebook groups for social media and was, therefore, keenly aware of the level of professionalism & knowledge she was bringing to the table. That made joining her coaching program an absolute no-brainer. As soon as I saw the announcement, I immediately jumped on board.

She is a gifted leader and has not only hand-held with great patience the total newbies, but taken those of us with some social media experience and helped us really up our online game. She answers every question and offers great insight and step by step instructions for every platform the program is designed to address. After a coaching session / lesson about home pages, I completely reworked my entire website and am very pleased with the result. I’m getting more traffic to my blogs & have a clear plan for my social media future. I would definitely recommend Norma to anyone wanting to improve their online business and exposure.” Takara

Tina Ashburn Testimony Tina Ashburn / Gift Baskets by Tina

“Norma is my most trusted mentor, professional Internet consultant & online presence creator.

Offering exposure via social media, I’ve grown my social presence three-fold in the last 3 months. Norma’s always available to answer questions.

She’s invaluable in SEO, and I loved working with Norma to perfect my new website.

I’m fortunate to have Norma & highly recommend her if you’re looking to grow an Internet presence.”

With Much Gratitude, Tina

Stephanie WhiteStephanie White / StephanieWhite.Me

“I’ve enjoyed being coached by Norma Doiron. Norma is very knowledgeable in her field, helping small Biz Preneurs reach online visibility, including web design, SEO & all Social media sites & platforms.

She is very supportive & timely in her work, whether it be making changes to your site (store) or answering any questions you may have.

If you need guidance in your biz, Norma is your girl!

I also appreciated that Norma’s costs were very fair and that she offered different payment options. I am very happy with the top quality design I received, along with the amazing branding across my social media platforms.

Thanks Norma!Stephanie

Pat Moon TestimonialPat Moon / Turning Your Mid-Life Crisis Into Your Best Real Health

 ”I’ve been following Norma’s teaching and leadership for quite some time now. What I love the most is that she is consistent, dependable and knowledgeable.

She also has great group activities that I take part of and enjoy. I’ve learned so much about SEO, blogging and growing my internet presence by following Norma.

Her tips work well with my MLM Nutrition business site/blog and will work even better as I am able to implement more of the things I have learned.

If you’re sitting on the fence about following Norma, get off the fence and follow her right now.

You will not be sorry.” Sincerely, Pat

Disclaimer: Savvy Biz Solutions w.Norma Doiron, in no way guarantees any buyer’s results. Every person is different in their application of digital training and results depend on the buyer’s commitment. Refund not available on this product.

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