Start, Grow or Strengthen Your Business

If your business is NOT ONLINE, you are truly missing out. Social media is HUGE for anyone who owns a business – these days, if you are not using the power of the internet, you can bet your competitors are and they are getting your business. 

At this specific time, Social Media is EXPLODING and it is EXACTLY WHERE the coming generation of Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Business Owners are realizing their potential.

It’s a proven field; common people invest a small sum – then by sheer tenacity and determination, they rise to staggering levels of success, financial reward & personal freedom. Now, isn’t  that AWESOME? Woohoo! 🙂

It used to be that if you wanted to find a business, you would go to the yellow pages.Well, not anymore. These days when someone is looking up a business or a service, they go straight to Google. If YOU are not showing up in the Google searches, you better believe that YOUR COMPETITORS are. They are standing out and they are getting your money. 

This is where I can help you. 

Whether your business is or isn’t online yet, I can help you take your business to the next level...

I will share with you the how, what and where to reach your goals. If this is your area of need, well then – let’s begin! May I inspire, coach and guide YOU to connect in positive ways with your audience, grow and move into your next of success!

Are YOU A Small Business Builder / New Solopreneur?

Are You :

  • Looking for ways to increase your visibility in numbers and in search?
  • Experiencing anxiety – you are not even sure that you are doing the right things?
  • Seeking to get established on the Social Media platforms where your targeted niche is?
  • Struggling to find ideas, strategies and tools to propel your business to the next step of success?
  • Overwhelmed with SEO (search engine optimization) and you don’t know how or where to begin?
  • Confused about visibility ONLINE; you are there but where is your traffic? How do you get found on the internet?
  • In need of setups & systems and have no clue where to go and who to listen to? There are sooo many, and so many are time wasters…
  • In need of direction? Are you tired, stressed and looking for answers?

Is this YOU? Then, YOU’RE READY for your next STEP to SUCCESS! 

 I will show you HOW to work smarter VS harder.

You’re at the right place. My mission is to eliminate your anxiety as you rise up in the midst of your professional shift, to provide you with simple & clear strategies that you can easily implement to your business. You will gain confidence as you gain clarity.

My goal is getting YOU results.


  •  Maybe it is with a blog. A website. An update to your existing blog…
     Maybe it is Social Media Coaching.  Maybe SEO Training. 
     Maybe it is help to get your business VISIBLE online.
     More? Other? Whatever your need, let’s chat & get you some action steps.


Norma Doiron is a multi-faceted Learner. While going through her own apprenticeship, Norma spent HOURS upon HOURS teaching herself how to do certain things on the net. When she wanted to learn about something, she simply found the right resources and taught herself.

Norma’s goals are to:

  •  Bring quality information to you and keep it simple
  •  Make things clear, easy to understand and give action steps
  •  Show how to unscramble the slew of information from all corners of the net
  •  Help discern the spiraling & the spinning  that many “experts” send you on
  •  Get you to stop thinking, “what the heck are they trying to say anyways?”
  •  Make available quality training at affordable prices
  •  Unscramble the confusion so all the pieces of the puzzle fit!

Norma’s specialty is helping entrepreneurs develop systems & grow results. You will find her systems simple & easy to understand.  your Business higher?


Discovery Call:  What’s Holding You Back In Your Biz

Let's Chat Book Your Discovery Call HERE

  • You're stuck, struggling or frustrated because you’re NOT seeing the results you want to see in your biz.
  • You're trying to understand WHY you’re not connecting with your clients & making money even though you’re doing what the experts say.
  • You feel like you’ve LOST YOUR WAY, you’ll never get there and you might as well quit.

You’re NOT ALONE. Time to go from FRUSTRATED to RESULTS. If this is you... then let’s chat.

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