Strategically Increasing Online Visibility

A strong presence on the web is required for you to market your products and services. It is important to and build a solid reputation. One of the best ways you can do so is by walking in Honesty > Integrity > Respect.

Having a great business, great products or services will only get you so far. Doing business on the internet is different from a physical store and you will be checked out, rest assured of that. Consistency with what you say and do will be evaluated. It is one of the first things that will show WHO you are.

I posted this note the other day a few days ago in my private Facebook Group, Savvy BIZ Solutions w. Norma Doiron:

Three Qualities That Work Together: Integrity is HUGE in business. Our word must count for something; it is very important to do what we say we will do and to walk the talk. Remember that what we put out there is EXACTLY what will come back to us. Trust me when I say that when you work online, people ARE WATCHING EVERYTHING YOU DO. It’s how they get to know you. If you think for one second that you are getting away with anything, be careful. YOU are being scrutinized; WALK your TALK. If we do not stand on the small things, how are we going to stand on the bigger ones? If you want RESPECT from your peers, from your clients and from your potential clients? Be HONEST. Walk in INTEGRITY and THAT will earn YOU RESPECT... (((♥)))”

Where to Begin? Like the proverb says, “If you cannot be trusted to keep your word in the SMALL things, how will I be able to TRUST YOU in the BIGGER things?” It is so true. And you know what else? One of the Life Laws is this: You will NOT be given more or bigger things to work with UNTIL you learn how to work with the small. It will NOT happen! 

  • You’ve given your word? Keep it.
  • If you commit to something? See it through.
  • Don’t want to because you’re uncomfortable? So what! Do it anyways.
  • Feeling shy? Afraid? Anxious? Do it AFRAID! Yes, that is HOW it WORKS!
  • Don’t feel like it? Who said you have to want to? YUP! Get up and do it anyways.
  • Said you’d play with a team? They’re counting on you.  Be there AND participate.

If you wait until your body wants to? You won’t GROW. You won’t prosper… and you won’t succeed. So be good to yourself, pick yourself up by your bootstraps, go do what you must AND stand firm in what you believe in. Show the world  WHO you are! SHINE… THAT, my friends… is your most valued asset.

What Else Makes YOU Stand Out From The Crowd?

Your website and is the first point of contact with a new customer; it’s the determining  factor to whether someone will work with you or the competition. It could be the difference between having prosperous business or one with no profits. Your potential clients have to be able to find you and the best way is for you to take the time to build a powerful online visibility to it’s peak.

Your clients will most likely come from all types of businesses. Do not neglect your online presence (or even worse, have NO online visibility) All that hard work for zilch. Figure out the What>Why>How of having visibility online. Why is it so important for your business? When you find the answer to that question, if will open up all kinds of ideas in your mind. 🙂

Get Excited – Your Name Will Begin to Pop Up Everywhere

What Can You Do To Increase Your Visibility?As you begin to think differently (yes, being an entrepreneur requires a different mindset!) and implementing, you will be amazed at how your presence will change online. People will begin telling you, “I see your name everywhere!” THAT is a good thing. The more you pop up all over, the more credibility you will gain. YOU can do it!!!

  • Have a website / blog
  • Blog, blog, blog
  • Write article of value to your audience
  • Know how to do your onsite SEO
  • Guest post on sites in your niche market
  • Have a great social media presence
  • Have your own business pages on social sites
  • The 6 major social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest
  • Join online group, forums, hangouts
  • Lead in your area of expertise
  • Create coaching videos, host seminars, webinars, etc…
  • +More… anywhere you can be seen.The more places you appear, the more you will show up in searches.

People go to Google search to look for what you have to offer; if you are not using the power of the internet by increasing your visibility, you are losing out.  It doesn’t cut it to just have your website sitting there. Build it and they will come does not work, never did and never will.  So, put yourself out there! Go!!! 🙂
Making yourself visible means you have won half the battle…

In gratitude,Norma

 Norma Doiron

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