Strategies on Niche Marketing

The key to making money online is finding a profitable niche market where your audience is extremely targeted. The right keywords within that niche are absolutely critical when building  your blog; look for keyword phrases with the most search volume and the least competition. You need to identify a need, something the market wants but that isn’t currently available.

Strategies for Your Niche – Your Brand – Your Market

The word “niche” means something unique, a one-of-a-kind. What’s so special, unique or one-of-a-kind about what you have to offer?  Define a small segment of a market instead of the whole market.

  • What do clients need or want from you?
  • Is there a need for what you are selling?
  • What is your expertise?  Your skill?  Your passion?
  • Who is looking for you? For what you have to offer?
  • What can you offer your client that will fill his needs?
  • Is there a need large enough to be considered a market?
  • Where / How can your clients be reached?
  • Can you develop something unique around your special knowledge?
  • Can you offer these services without compromising who you are?

Share information that will help people.  Let your pen flow from the heart!  Search deep inside & find what you’re passionate about.  Blog on those things.   Your personality will shine through with creativity.

Your Brand:  When people begin to look for expertise in a certain field, they look for valuable info.  Set your prospects up to see you as the one who will provide the solution to their problem. One huge way that people learn about who YOU are is through your personal blog.  Teach them something that they do not know – Go out there and get yourself known!   Be a leader within your niche.

Personal branding is who / what you are.  If you’re going to lead the pack and stand out in business, allow people or businesses to know you on the net.  That will get your name out there and you will gain a following that trust you.  That’s how you generate leads.

Will you brand yourself or will you brand your products and services?  I personally believe in branding ourselves. Products and services come & go as the demands of the public grow & change.

Developing your personal brand is an exercise of the heart. How you present yourself is so important: it is not just what you say.   What makes you special?  How do these gifts, talents and skills relate to your niche? Detail and fine tune. You will know when you got it.

Strategies on Niche Marketing:  For an effective and profitable business, target and establish a business plan to attract the right people:

  • Visit sites similar to your niche for market ideas.
  • What product / service you will provide?
  • Offer something that people actually need /want.
  • What is a reasonably charge for your goods & services?
  • What will enhance their life / business or solve a problem?
  • Are people ready to spend $$$ and buy what you are selling?

Get a Logo:  Be clear about the message you want your brand to portrait so that your logo can clearly reflect your message. Your brand and your logo should work well together; it is how people will recognize your company.  Does your logo fill this mission? If your answer is no, consider strengthening your strategy and for a new logo for your business.

Strategies on Niche Marketing – Sum it All Up:  Discover your unique slice of the pie within your niche where you can shine. You are no longer trying to be all things to all people. Create an enterprise by being yourself, offering tremendous value while living your passion to the full, on purpose. Attract your tribe!  Go and be the success you were born to be…

In Gratitude, 

Norma Doiron


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