Success: Very Closely Related to BASIC ON-SITE SEO

I’ve got a big powerful little story to share with you about how I got my 1st BIG client. I mean BIG…!

Claude Hamilton House
Claude Hamilton Office
Claude Hamilton Entrance
Claude Hamilton Media Room

One day as I was sitting at my desk working, I automatically answered the telephone as it rang. I glanced down at the caller ID and almost dropped the receiver. My Gosh!!! It was Claude Hamilton, co-founder of Life Leadership! Can it be???

For those of you who don’t know, Claude is one of the founding members of Life Leadership, an international MLM company that specializes in business & personal leadership, financial, professional & personal development. Claude works very closely with Orin Woodward & Chris Brady, the 2 biggies of the company.

The reason I knew who Claude was is that a friend of mine had been talking about that company & Claude for months. I practically knew all there was to know about it. So when I saw his name of my phone, imagine my shock.  Long story short, I hung up with a scheduled appointment within a few days to meet Claude at his house about 3 hours away. I was beyond excited. 

I arrived at that appointment on time. (Pictures of house on left) What an amazing man he was. Remember he’s a leadership mentor and he did live the talk. We had a nice interview and I got the job. One thing he told me that day that I never forgot is this: 

“In this world, you have to prove you’re trustworthy before someone will trust you. I don’t work that way. I will trust YOU UNTIL YOU SHOW ME YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED.” I was wowed.   I got the wages I wanted (and I must say they were very high 🙂 ) plus expenses every time we’d meet, gas, lunch, my hourly fee from the time I left my house till I got back. That alone was a humongous amount since it was about a 9 hour day. 

Why am I telling you this? Because it is very closely related to BASIC ON-SITE SEO.  You see, Claude later told me that he’d been following my blog for months, checking me out. He’d found me organically and watched me to see if I was the real deal. From my blog then over to social media and after about 4 months he called me. 

Guess what the main thing was that he wanted me to do for him? Yup. SEO, build his visibility, credibility, etc… online. He’d watched, read my stuff, knew what I knew and my credibility passed the test.

I know I got that client due to my On-Site SEO. I’d been faithfully studying & applying it to my blog with piece on content I used. Claude told me he’d found me organically. And everything else became my story.

What do YOU hear when you see the words, “Basic On-Site SEO?” What does it say or mean to YOU?

I work on clients’ websites regularly; when I ask if they’re using Basic On-Site SEO, 90% of the time they’ll say yes. Then I go in and have a look.  Surprise! Not so.  (Actually I’m NOT getting surprised anymore. 🙂 )

You see, many bizpreneurs THINK they are using Basic On-Site SEO. There is a lot of misconception on this topic and I’ve rounded up a few of them here. See if or where you fit:

  • It’s too confusing for me
  • Too complicated, not understandable
  • Cost too much, don’t have the money
  • Not important to my success online
  • It’s intimidating, I don’t want to touch it
  • Can’t / won’t pay someone to do it
  • Too technical, makes my head hurt
  • This is where I struggle, don’t know what to do

Some have come right out and said:

  • I know I need to wrap my head around it. Finding a good strategy has eluded me
  • I think…there is a lot of emphasis on it and I’m not sure it’s always warranted
  • Not every business will (or should be trying to) attract clients by way of search engines
  • It’s more about engagement and creating quality content – not SEO
  • I’m told I need to do it but it’s not easy & keep my copy sounding natural at the same time
  • SEO is only a small piece of the overall content marketing strategy
  • Overwhelming, it’s a different world that I know nothing about and not doing right
  • I’ve had to come in after the “SEO expert” and fix exactly those types of problems
  • Don’t want to buy myself more work, that’s what it sounds & feels like
  • I do want to do better but I don’t know how
  • Google is smart enough to figure it out!

Many business owners MISUNDERSTAND SEO, therefore they dismiss it. The feedback from peeps above helps me see where biz owners are struggling with it.

Listen: I’m going to help you UNDERSTAND the WHY… & the HOW… so you’ll feel more comfortable at optimizing your own site.

Let’s Begin Here: There are 2 types of SEO.

  • Off-Site SEO is the one you will have to pay the big$$$ for to get ranked on top of google searches. BUT, even if you accomplish this, there’s still NO guarantee that you will stay there UNLESS you keep paying the BIG bucks. Not worth all the fuss and expense.
  • ON-SITE SEO on the other hand, has a LOT of value. This is crucial if you want search engines to be able to read your site, rank & categorize you so you show up in specific search categories.

This is the way it works:

Everything that you post online, be it your blog post, special pages, home page, etc… your graphics, images, pdfs, videos, links, podcasts, whatever it is needs to be indexed (sorted out) in Google’s search (or other search engines.)

When new content is added on the internet, it lands into a big big pond.

Google bots (those little crawly creatures! 🙂 ) go into that biggggg pond and throw each piece of content in smaller appropriate pools, called categories. Once they’ve sorted things out to the proper category, each piece is now ready to be searched by people. As soon as they type into the search bar what they’re looking for, if it’s in your category, you’ll pop up in search and be found (services, products, etc.). BINGO!

It works the same way for ANYTHING you post on social media, by the way. <wink!> But, that’s for another blog post. 🙂

Now, these little google bots speak a different language than you and I. If you don’t use the Basic On-Site SEO, you sound foreign to them and they don’t understand you. For you to get indexed and thrown into the right category pond, you have to learn their language. Make sense so far???

GET THIS: UNLESS you speak to google crawlers in a language that they can understand, they CANNOT read your site.

That’s WHY it’s sooo important that you learn to speak their language. I’m not talking language IN your copy content, like keywords you want to be found for. Of course those are important but here I’m talking images, links, videos, pdfs, etc… that cannot be read unless you practice on-site SEO.

What problem does SEO solve? What result will it give me?

What will I gain by using it?

Using the proper language will:

  • Change the extent of your exposure online
  • Increase your visibility and attract organic traffic
  • Bring in visitors to your site regularly, therefore increase your marketing strategies
  • Increase the potential of creating more sales & raving fans

It’s not complicated or hard once you know how to do it. Takes 10 minutes to do for a blog post or when you add new content to your site.  

That’s the GOOD NEWS!!! YAY!!!  Your blog success is dependent on visibility.

You can do all kinds of things to help, like social media luv (like in my group), sharing from your blog to social sites (yup! that helps) and sharing link to your blog all over the web.

BUT if you want people to find you organically in searches, Basic On-Site SEO is the way to go. You’ll begin seeing results immediately once you do it – the right way. If you don’t care, then don’t do it. Simple! 🙂

As for me, I work hard on my blog: I want my content, my blog posts, my marketing, the sharing & re-sharing, all the goodies that go with marketing your business online – to work. I’m not going to ignore it.  I vouch for that. It’s a basic strategy that works!

Do you want MORE traffic…? MORE visibility…? MORE credibility…? to SPREAD your message, your brand & products…? MORE clients…? MORE conversions…? MORE sales…? MORE success…?

I’ve told you WHAT to do. AND WHY.

Now, I want to show you the HOW. 

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WHY? Because I know many of you need it and I’m making it affordable for everyone. What will YOU do about it?

Everyone who has a blog / website needs a Basic SEO strategy. It’s the bloodline between your visibility and sales. It’s too important to ignore.

I’m on a mission to educate Female Biz Owners / Builders about visibility online, most specifically to their site / blog / store.

You have surely noticed that I’ve been sharing specific valuable information with you to this end. I’ve been planting seeds in your mind so that YOU would examine – your blog, your biz structure – to see if this is an area where YOU need help..
  • If there is any question in your mind about Basic On-Site SEO?
  • If you have any doubt at all that you are doing it?
  • If you’re not sure if you’re doing it correctly?
Then – you need help and I want to help you finally get this right.

Get it done.

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Then watch your blog begin to POP UP in places it never did before.

Traffic + sales = 24/7! 


Because :

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Sincerely, Norma

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