Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic, Part 1

If you don’t have traffic freely flowing to your blog everyday, you have NO business… It’s that plain & simple & many blog owners fight with this. Traffic is the life blood of your business. But not just any traffic – you need targeted traffic.  Highly TARGETED blog traffic. Who in the world wants a bunch of people flooding their blog that has no interest in what is being offered?
This is important to know:
 90% of all businesses on the Internet do NOT generate enough traffic.

  • No traffic = no sales
  • No sales = no business.

So what to do? How do you increase blog traffic & without spending $$$? 

  • You have well planned quality techniques to increase blog traffic.
  • Your blog post has been checked and rechecked, it’s been proof read, the inbound links have been chosen and they’ve been carefully placed.
  • You’ve chosen some great pictures and you’re pleased enough to hit the ‘publish’ button.

POOF! Your new blog post is there for all the world to see and enjoy!  Except for one thing.  Where are all the visitors?  Where are your readers…?

They can’t visit or read if they don’t know you exist.   For you to get traffic to your post, you’re going to have to tell people about it.  If you don’t promote, the only people who will see your post are those who are subscribed to or happen to chance you’ve published new content.  And that is if they know you exist!!!

Blog Traffic is the most important factor that decides your success.

Publicize on Twitter

You can follow me here:  Norma Doiron on Twitter 

  • Post immediately – Post to Twitter immediately when your blog post is ready. If  it’s not a good time, schedule it to run at the desired time through Hootsuite, Buffer, whichever you prefer.  Posting twice in a day will allow you to reach different time zones, and more people.
  • DMs to Influencers – Nothing wrong in asking people you think would benefit from the post to retweet to their followers.  DM them and ask them for some ‘retweet love’ – always offering to reciprocate of course. This will greatly expand your reach to people that don’t follow you. Use wisdom here and don’t over-ask.

Expose on Facebook

You can friend me here:  Norma Doiron on Facebook
  • Personal profile – If many friends on Facebook are business people and your posts are usually business focused, don’t hesitate to post to your profile. This will also remind your friends what it is you do.
  • Business Page – Post to your business page.
  • Group – Is your post relevant to the group you belong to? Post it in there too. Usually, there’s an element of loyalty there and everyone supports each other. Give each other some love.

Go to LinkedIn

You can link with me here:  Norma Doiron on Linkedin 

  • Post on Your Status – You’ll be surprised how many visits a blog post can get from LinkedIn. If it’s the only thing you do, it will be worth it. Use a plugin on your blog that allows you to do this by clicking a button, or go direct and post.
  • LinkedIn Groups – Look at the groups you’re a part of – is your blog post relevant to that audience? If so, then reference it in there. Just make sure you’re an active member of the group, not just posting links to your blogs, and of course be sure to reciprocate if you can when others ask for link love.

Google +  

You can link with me here:  Norma Doiron on Google+

  • My Circles – Post to all circles that are relevant.
  • Public timeline – Post to the public timeline, if the post deserves a wider audience.


  • Send out a Newsletter – if you believe the blog post is of value to be featured in the newsletter.  If you use
    Aweber  (or other), add it to the latest draft.  It’s a great way of getting and reaching people.  Use your mailing lists – if the blog post could be of interest to them.
  • Email Influencers – in the same way you can ask for promotion via Twitter, you can also email a couple of people with a link to the post, explaining that you think it could be of interest to them and asking to forward to their friends if they liked it. I suggest doing this ONLY if you already have an on-going relationship with them.

In Gratitude, 

Norma Doiron


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