Tips to Boost Pinterest Followers

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the new buzzword and the fastest growing site that we should be paying attention to. It’s skyrocketing around the web and many are finding it to be very addictive.  (Let’s connect on Pinterest)

This social media site was founded in 2010. Imagine an online pinboard that allows you to store and share the best of images that you find online.  That’s Pinterest.  Recipes, books, crafts, sports or favorite tv shows, even world news. The sky’s the limit and the goal is connection; connecting with people of similar interest and sharing your gold.  What an awesome concept!

For those who are looking to increase sales, Pinterest can be of tremendous value.  Using the “pin It” button on pages links every single one of your pins back to you.The beauty of Pinterest is the traffic it can drive  to your website, thus increasing your visitors. If it’s done right, it will link users to your products /services  through your own blog.

Why should your business be on Pinterest?

Because the numbers don’t lie. It’s driving more traffic to than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined!  
    1. Vsits to Pinterest grew by 4000% in the last 6 months,.
    2. Reached an amazing 11 million hits in just one week.
    3. Pinterest has proved to be a great way to drive traffic to your site.
    4. In some cases, has out-performed Facebook.
    5. Pinterest is a huge source from a referral standpoint.

Now, how will Pinterest fit in for your business?  I suggest the first thing that you need to do is think outside the box.  Begin thinking:

    • How can I present something different from other pinners?
    • How can I make my images stand out from the multitude out there?
    • How can I find fun & creative content that will draw someone’s eye to my boards?

If you’re not standing out, you’re blending in! 

    1. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Choose pictures of what you already have and create new ones.  Write a short bio for each picture and be sure to link back to specific places that you want pinners to go to.
    2. Visuals that best describe your written content is key. A great idea is to link your images from your blog articles back to your site.
    3. If you have E-Books or Book covers, get the photo on your board! Add a short bio & link. You can create a board on “Books to Read” or even create a Bookstore.  Be creative!
    4. Do promote other people’s content.  Who cares that the content that caused a new pinner to follow you wasn’t created by you?  Get the point? When you do post your next pin, that new follower may see it and click on it.
    5. Link every image you pin to increase quality traffic to your blog or other social site.
    6. Don’t be afraid to make ACTION calls.  People like to see a next step, and for you to show them where to go.
    7. Creating a board of pictures of your happy clients is also a great visual. Smiling faces, perhaps even while using your E-Book. (-_-) Super!
    8. Be interactive.  Like and comment on other’s pins.  It’s not all about you. Sharing is how you show you care and people don’t care how much you share until they see how much you care. When you do that, they will most likely check you out and follow you.
    9. Create the best boards!  Make your boards stand out from the crowd. Do something others haven’t done. Start dreaming and create unusual content.
    10. Promote your Pinterest account on other social media sites. You might generate new followers.  Use Pinterest hashtags. just like Twitter and Google+ to tag pins that greatly help you to be found. Align what fits with your niche’s image and make it fit on Pinterest. Select what appeals visually. Have fun!

Simply pinning content alone will not drive traffic to your site.

Take time to build relationships with your followers. Remember the rule of building trust.  Build on your Pinterest following.
    1. Pin consistantly.  Regularly.  Doing so trains your users to expect great pins from you and they’ll begin to look forward to it.  Same principle applies here as with other social media sites.
    2. Create pinboards that feature the best of the best and you’ll create a buzz. Images are the “hook” to your content. Remember that.  Your followers will Facebook it, Tweet it and Pin it.
    3. Be friendly. Pinning to a board gets lonely if no one drops in for a visit.  Re-pin others’ content.  Don’t be afraid to promote others and they won’t be afraid to promote you!  Check out who re-pins your posts. Follow them and re-pin some of their content.
    4. Follow.  Follow.  Follow other pinners.  Nothing shows you don’t appreciate your followers more than when you don’t follow back.
    5. Use keywords to name your boards. Keep SEO in mind. What will show up in a search to find you?
    6. Install the Pinterest Sharing Button on every post/page of your site to give YOU more control of how your content is shared.
    7. Add a FOLLOW Button to your site so users can pin you on Pinterest.

Don’t make it all about showing off your products / services directly. Success on Pinterest depends on your ability to fit with your target audience.   Begin by pinning content that represents you well. You want to attract visitors back to your website. Be smart and keep a close eye on the benefits Pinterest can provide your business…

Blessings to you and your endeavors!

Norma Doiron

In Gratitude, Norma                

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