Truth | Your Ideal Client is Already on Facebook

It’s pretty hard to not lose heart and belief in Facebook Pages for the small bizpreneurs these days. It seems like FB is doing all they can to keep up from getting results. I totally get that. But then, there is the other side of the coin that requires a mindset adjustment on our part. Small Biz Owners have bought into the lie (I did too until I heard the truth!) that pages were hopeless.

FB is really NOT trying to sabotage our efforts. They are sorting the valuable versus the rest out there. They are following strict rules of:

  • Getting YOU TARGETED & VALUED followers
  • Your Page needs REAL interaction.
  • They measure your page value by the number of likes, comments & shares.
  • The more people “touch” your page, the more they see you in their feed.
  • If they don’t interact, they don’t see you.
  • Your role is to GET THEM TO INTERACT.
  • Once you figure out how to do that, you will hit gold.

Yes, it does require hard thinking and hard work. But look at it this way: It will definitely MAKE YOU STAND OUT once you figure it out.


  • When you get a like, comment or share, DO NOT respond right away.
  • Your post is ALREADY appearing in newsfeeds.
  • If you wait, let’s said 4-5 hours then comment, it will re-appear for several more hours! YAY!
  • That means, if you spread responding on your posts, you are re-activating their view on FB feeds. 🙂 
  • You can NOW make one post re-appear in feeds simply by replying over a certain amount of time.


Your ideal client and customer is already on Facebook

  • Spending time there following what their friends / family are up to
  • Checking and licking on ads they like
  • Engaging in groups and following businesses they buy from.

If you’re smart and learn to capture their attention, these people will become your biggest word-of-mouth advertisers ever. a big help spread the word about your brand.

Think It’s Easier Said Than Done & Getting Harder by the Minute?

Facebook has changed their algorithm so that people only see your updates if they’ve already engaged with you or your content. You can either pay to play or grow your interactions organically.

  • Run ads on Facebook or boost your posts
  • You can publish content that naturally get people talking, liking and sharing

So How Do We Do That? Here are SEVERAL Things YOU Can DO / USE

  • Sharing quotes is an easy way to get a like or share on FB. It kinda shows something about you, your values, opinions and your outlook on life. It gets hands to come up and say, ‘I feel the same way.’ Stats show that it’s hard not to engage with quotes.
  • Images. When scrolling through the FB feed, notice what catches attention. FB gives a lot of space for nice big, eye catching graphics; any business would be a fool not to take advantage of this piece of real estate. A picture is worth a thousand words – or maybe, a thousand likes on Facebook.:) Having a strategy behind your images is even better. Watermark your images with a logo or a link so people can follow you no matter where the graphic shows up. Canva or Pic Monkey are great online tools to help you help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Ask your audience questions. It’s one of the easiest ways to get engagement. Build useful content that gets your likers in the habit of expecting action from you. Ask what you want as long it relates to your brand. Make it really easy for them to answer with a yes or no OR a choice of A, B, C. Ask open ended questions to start great discussions.
  • Nostalgia for engagement.  Remember when, takes people back in time and brings up fond memories. “Name your first dance song” You can ask or refer to anything that will invoke memories and emotions to get likes and shares on your page.
  • Tips are great. Short, to the point and highly actionable. Make them highly relevant and useful, pair them with an attention grabbing image. Create one specifically using Pic Monkey or Canva.
  • Humor. Spread a little cheer! Funny pictures or humorous one-liners are highly shareable every now and then. Bring a smile to a face and they will remember you. Plus, they might share it with their friends and in turn bring you new fans.
  • Pay attention to happenings around you. Is there a major holiday? Football final or hot finale on TV? Find and share timely content and you will see your engagement skyrocket.
  • Fill in the blanks are great for engagement. You can ask people to describe in one word or choose something that appeals to your target audience. Example: My biggest fear about (______) is _____________. Choose the right photo and ask people to caption it. Use funny pictures of animals or small children, dazzling landscapes, etc…
  • Mentions. Have you gotten any press lately? A picture taken with an influencer? Go ahead and flaunt it. Let your audience celebrate with you.
  • Ask your audience for help. “I want to start juicing, can you recommend the best site for beginners?”
  • Takeaway from a blog post. Start with the Ah-Ha moment or big insight – then give the link. Ask a question that you answer in your blog post. It makes updates more interesting.
  • Promotional posts. Remember, you are a business after all.Announce upcoming products, share behind the scenes or promote discounts. Make sure to maintain a ratio of 80% personal and educational to 20% business.
  • Post short status updates. Doesn’t have to be ground-breaking or earth shattering… as long as it’s helpful. There are those who weren’t aware of it, some who knew but still answer.
  • Contests are great. because everybody wants to win. People enter the contest and will often check back your page to see if they have fun. They will also share; create different types. Choose prizes that will appeal to your target market.
  • Evergreen content.  Great for search rankings and bring you a steady stream of traffic. You can post your evergreen or most popular content multiple times, schedule it automatically as not everyone has seen them all.
  • Book recommendations. What’s the latest book you can’t stop raving about? Ask your audience if they’ve read it, what their thoughts are. Be strategic and customers will thank you.
  • Client success or employee shout outs. Have they gotten great results using your product or service? Did you receive a fantastic testimonial? Share on your Facebook book page. Take pictures of your employees receiving an award, dealing with others and simply doing their job. Talk so your fans and followers can relate to you and your business even more. Engagement happens when both parties play.

Maintain a consistent presence & make sure conversations are valuable!Norma Doiron


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