Unlock the Mystery of Hyperlinks

What are Hyperlinks Anyways?

A hyperlink is text found in a post or page.

It appears in highlighted mode; when it is clicked, you are automatically taken to new document or a new section within the current document.  

It is known as a hyperlink (or link for short).

Hyperlinks are found in practically all Web pages or posts, letting users jump their way from one place to another.

Text hyperlinks are mostly blue (unless the color has been modified) and underlined, but they can also be altered by users to fit in a specific color theme. Hover over a hyperlink and the arrow usually changes to a small pointing hand. Click on it and a new page or place in the current page will open up.

Ultimately? Hyperlinks allow us to browse information at hyper speed.

Hyperlink Tip: if you also hold CTRL while you click on a hyperlink, the target web page will load into a separate tab page of your browser.

Embedded links are links that when clicked, leads somewhere else. You can embed text or an image as a link to another page on the web.

Let’s say you offer a product and you want to create a hyperlink (link) to the sales page. You can create an embedded text link or an embedded image link.

Hyperlinks, Unlock the Dirty Mystery1

Embedded Text & Image Links Are Almost The Same. 

The difference for an image, the hyperlink is hidden behind the image. (See the sample at right.)

The text link contains text, also called Anchor Text. (Tip: Great place for your keywords – helps your SEO rank.) 

That link will also send your visitor to your sales page to get to that product. You have the option to open the link in a new window, that way, your visitor will not lose their place on your site.

Embedded Image Link

Both work well to send your visitor where you want them to go and both have their uses. Images are popular in the sidebar section while image and text links  are mostly found in posts. If you want to make an image clickable* and lead visitors to another site, your image needs to be located somewhere on the web. You can first upload it to your website or anywhere on the web.

Anchor Text

What is an Anchor Text? Anchor text is the visible text in a hyperlink. For example, NormaDoiron.NET is the text seen on a hyperlink.  Hidden behind that text is the hyperlink http://normadoiron.net.  This text is known as anchor text.

Anchor Text describes the target page. Anchor Text also gives an idea of a particular page of what is in store for him if he clicks a particular link, increasing the importance of the page.

    • The use of keywords in the anchor text increases the chances of the targeted page getting a higher position in search engine rankings. Why? Anchor Text increases the relevance of the targeted page.

  • Anchor Text is liked by the search engines based on the text used in the anchor text.

  • Interlinking pages within a website using Anchor Text increases the chances of your site attaining high search engine rankings.

  • Your Anchor Text must be relevant to the targeted pages of your site. Use keywords intelligently to increase relevance and weightage. Search engines love them so you must use Anchor Text to benefit your website.

Hope this helps Unlock the Dirty Mystery in Hyperlinks! 🙂

Norma Doiron

In gratitude, Norma 

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