Using Social Media to Rock an Event

Did you do it? If not, what stopped you? Maybe you were not too sure of how to? It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a small or huge event or product, you can still use social media to get the word out in a powerful way.

  • Create a landing page on your site for the event.
  • The unique URL of this landing page will help create a buzz on social media,
  • Make sure the URL is not very long, is precise and easy to remember.
  • On this landing page, add social media share buttons.

Create Buzz with Freebies!

A giveaway is a total motivator when trying to promote an event.

People will love the opportunity to win something for free! I could be:

  • a free product
  • a free consultation
  • a free service
  • something that will really amp up the buzz!

Freebies will generate quick interest in your promotion.

Make it something to make your audience salivate! 🙂

Begin by writing a blog post; describe the prize (the event!) and how to participate. In the post, invite people to participate.

  • Have them comment on the blog post by answering a question you’ve asked.
  • You could ask something like, Why do you think you should win this freebie?
  • Or, get information like, What’s your greatest social media challenge?
  • Or, you could ask for a retweet (right there in your post.)

Keep the requirements super-easy for more participation. A simple click is ideal!

Create a Promo Video for Sharing

Create a video with great visuals and sound, something that really stands out. 

Make it about what they’ll gain by attending or promoting your event. It will drive people to your event & increase their sharing with friends.

  • Post it on your blog post.
  • Post on social media.
  • Host in on YouTube.
  • Upload to Facebook (for more SEO Properties.)

Invite a Special Presenter

People love meeting presenters and presenters love getting the extra exposure. 

You can create great valuable content by simply conducting an interview.

  • Create a special graphic for your speaker to promote the event.
  • Encourage presenters to place these on their blogs, in Facebook updates, etc…
  • You don’t need to talk about your event at all except at the end.
  • You can focus on the presenter’s expertise. (I would inteview someone that qualifies my event)
  • You can still have your blog article to promote the inteview.
  • At the end of the interview, talk about your event, when, why and where.

Create a Twitter Hashtag

As you’re planning your event, use your social presence.

  • Create a relevant hashtag (#) and keep it unique, short and sweet.
  • The earlier you promote the hashtag, the greater your chances for success.
  • Promote regular updates about your event. Be consistent & creative.
  • Announce news and updates re what attendees have to look forward to. 
  • When registration opens, announce it using your social presence.
  • Prospects are looking for reasons why they should come to your event.
  • You have the potential to sway people who are on the fence about your event.

Why not ask for a quick click to share your event with friends?

  • Place the tweet on the “Thanks for Registering” page.
  • Be sure to customize the “tweet text”.
  • Create social buzz, increase participation and boost attendance.
  • Promote everywhere: your website, emails, social networks, etc…
  • Promote early to create momentum and reach a larger audience.
  • Saturate the social media world with your event. 

The events feature on Google+ is cool and can be divided into 3 phases:

  • prior to the event
  • during the event
  • after the event

It’s easy to customize the event with video content and invites to draw more attention. Google+ allows you to use the same hashtags you’ve used on Twitter, so maintain consistency. 

Add a Blurb to Your Facebook Page Banner

The image on your fan Page is prime real estate; use up the space.

  • Create a Facebook Event via your fan Page
  • Provides an easy way for attendees to share your event with friends.
  • When they’re sharing your event, it creates a buzz to your Fb Page.
  • Promote the direct link to your event (landing page); begin with a question like “Hands up – who’s attending this event?!

Once your Facebook Event is set up, ask your invitees and fans to invite their friends and/or post the Event on their Profile for extra visibility around Facebook. 

Remember that not all of your prospects participate in every social channel. Some may follow on Twitter, others prefer LinkedIn. Promoting your event across all social media channels should be an huge part of your event’s social media marketing strategy. 

Your event will truly stand out by the value of your promotional content.

Make it remarkable! 

NOTE: This is a quick list of what you can do to highlight your event. There are more advanced strategies to build on, but here you have a few quick ideas. Have fun with it! 

 Norma Doiron

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