Visitors Are Window Shopping on Your Blog

They’ve come for a stroll, are checking out your store banner, taking a peak at your content, and wondering if they should stay or leave. 

  • You have one chance to get their attention and convince them to stay.
  • Your first-time visitors have a purpose when they arrive to your site. They are looking for something.  
  • Your job  is to communicate quickly and clearly all that your site represents.

The last page you should write is …

Your Home Page

Let them know what you’re about and why you’re better than the competition offering similar products / services. It is important to stay focused and understand what your potential client is looking for.

Although all have one common purpose, each home page is unique.  The goal is to convert visitors to customers, get subscribers to a newsletter or to purchase your products or services.  It’s important to understand how to dress up your main window so people will want to come in.

Your home page is the one web page you should always write LAST because it”s the most important page on your site!

Your Home Page is Critical Because it Determines: 

  • how long your visitors will stay or leave your site
  • how you will promote your visitors action steps
  • your sales conversions and opt-ins
  • how well your page ranks in search engines

Did you know it’s the most used door of your Blog?

90% of first time visitors visit your home page, then click to other pages. Make sure it’s easy to navigate and access your to your important pages .site?

How will you know the pages you should promote on your home page?

By creating all of your other content first. Your content might change, improve or be a totally different thing you envisioned when you began. Sort through it, then, choose.

How will you decide which path the visitor will take to action?

By using a strategic plan.  By creating a clear path. Your home page is rarely a sales page. The selling takes place on other pages.

A navigation menu is fine, but you cannot rely entirely on it. A good practice is to link each tab at least once in your home page’s content. That alone will multiply your click-through’s and visits to other content on your blog.

Your visitor might not be interested in clicking links in your menu but when it’s in the content, it piques curiosity. That link could be a winner! 🙂

The old way of setting up your homepage with the traditional content, sidebar layout is dead. It’s boring and visitors are tired of seeing it. Life goes fast these days and no one wants to read long pages of text; they simply don’t have the time. Short and easy chunks of content rules.

You only have 1 first chance to make your 1st impression.  Remember that people’s attention spans are very short; when they reach your site, you must get their attention and convince them they should stay.

The most important reason why you should keep your most important stuff towards the top of your page!  Be short. Direct. Make your call to action totally obvious.

Are you now convinced your home page is your most important page to have on your site? Your visitors need to know they can trust you and that you really can give them what they are looking for.  

So, avoid hype. Go for simple, clear and honest. If you feel led to, videos grab attention well. Sliders also work and they engage your visitors as it increases curiosity. If you can get them to stay a bit, they will likely click.

Plan it well. 

In gratitude, Norma

Norma Doiron

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