Why You Need Discovery Calls

The Long & Short On WHY They Make Your Business Thrive

When I first started in business, discovery calls were a big part of my marketing strategy. My market was different then so when I re-branded I simply forgot about them and how they work well in business.

I recently re-tapped into them and was hugely reminded of their power. Going through almost 80 individual calls with FAB Lady Bosses, I managed to convert 50% of those calls without being salesy, pushy or getting in anybody’s faces. Simply having conversations.

This is WHY I’m sharing Discovery Calls with you. I want you to see and discover how they can help YOU go bigger in your business. Here we go! 🙂


A discovery call is a free mini session (approx 30-45 minutes) between biz owners and prospective clients. It’s a way to connect, get more information and make decisions about a service / product before entering into an agreement.

There’s no better way to learn about your client’s needs, and see if both parties are the right fit to work together. Questionnaires / surveys, or cheat sheetS will help you focus on what you want to discover on the call.

The call can be as short or as long as needed. I book for 30 minutes but usually run into 45-60 minutes, depending on the caller.  If the call is converting, I might want to really delve into their why for wanting coaching or give details about how the coaching will cover their needs.

A win-win for both parties, as the client goes away with resources and information. It’s a great way to make new connections, make introductions to your blog posts, throw an invitation to join your Facebook group or maybe sign-up to your list. They’re a game changer.


For anyone genuinely interested in working with a coach OR learning more about products & services.

Within the call, it will become clear if the caller is serious about getting help or if simply looking for a ton of free advice. Refrain from giving too much on this initial call. The goal is to book a service, not coach for free. It’s absolutely ok for the caller to ask questions and advice, but use these questions to help you learn what they want to know more about, what they’re struggling with and how you can help them.

Discovery calls are for clarity, direction and anyone who is overwhelmed as to what next step is, (whatever that means to them).


  • Discovery calls encourage the client to think outside of the box.
  • Allows the client to dig deeper into what and why they want.
  • About being honest and what it means to go after a particular goal.
  • Encourages being intentional, considering what matters for their biz.
  • Clarifies if you like how your coach/client works and communicate.
  • Gives a real chance to get to know each other.
  • Highly personalized, tailored just for you.
  • Leads to feeling optimistic and ready to take action – by yourself or with the coach.
  • Coaches will know what to ask and how to react or respond depending on your needs.
  • You’ll see and get advice from an experienced perspective.
  • A coach will have experience to support you with any problems you’re encountering.

If working with this particular coach isn’t it, they can point you in the direction of a resource or other coach. Coaches are leaders, and any good coach will always be learning.


  • Log into the platform you’re using for the call, get a feel for it if it’s new to you.
  • Test your equipment and always be on time.
  • Prepare questions before. You’ll think of more during the session, but it’s best to have some idea what you’re going to ask. 
  • Think about what’s most important to know before the call.
  • To make the most of your call, be totally open-minded and honest. This is someone you might work with for a few months.
  • Build a strong relationship with them – so be genuine from the start.
  • There are no silly questions and nothing to be embarrassed about if you don’t understand. The coach is not there to patronize or make you feel daft for not knowing what they’re talking about.
  • Commit. Just like you would if you were paying for the session. Give your full attention and avoid distraction.
  • Have the call where you’re not going to have kids, pets or parents interrupting you.
  • Have a pen + paper handy to take notes. 


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How to Conduct Discovery Calls

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Discovery Call:  What’s Holding You Back In Your Biz

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