Why You Need to Create Business Marketing Funnels

Most entrepreneurs who are serious about doing business online, know that it’s vital to have some sort of process to get leads, convert them into prospects and eventually clients.

This process is often referred to as a Sales or Marketing funnel. That’s because of the amount of people coming through the “mouth” and then moving through the different “levels” or prize points.

When creating funnels, there are 3 types of funnels that deserve your attention. These 3 funnels can form part of your 1 big Sales and Marketing funnel, but can also run autonomously and can be created independently.

The Free Funnel
The free funnel is referred to as the Content funnel, and can function as the way you initially entice people to become leads. This list-building strategy is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s important that it feels authentic. The steps to this funnel are:

1. Create your enticing offer: This could be a document in pdf format, a video or video series, a podcast, an email course, or anything else that can be delivered in digitally. Your free gift can also be an event, like a teleseminar or webinar.

2. Create the content for your pages

  • Squeeze page or Lead Capture Page: This is the page that contains the opt-in box. The content needs to be minimal, but you should ensure that both the pain points and benefits are clear for the prospect. Remember to include a clear call-to-action. Tell the visitor exactly what you want them to do. “Buy Now” or “Get This”
  • Confirmation Page (Optional): This page will only be used if you have double opt-in. Having double opt-in will depend on your legislation, autoresponder service and also sometimes the type of offer. This page will remind people to check their email. You can also remind people to follow you on social media or share and like the offer.
  • Thank You page: On this page, you will deliver their download or a message that they will receive the course in the email or post. This page can be valuable real estate, but it’s very important that it feels authentic. You can invite them to a free call, or offer an upsell, but I have found it better to just invite them to join a group on Facebook, then handle the “selling” via your autoresponders once they have come to know, like and trust you a little better.

3. Upload your free offer to your website or other hosting site like Dropbox, Google drive or Amazon S3 and copy the link to your product

4. Link the opt-in boxes on your lead capture page to your email management program. Depending on where you are at in your business, good options are: Mailchimp, Aweber, 1Shopping Cart of Infusionsoft. You will need to place the link of your confirmation page (or thank you page if you do not have double opt-in) as forwarding page.

5. You need to create a series of autoresponder email templates in your email management system. If you are delivering an email or video course, you can deliver the course over a few day or weeks. If you have a downloadable digital product, you can send the link copied above via email and then follow-up with reminders or extra content that will enrich the first product.

The Sales Funnel
It is very essential that your clients have somewhere to go after they have landed inside your funnel mouth. A sales funnel is solely about the sign-up. The content you deliver in this funnel should be opportunities that all culminate in the same goal: Subscription.

As I said before, you can have up-sales on your free offer thank-you page. But, I believe that you should rather have these offers in an email series, where you educate them about the problems, then offer a solution.

Having up-sales or complimentary products in the thank-you page of the offered products, however, can be an authentic thing to do if you already know that this is a prospect interested in buying from you.

The Marketing Funnel
The Marketing Funnel can take the form of Facebook or Twitter ads, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, speaking appearances on stage or other platforms, newsletters, email campaigns or any other manner in which you drive traffic to your content. It deals with the big picture and can work together with the two other funnels. This funnel should focus on:

● Promotional and marketing campaign
● Launches and launch funnels
● Tracking and testing
● Increasing conversion

You can set these funnels up by identifying where you can find your ideal client. Chances are good that it will be the same place that you feel comfortable interacting on.

Combining the funnels
Using these 3 basic funnels will ensure that you build strong campaigns, joint ventures or side-ventures—as well as strong client/customer relationships that will last for as long as possible. Always continue to think about how these funnels can interact together.

Depending on if you are planning for a big picture focus, or smaller single detailed projects, you might need to modify some aspects here and there. However, you should always try to maintain consistency for a powerful focus and strong customer/client engagement.

Blog Article submitted by Anchen Le Roux, Technology Strategist & Automation Enthusiast.

10424301_10206284029763535_2078478429178226324_nAnchen Le Roux is passionate about guiding online entrepreneurs and start-ups to authentically automate sales and marketing funnels. Launches, Webinars and other Systems are keys to spending their time doing the things that matters most to them while their business runs smoothly

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Anchen has 13 years of experience designing systems for the corporate industry. She has spent the last few years helping amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable success. Her mission and commitment is to help you get back to the freedom of being a business owner without having to spend all your time on your business

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