You Are in Business to Make Money

Your Goal is to Get Traffic Strolling Through Your Site 24/7

EVERYTHING YOU SAY & DO ONLINE should be so well connected that it makes your business POP – stand out from the gazillions in the crowds out there. You are in business to make $$$! You have to present your visitors with calls to action and a good reason WHY they need to buy from you, sign up to your list or even to listen to you.

Look at it this way: Your site is your store and you need visitors, clients and potential customers walking through it, continually looking at what you have to offer. Your job as a store manager is to lead these people:

  • YOU are the leader; it’s your job to direct visitors where YOU want them to go.
  • Walk them through department to department, showcasing your wares.
  • Point out real solutions to problems they are experiencing.
  • Offer products that will best suit their needs.  You lead – they follow.  
  • Everything should have a flow, making their experience one they’ll enjoy.

That’s the end result you’re looking for.

You should be routinely blogging and posting new content in order to attract new readers and keep past readers coming back for more. Google also rewards sites who post new content regularly by pushing them up higher in search results.

Readability is very important in a blog, as well as anywhere that text appears on your site. If your visitors can’t get through the text, they’ll just click off your page so remember these tips:

  • Paragraphs should be short and sweet, 2-5 sentences long
  • Section out your content with subheads to guide readers
  • Use numbered or bullet lists that will stand out to visitors
  • Bold or italicize words, but be careful not to go overboard

Know Your Main Goal & What You Want to Achieve

First time visitors take less than a few seconds to decide if your site is worth exploring. You have to get their attention FAST.

  • Make it easy on the eyes and clutter free
  • Simplify for your readers to find stuff that interests them.
  • Your call-to-action MUST stand out.
  • Feature your best converting content – make it the focus
  • Remove what doesn’t contribute to your goals
  • Help visitors find what they’re looking for and be surprised on your conversion rate.

Right off the bat, clarify the purpose of your site.

  • You’ll instantly connect with first-time visitors.
  • Most people want to know what’s in it for them. Be insanely helpful!

Know who is your ideal customer.

  • This will make it easier for you to write your blog posts. 
  • Decide one month at a time what you’ll write about, make it strategic, useful & engaging.

Write about pain points and answer questions.

  • It builds authority, trust and you’ll get repeat readers.
  • Your posts will become magnets for both your readers and Google search engine.

Focus on high quality in everything you do. 

  • Speak in your unique voice and with creativity.
  • Write up checklists of things to focus on before you begin writing your article.
  • Keep your standards high.

Your home page should be optimized but don’t neglect the rest of your site.

  • Your home page is very often the 1st point of contact but don’t forget your blog posts.
  • At least 50% of visitors arrive directly to your blog posts!

A “New? Start here” page.

  • It’s very useful for you to direct visitors to your most helpful content.
  • Use strong calls to action and LEAD.

You are the leader. (-_-)

The overall goal is to convert visitors into leads. The best way to get people to take actions is to just tell them, from buying a product or signing up for a newsletter.  No consumer is a mind reader so go ahead and ask them.
  • Lead to a specific page, add a button that says, GO HERE.
  • For them to do something, add a graphic or button that says, CLICK HERE.
  • Offering to chat? Add a link that says, LET’S CONNECT! or BOOK YOUR APPT HERE.
  • If you’re selling, add the BUY NOW button right there!

Ignore and remove inessentials.

  • Eliminate what doesn’t matter to make room for what does.
  • Remove buttons, widgets, ads, pop-ups and other distractions.
  • Just because every other site has them doesn’t mean you need them.

Think purpose & what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Get visitors to take action like: “follow” on Twitter, “sign-up” to the mailing list.

Look at your posts with the eyes of a visitor.

  • Think about what actions a visitor would need to take.
  • Pay attention to words you can use to improve your content.

About me page.

  • In a way, your About Me page isn’t about you at all, it’s about them – your audience.
    • When was the last time you updated it?
    • Is it doing a good job of convincing them to stay and explore more?
  • Look at it from your audience’s point of view. Answer three questions:
    • Who you are
    • What you do for your audience
    • Why should they care. Think about it.

Spotlight the best converting posts.

  • Your key content should be organized to help the visitors discover them.
  • Put a spotlight on the best converting posts towards bottom of your front page.
  • Create static landing pages for the important content and put that in the navigation.
  • Use sidebars to direct people to important pages and sections of your site.
  • This will help lead more of your visitors to deeper explore your content.

What’s in your sidebar?

  • Sidebars tend to be very cluttered with things like social media buttons, search buttons, archives, ads and even word clouds. Review your sidebar.
  • Do you really need everything that’s in your sidebar?
  • Do you have anything that could be placed in there?
  • How can you make it more focused so it leads your visitor to discover your content deeper and access your key posts?

Do you need a sidebar at all?

  • If the sidebar doesn’t help you put more focus on your main goals is there a reason for it to be there and distract people?
  • Most themes allow removal of the sidebar from specific posts and pages, so use this option when you need to.

Create for the web.

  • How do you structure your text?
  • Use bullet points, subheadings, white space and short paragraphs.
  • Make your content easy to skim through.

Norma Doiron



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